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Dark Souls won't run?


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Your problem is caused because Microsoft's games service is horrible and buggy. It means somehow it didn't install itself right. Go to the control panel and uninstall anything related to games for windows live first, then you should try installing a fresh version.



Also if needed, DirectX9, although this might not be necessary.



Try booting up the game again. If it doesn't work, right click -> properties -> local files -> verify integrity of game cache. It should say 1 file failed and will be reallocated or something, ignore that. It should work after much confusion.

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regretting the fact that i trusted the game developers in this and downloading their game on the PC version, didnt even get a full screen nor able to start the game, nor able to do anything, even PC settings doesnt work, what a load of s#*!, money spent on this s#*!,

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