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The last poster wins


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I had a dream about being outdoors on the campus grounds.  All that warm sunshine made it hard to study.  I went to get my girlfriend so we could go on a picnic that fine Spring day.



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Memory?  It was a dream.  I only knew I was looking for a girlfriend before I awakened.  Because of how hard it was to keep on dreaming and/or think about studying when I awakened.

I am home schooled.

I am still a student, of life and wisdom of our history compared to present time.  One book I found in an old crumbling house was written by H. G. Wells: Footnote.  "The Outline of History" in which he compares the past with his people's present.

He was the first to pioneer such a work since most history books were stifling uninteresting and were boring.  Only a hard core explorer would read the fact loaded history books; hoping to find a clue to help them discover where some lost city was, a lost civilization, and/or maybe treasures to help them gain Fame and Fortune, because the old history books were precise in reporting just the past.  H. G. Wells method got people interested because of how it revealed how different and similar the past was with the present days of his life time.

Footnote: I discovered H. G. Wells was also an author of Sci-Fi.  Everyone's favorite from back when was The Time Machine by H. G. Wells published in 1895.  A movie about his work was made more recently around 1960.

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3 hours ago, Pagafyr said:

A movie about his work was made more recently around 1960.

There was another in 2002 that strayed quite a bit farther from the original story.  IMO, it wasn't bad, but wasn't as good.  Though the timelapse scenes as the guy was traveling forward through time were still good in both -- especially the clothing store windows with the changing fashions.

And I'm winning for now, as I travel forward in time at the usual 1 second per second rate.

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