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Looking for help diagnosing a mod conflict.


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I've been getting this strange behavior where hostile NPCs  that don't normally respawn will keep coming back. Most noticeably the Brotherhood hit squad that attacks Railroad HQ at the beginning of Precipice of War respawn every time I leave the cell for a day or two. I've also had Northy's bodyguards that you take out during The Silver Shroud reappear (though not Northy himself). Checking them via the console doesn't point to anything other than the Fallout master. Oddly, I've also found the Brotherhood spawns as non-hostile to me while still killing everyone else.


I'm pretty certain it's caused by a mod conflict but loading everything up in xEdit doesn't show any direct conflicts involving either the quests or locations as far as I can tell. Does anyone have advice for how I could go about diagnosing this?

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Not much to go off of. Can you post your load order? also post your FO4SE mod list if you use it. I must be a mod that has flagged them to respawn.

Mods that dynamically change npc spawns like SCOURGE may be implicated.

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Full  list of active mods:


0000,Creation Club: ccSBJFO4003-Grenade
0001,Creation Club: ccOTMFO4001-Remnants
0002,Creation Club: ccFSVFO4007-Halloween
0003,Creation Club: ccBGSFO4116-HeavyFlamer
0004,Creation Club: ccBGSFO4115-X02
0005,Creation Club: ccBGSFO4110-WS_Enclave
0006,Creation Club: ccBGSFO4096-AS_Enclave
0007,Creation Club: ccBGSFO4046-TesCan
0008,Creation Club: ccBGSFO4044-HellfirePowerArmor
0009,DLC: Wasteland Workshop
0010,DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop
0011,DLC: Nuka-World
0012,DLC: Far Harbor
0013,DLC: Contraptions Workshop
0014,DLC: Automatron
0016,Address Library for F4SE Plugins
0017,Backported Archive2 Support System
0018,PrivateProfileRedirector F4 - Faster game start (INI file cacher)
0020,Better Console - F4SE
0021,High FPS Physics Fix
0022,RobCo Patcher
0023,Baka MaxPapyrusOps
0024,Random Encounter Framework
0025,Lighthouse Papyrus Extender
0026,Garden of Eden Papyrus Script Extender
0027,RAW INPUT - The Ultimate Mouse Sensitivity Fix
0029,Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
0030,Ownership Fixes
0031,Community Fixes Merged
0032,The Midnight Ride - Glitchfinder All-In-One
0033,Misc anim tweaks and fixes
0034,Weapon Mod Fixes
0035,Community Fixes Merged - Weapon Mod Fixes Patch
0036,Buffout 4
0037,Sprint Stuttering Fix
0038,Hostile NPC Respawn Fix ESL
0039,Jet Script Bug Fix
0040,Armor Penetration Bug Fix - F4SE
0041,Energy Weapon Calculation Fix
0042,Outfit ReDress Fix
0043,Interior NavCut Fix
0044,Long Save Bug Fix
0045,3rd Person Behavior Fixes
0046,Reload Fix
0047,Wetness Shader Fix
0048,Fixed Protectron Textures
0049,Fixed Gobo Effects
0050,Marine Combat Armor Material Fix
0051,NPC Drinking Fix
0052,Flutter Flicker Fixer For Foliage
0055,Simple Puddle Reflection Flicker Fix (Water and Blood)
0056,Weapon Debris Crash Fix
0057,Godrays Performance Fix Redux - ESPless
0060,Bullet Counted Reload System (BCR)
0061,Remove Ammo from Dropped Guns
0062,To Your Face FO4
0063,Simple Offence Suppression F4
0064,Faster Workbench Exit
0065,Dogmeat Follow Behind
0067,Mod Configuration Menu
0068,MCM Settings Manager
0069,MCM Booster
0070,Extended Dialogue Interface
0071,Crafting Highlight Fix
0072,Outline Workshop Highlight Only
0074,Complex Vendors
0075,Complex Vendors - UFO4P Patch
0076,SPARS - Simple Power Armor Reduction System
0079,Weapon Scrapping Redone
0080,Clothing Scrapping Redone
0081,Legendaries They Can Use
0082,Molotov Cocktail Nerf
0084,The Attachment Pack
0085,The Attachment Pack Implementation Patch
0086,The Attachment Pack - Implementation WMF Patch
0087,Attachment Pack - Description Tweaks and Fixes
0088,You And What Army 2
0089,You And What Army 2 No Artillery Support
0091,Gloomy Glass - All transparent materials revised
0092,Targeted Textures
0093,FO4 Particle Patch
0095,WAVE - Wave Animation Vanilla Enhanced
0097,Hair Specular Map Removal Thingy
0098,First-Person Running with Hands Animations
0099,Diamond City Billboards
0100,Diamond City Supplements
0101,Goodneighbor View
0102,Remove Ironsight Blur
0103,Terrain Undersides
0106,NVIDIA Reflex Support
0107,Alias - Framework
0108,Alias Framework Expanded
0109,Baka Framework
0110,Workshop Framework
0111,Canary Save File Monitor
0113,Rename Anything
0115,Settlement Menu Manager
0116,Spell Perk Item Distributor
0117,Rebuild - Workshop Standalone
0118,Vilance's Library Plugin
0119,Papyrus Script Runner
0122,Automatron Caravan Fixes
0123,Automatron Factory Fix
0124,Clean And Simple Weapon Collision Box Fix
0125,Fort Hagen Prydwen Flyover Fix
0126,Mesh Bounds Fix
0127,Fast Travel Background Load AI Detection Fix
0128,Clearable Wreck of the USS Riptide
0129,Settlement Dead Zone Fixes - Max Coverage
0130,PB Face Fix
0134,FallUI - Icon Library
0135,FallUI - Inventory
0136,FallUI - HUD
0137,FallUI - Workbench
0138,FallUI - Confirm Boxes
0139,FallUI - Map
0140,FallUI - Sleep and Wait
0142,Whisper's Delayed DLC
0143,Leveled Item Fixes (LIF)
0144,V.A.T.S. Tweaks
0145,Place Everywhere
0146,No Physics Damage
0147,No Screenshot Messages
0148,Easy Lockpicking and Hacking
0149,Free Weapon Downgrades
0150,Wastelander Outfit UFO4P Patch
0151,Better Companions - All In One
0152,Better Companions - MCM Settings Menu
0154,Alias - Settlers
0155,Alias - Synths
0158,Longer Power Lines
0159,SKK Workshop Access Monitor (settlers return stuff)
0160,Slower Ghouls
0161,Clear Weather Only
0162,Skip DIMA memories - Far Harbor
0164,Earlier Pipe Weapon Mods - Additional Calibres
0165,Rust Devil Redux
0166,Rust Devil Redux Tweaks
0167,Perforation - Automatic Weapons Mechanic Change
0168,Friendly Radstags - RobCo Patcher
0169,Fitness at Settlements - Settlers Work Out During Daytime
0170,Settlers Go Shopping ESL
0171,Cars Don't Explode
0172,Faster Terminal Displays
0173,No Nuka World Requirements Madnes
0174,Stop Settlement Attacks
0175,Music FREEdom Radio
0176,We Have Names (and more) - All In One
0177,Sanctuary - No Dead Dog and Raider
0178,Protected Unique NPCs Traders and Merchants
0179,NPCs can't use workstations
0181,No Door Animations - Instant Doors
0182,Durable Relay Synths
0185,True Invisibility
0186,Quick Draw 2.0 - Vanilla
0187,Minigun BUGLESS no spin up - no fire delay
0188,More Powerful Windmills
0189,Buffed Muzzle Modifications - No Reduced Range
0190,Silent UI
0191,Salem Turrets - Gun Run Fix
0193,Quieter Settlements
0194,Stop Burning Cash - No More Scrapable Pre-War Money
0196,Scrap That Misc
0197,No Player Comments - All In One
0198,RobCo - No AP-Cost Penalty from Scopes
0199,RobCo - No AP-Cost Penalty from Stocks
0200,Weapon Weight Improvements
0201,NPCs use grenades for Vanilla Game
0202,RobCo - Weaves 4 All
0203,Nuka World Red Rocket anytime
0204,Settler Sandbox Expansion
0205,Scrolling Doesn't Change POV
0206,Keeper of the Commonwealth Radiants
0207,Lost Soul Quest Tweak - No Faction Hostility
0208,Lost Soul No Hostility - Lost Soul Expanded Patch
0209,Peaceful Scavengers
0210,Tunnel Blocker - RobCo Patcher
0214,Choose Your Mercer Safehouse
0216,Universal NPC and Object Locator
0217,Loot Detector
0219,Get All The Starcores
0220,Warwick Homestead a Bridge to SpectacleIsland
0221,Graf's Glue - More Adhesive Recipes
0222,NPC Accuracy Revised
0223,Quick Harvest - QH
0224,Otis Repair Services - Lights In Load Elevators
0225,Wasteland Gardening
0226,MikesFallout Flags
0227,Accessible Bridges
0228,Fast Travel From Vault 81
0229,Outfit Switcher - Hotkey Loadouts
0230,Universal Disassembler
0231,Nuka World - Skip raiding your own settlements
0232,Poseidon Energy Can Have the Poseidon Radar Transmitter
0233,QuickTrade Redux
0234,Sighted Weapon Accuracy Fix
0236,Shackin' Up - A Prefab Shack Mod
0237,No More Barnacles
0238,Courser Training
0240,We Are The Minutemen
0241,Missing Clothes Fix for We Are The Minutemen
0242,We Are The Minutemen - The Crafted Guard
0243,LarannKiar Recruitment Mods All-In-One Archive Pack
0244,Recruit Amelia and Old Man Stockton
0247,Recruit Clinton and Charlie as Settlers
0249,Recruit Isabel Cruz as Settler
0250,Recruit Institute Scientists and Synths as Settlers
0251,Recruit Jenny (K1-98) as a Settler
0253,Recruit Phyllis Daily as Settler
0254,Recruit Shelly Tiller as Settler
0255,Recruit Small Bertha and Tony as Settlers
0258,Recruit Tina De Luca - Bobby De Luca - Holt Combes
0259,We Have Names LK (esl) Recruit Patch
0260,Recruit Trader Rylee as Settler
0261,Recruit Virgil as Settler
0263,Kid in a fridge - Peabody Family Settlers
0264,Improved Guards
0265,Settler and Companion Dialogue Overhaul
0267,The Rebuild Collection - Shared Resources
0268,Rebuild The Castle
0269,Rebuild Jamaica Plain
0270,Charles View Ampitheater Settlement
0272,Fiddler's Green Settlement
0274,Lake Quannapowitt Settlement
0276,Vault 81 Trader's Camp Settlement
0278,Prospect Hill Diner and Park Settlement
0280,Old Pond House Settlement - with Immersive Repair
0282,Kawaketak Station Settlement
0284,Hubologist's Camp - Nuka World Settlement
0286,Shovel Museum - Nuka-World Settlement
0289,Silent Eden Meadows Cinema
0290,People Live In - Harbormaster Hotel
0291,People Live In - Unmarked Raider Camps Pack 1
0292,People Live In - Unmarked Raider Camps Pack 2
0293,People Live In - USAF Satellite Station Olivia
0294,People Live In - Federal Ration Stockpile
0296,Bunked Up
0298,Sanctuary Deep Clean and Remodel
0299,Red Rocket Deep Clean
0300,Abernathy Farm Deep Clean
0301,Sunshine Tidings Deep Clean and Remodel
0302,Starlight Deep Clean
0303,Tenpines and Outpost Zimonja Deep Clean and Rebuild
0304,Covenant and Taffington BH Deep Clean and Remodel
0305,Greentop Nursery Deep Clean and Remodel
0306,The Slog Deep Clean and Remodel
0307,Coastal Cottage Deep Clean and Remodel
0308,Graygarden Deep Clean and Remodel
0309,Hangman's Alley Deep Clean and Removable Shack
0310,Bunker Hill Deep Clean and Remodel
0311,County Crossing Deep Clean and Remodel
0312,Finch Farm Deep Clean
0313,Kingsport Lighthouse Deep Clean and Remodel
0314,Croup Manor Deep Clean and Remodel
0315,Nordhagen Beach Deep Clean
0316,Egret Tours Marina Deep Clean and Remodel
0317,Somerville Place Deep Clean and Remodel
0318,Murkwater Construction Deep Clean and Rebuild
0319,Warwick Homestead Deep Clean
0320,Spectacle Island Deep Clean and Remodel
0321,Oberland Station Deep Clean and Remodel
0322,Longfellow's Cabin Deep Clean and Remodel
0323,Dalton Farm Deep Clean
0324,Echo Lake Lumber Deep Clean and Remodel
0325,National Park Visitor Center Deep Clean and Remodel
0326,Nuka World Red Rocket Deep Clean
0327,Vault 88 Deep Clean and Remodel
0329,Munitions - An Ammo Expansion
0330,Dak's Ammo Rebalance
0331,Dak's LL Rebalance
0333,See Through Scopes - MCM Settings Menu
0336,10mm Pistol Reanimation Pack
0337,Dak's Combat Rifle Remesh Redux Munitions
0339,Dak's Assault Rifle Replacer REDUX
0340,.22 Pistol Pack Munitions
0341,Police Sidearm
0342,Ruger Rifle Pack
0343,10mm Revolver
0344,Varmint Revolver
0345,Makeshift .32 SMG
0346,.38 Machine Pistol
0348,Varmint Shotgun
0349,Riot Pistol
0350,Navy SMG Swedish K
0351,Militia Carbine
0352,Vintage Repeater
0353,Vintage Revolver Rifle
0354,The Assault Pistol
0355,Bullpup Scout Rifle
0356,.44 Auto-Revolver
0357,Rolling Block Rifle
0358,12.7mm Pistol
0359,.30 Carbine Pistol
0360,Alex's Cavalry Pistol
0364,Fiddler's Deliverer Animation Replacer
0365,Star Trek Original Series Phaser
0366,M1 Garand
0367,M1 Garand Skin Pack Vol. 1
0368,4estGimp - M1 Garand Edit and INNR Fix
0369,DKS-501 Sniper Rifle 1.5
0375,The Humble Hunting Rifle
0376,The Fantastic Forty Four
0379,10mm HD
0380,The Lavish LaserMusket
0381,The Lavish Laser Collection
0382,Scrap metal and makeshift welds - A Pipe Gun Retexture
0383,WR Sharpshooter and Standard grip
0388,Clarity - A Visual Overhaul
0389,More Clothes and Textures
0390,Eli's Armour Compendium
0391,Eli's Armour Compendium - Tweaks
0392,Textures - High 2K Version (BA2 Format)
0393,Improved Map with Visible Roads
0395,Wasteland Salon - Hair Texture Improvement Mod
0396,Diverse Settlers
0397,Diverse Settlers Immersion and QoL Pack
0398,Diverse Minutemen
0399,Diverse Minutemen WATM Patch
0400,Diverse Railroad
0401,Diverse Raiders
0402,Diverse Pillars of the Community
0403,Diverse Gunners
0404,Diverse Brotherhood of Steel
0405,Diverse Triggermen
0406,Diverse Triggermen Immersion Pack
0407,Diverse Scavengers
0408,Diverse Children of Atom
0409,Diverse Trappers
0410,Diverse Operators
0411,Diverse Disciples
0412,Diverse Forged
0413,Diverse Coursers
0414,Diverse Covenant Security
0415,Diverse Far Harbor Settlers
0416,Diverse Far Harbor Settlers QoL
0417,Diverse Pack
0418,Lost Soul Expanded
0419,Triggermen Fashion Crimes
0420,Power Armor HoloHUD
0421,Legendary Lamps - Lights, Lamps, Pipboy Overhaul
0422,Diverse Cats 2.0 Diverse Dogs Included
0423,Vic's Surveyor Outfit Replacer V2
0424,Vic's Long Johns Replacer V2 - Vanilla Bodies
0425,Vic's Raider Leathers With T-Shirt
0426,Hooded Rags Replacer
0427,Combat Leg Armor Variation
0428,Retextured Terminals - by Ben Ephla
0429,Improved Shack Bridges
0430,Fusion Core Retexture Retexture
0431,EoW - Pre-War Books Retexture
0432,Holotape Retexture
0433,Better Cement and Fertilizer Retexture
0434,Proto Vault Suit
0435,Proto Vault Suit normal for Blue Hexa or Nova Hexa EVAC
0436,Wonderglue to Elmer's Glue Retexture
0437,Healthier Brahmins
0438,Assaultron HD
0439,Retextured Chems v.2 - Ephla's Unique Chems
0440,Water Retexture
0442,Multicam Military Fatigues
0444,Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction
0445,Anchorage Hairstyle No Stripes
0446,Mr. Sparkle Abraxo
0447,XNFRain's Power Armor Icon HD Retextures - Yellow
0448,Grey Tortoise Cigarettes Redux
0449,No more floating razorgrain
0450,Armor Paint Extended
0451,3rd Person Beard Fix
0452,HD Prewar Money
0454,Smores' Cap Stash (Alternate)
0456,Fog Remover - Performance Enhancer II
0457,Alexanders Wasteland Survival Guide - Retexture
0458,Combat Armor Recolors
0459,No Holes Nick - Vanilla
0460,Alternative Synth Eyes
0461,Realistic Radstags - Healthy
0462,Railroad Armor Semi Modern Retexture
0463,Another Hoodless Field Scribe Hat - Vanilla
0465,Faction Field Outfits Headgear and Extra
0466,Security Armor
0467,Hidden Armors
0468,Classic Feral Ghouls
0469,Companion CharGen Presets
0472,HD LOD Textures
0474,Optimized Vanilla Tree LODs
0475,Far Harbor 3D Tree LODs
0476,Northern Foothills Rocks Fix
0477,Weston Water LOD Fix
0478,Far Object LOD Improvement Project
0480,Synthesis LOD Patch
0481,LODGen Output


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You have mod literally called Hostile NPC Respawn Fix  very strong possibility for it to be the culprit. Other than that, you have so many mods that alter base NPC records such as We Have Names and the Diverse series. If the first solution doesn't work, I suggest you load all of your mods in FO4Edit, go to fallout4.esm, then to base npc records, sort by EditorID, and check all records for conflicts that start with BOS for example if you want to troubleshoot brotherhood of steel. Hope this helps

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Yeah, that was my first though actually but I'm also fairly certain this behavior predates having that installed. I guess the only way to be certain is with another game without it.


Thanks for the suggestions.

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