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[Help] Spawned dead bodies have arched back?


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Hey, I've been trying to place a dead body into the game and have come up with an error.

I've been putting in a normal actor and then selecting the "Start Dead" option when editing it in the render window.

This has worked fine except for one thing: All of my spawned bodies have their backs arched alarmingly, they are not lying down.

I've got a picture so you can see what it looks like:





And as you can see it looks strange when all of my spawned bodies are doing it:





So what I'm asking is if someone knows how to fix this, I've tried rotating the bodies with the "W" Hotkey, but that doesn't seem to work, as they cannot rotate.

Does anybody know the fix for this?


Will :smile:

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Basically in the editor you've placed them standing up, and when in game the "starts dead" is triggered, so they collapse from a standing position, with no sword hit or anything giving force in any other direction, they usually end up slumped over like this. In the CK, check "starts dead", then hit the Run Havok Sim button with them selected, and it'll apply physics, they fall over, and you can drag them around until the fall in a position you're happy with.

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