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Oblivion Mod Questions


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Additional Do's.


- Read the mod's readme !

- Be sure to try find out by yourself, what is causing the problem. If you can't do it, ask it.

- Try what the members here suggested ! Don't read a member suggestion and think in your mind "that won't work", at least try it.


Additional Don'ts


- Asking a question here but never look it the thread again for an update. (Example, 5 minutes and no reply, and you never look at your thread again)

- Breaking the rules.

- Posting an offtopic post. (Example : "I understand, I need to install OBSE. Can you give me the list of mods that doesn't need OBSE." But the title of the thread is "My mod doesn't work."

16) Do read the mods read me! It may contain information that is pertinent to the mods working properly.


Someone didn't read first post carefully enough.

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Someone didn't read first post carefully enough.

That's quite right. Or not . . . Dezi says she will add my suggestion to the list, or maybe she posted it earlier ? :unsure: :unsure:


It's a good thing for someone to post links here, example, how to extract and install a mod it's quite hard to describe in short, so links are probably the best.


Here, I give a basic link. (it was bben's site I believe, it's hanging on his signature but I never knew it's quite a decent guide for mods.)


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Additional Do's :

- Be specific, tell all the information you can.

- Don't give up !

- Please reply if anyone replies your post. This is essential because if you don't show your progress, the members here may post a hundred way, while you already know the answer for a long time if you don't reply the answers.

- Tell if an answer is not correct, so the members here not going to say the same answer again, and again, and again.

- Know what your problem is. If you don't know, find out or say anything you know about it here.


Additional Dont's :

- Give up.


(Yay ! Someone give me a Kudo !)

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noob here..

question about obse


mod not active when i click via obse_loader.exe, i tried play via obmm, the result still same

crashed in game loading screen, need help...


sorry for bad english



Well, where's the question? :smile:


Anway, I can understand your English is not very good, but first of all what mod are you talking about? A little more information will help us understand what your problem is. By "mod not active when I click via obse_loader.exe" you mean the mod ain't working when you lauch the game with OBSE? What other mods are you using is also important. It's hard to find what you problem is with so little information, sorry.

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