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Long 15 Reborn

Sorry all haven't been able to work on this hardly at all recently due to revision etc.I have uploaded an alpha file.It is not the latest progress.It will allow you to see the general exterior area and most interiors.It is not a completed file.

This page is for a mod I am currently creating for Fallout New Vegas. The basic concept of the mod is to restore the two locations added by the Lonesome Road DLC; Dry wells and The Long 15. Currently in fallout new vegas these are only accessible if you nuke either one at the end of Lonesome Road.This Mod will allow you to travel to either place before even starting the Lonesome Road.They will be completely re-vamped and 'De nukified' as another word to put it and reimagined to what I thought they may have looked like.


An Alpha showcase video showing some of the area and a few of the interiors of the latest progress
All the interiors are complete for the area I was just trying to keep the video as short as possible .
PS: Sorry for poor quality.


Long 15

Currently I have only worked on the Long 15, as it requires a lot of work to turn the mess into something plausible.

So far I have completed most of the exterior of The Long 15, except for some clutter and populating with NPC's. I have also begun work on the Interiors of the base.

The Long 15 will eventually include:

- A fully populated NCR base

- Bartering facilities

- Medical facilities(Doctor)

- A player Home

- Quests

-The Lucky Caravan Casino

Update -

Area exterior is around 80-90% Complete minus NPC's

The interiors I have all started and I'd say are 50% complete.

Below is a small teaser of what has been completed so far. I will use this page to continually update my progress and there will be many more pictures to come.


While I already have a lot of concepts in my head I am open to ideas and if you have any ideas you would like implemented please comment anything appropriate.

Also if you would like to offer help at all in anyway then it would be appreciated specifically with quest creation and scripting which will be required in the future.








More Images In later Posts.

Before and After Post- post #8

Colonel Royez- post #20

The Lucky Caravan Casino- Post #37 & #40

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Yeah! As Easy as Dry wells looks to sort out I think it'll be harder than the long 15. Especially when it comes to the nuke site. What would I put in its place? As it seems the houses would carry on forever down the canyon.

Thanks for the support btw :)

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Well for long 15 I duplicated the worldspace and then went around to try and turn it into something less well yeah 'all blown up' Creating it from scratch would take way to long and would loose the feel of the original place in my opinion. Well I have started dry wells but not focusing on it at the moment. Even editing them takes a long while haha. I will need help on this when it comes to dialogue etc. As that really isn't my forte , if you are able to do that it would be brilliant or give me a run down :tongue:

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It's not my forte either, I've just been itching to turn Dry Wells into a Legion controlled town as we didn't get to see any due to time constraints. :tongue:


I might just do this anyways if I manage to ever finish my frumentarius mod :facepalm:

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I will be releasing an alpha of this mod around the 15th of March ,so look out on the nexus for the upload.

Until then here is a quick comparison in GECK of the new Long 15.




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Holy crap that's amazing, March 16 huh, guess that will be enough time for me to get a new laptop(one that doesn't have a dual core processor that cant process sh*t)

Sure it does, just tweek the ini file.

And! install CCF explorer and change so the fallout exe can access more then 2GB ram

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