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The last poster wins


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A Euro-Asian Dove keeps reminding me that I have a Star Ship and should be making it ready to launch in time for lunch which is now for my Standard Time clock says it is, and I am late for lunch because my daylight savings time clock say it's quarter passed One (thirteen hours and fifteen minutes).

I going to keep using the standard clock because my mind was for eighteen years trained so well to respond to standard time.  It started giving me trouble because all of the unemployed people didn't get to the office to get employed until an hour later, then I did.

Because I am ready for lunch now... Better being late on time so I get the work I want instead of sent to the back of the line to start again at 2:00 PM (it was so much easier to make the mistake that it was Daylight Savings Time and an hour later when my watch was set for military time. 24 hours a day and night.)


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Once again the sun looks so friendly, warm, and bright I can't sleep knowing it is being so inviting when I could sleep til noon if the Shades had not been pulled aside.  Now I can see who is sleeping still.  I wonder if I should escape before she awakes and come back to serve her favorite breakfast, in bed.

YAWN!  Stretch.  I WIN!

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Snore, snort, yawn.  What? Did I just see Batman and Robin go by?  Cough.  Must of been dreaming?

Oh!  It's you! You sneaky Drakefell01 you.  I visited your YT by the by.  Now I know where your secret lair is.  We can all gather there. Cause it's Friday!  PARTY! 

Nice HOUSE you're building there.

(Does he know any girls? ssh!)  My gal want's to know if you've got a girl friend you're planning on sharing that place with?

(ssh, I don't know him that well.  He might be one of those happy people that are woke for all we know.  Your sister already has a boyfriend!  Shush now!  Let the rest of us figure George out.  1st we'll find out who his tailor is.)


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I'm somewhat awake myself, and debating if I should get breakfast somewhere IRL. 🍳🥓🥞

I'd wake up and smell the coffee, but I don't drink coffee -- and "wake up and smell the tea" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Still, I win for now! 😁

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