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Add one custom battle playlist to Better Music System mod


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I've been using BMS for quite a while and it worked perfectly. The variety of custom playlists is great, however the fact that there is only a single playlist for the battle music is a huge letdown. The more i used this mod and all it's amazing feature, the more i am annoyed that my epic custom battle music played, when i fighting mudcrab or wolves. I could always switch to DMS (Dynamic Music System), but look i don't actually need a different playlist played when i fight different enemy type, or faction, or specific named character. I only just need 2 playlist, one for weak/medium enemies, one for strong enemies (my ideal is 3 playlists though for easy, medium or hard battle). And besides switching to DMS seems to be a lot of painĀ (configuring all the ini for each of the playlists) to do for someone who already really satisfied with BMS and only need one more playlists for battle.

So since i already ramble long enough, my question is how can i add just one more playlists for battle to bms when i fight enemy that had a min x amount of health or x level ?. If that really to hard for the BMS to do, can anyone tell me how to change ring of music priority to be higher than battle music priority ?, so i can just equip the ring instead whenever i fight strong enemies. I had CS and can make a simple script, but if this is to hard to do i guess i just used DMS instead.

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