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48 intellivison games for sell


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Hi ...I have 48 intellivision games to sell ... And I have a brand new game Never opened ''TRON-Maze-a-tron"..

All manual and case are include.

I sell ALL OF THOSE GAMES for 150 or 200 dollar....


Picture :





This is the list:



Tron Maze-a-tron - Brand New With plastic cover U1

Tron Deadly-disc C1

BurgerTime U3

Star Strike C3

Armor Battle C2

Armor Battle C2

Skiing C2

Shark! Shark! U1

Tennis C2


The Dreadnaught Factor U2

Sea battle C2

Sea battle C2

Advance Dungeons & Dragons C1

Space Hawk C3

Space Hawk C3

Golf C2

Sewer Sam R2

Space Armada C3

Space Armada C3

Space Armada - Different case C3

Boxing U3

Beauty & the Beast C1


Frogger C1

Soccer C2

AstroSmash - Just the case

Auto Racing U3

Math Fun U1

Snafu C2

Vectron U3

Atlantis C1

PGA Golf C2

PGA Golf C2

Word Fun U1

Beamrider R2

Triple Action C2

Master of the universe - The power of he-man U1

Blockade Runner R3

Bowling C1

Pitfall C1

Poker & Blackjack C3

Poker & Blackjack C3

Mission-X U3

Night Stalker C3

Motocross U1

Space Battle C1

Major League BaseBall ER2

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