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OK, so there is the small quest idea, and the long quest idea.


The Small Quest Idea




The small questline involves a Caravan owner, let's call him John Smith for now. John is looking for help protecting his caravan from attack by raiders which has made traveling the Long 15 more dangerous than usual. If the player agrees to travel as a guard, the next stage will take place in a new cell. This area will be shaped like a ravine, a winding road leading between two high cliffsides - think something like the path leading up to the Ruby Hill mine, or the ambush at the beginning of Honest Hearts. Fiends will attack the caravan, but without it being wiped out if the player helps.


After the defeat of the raiders, the player and the caravan will transition to the Long 15 worldpsace where John will thank and reward the player with 25-50 caps, some good karma, and maybe some items (nothing high value). John will then say that it already feels safer traveling along the road and offers the player free travel whenever they want.


Alternately, the player can refuse to travel with John Smith, leading to the caravan's death - a day or so later this will disable the John Smith caravan and unlock a new caravan which due to the highly dangerous nature of traveling will require 100 caps to journey with them (to pay off the extra guards needed to fend off the now numerous raiders who have found easy prey on the road to the Long 15). There will be no karmic penalty, but that's about the only positive. I'm also uncertain if you want an option of the player attempting the journey alone - if yes, I would recommend a heavy deathclaw attack in the ravine... like 10-15 at once.




The Long Quest Idea




The long quest-line involves a similar setup as the short quest, but only at first. For example, before setting out, the player will have the option of purchasing additional equipment for the caravan - several more guards, better weapons/armor, and even an extra brahmin or two for expanded storage. The more the player invests, the better chances of the caravan getting to the Long 15 intact.


The first time through the ravine cell will also have a similar setup as before, except that after killing the raiders, John will tell the player to examine the bodies to try and determine who they are and where they are coming from. One of them will have a note indicating that this is more than just another random attack, but the beginning of a coordinated assault. John will then lead the caravan to the Long 15.


At this point, John will reward the player - although the player will get more if they invested into the caravan. John will mention that he is opening up his caravan's HQ and that he might have extra work soon and to come back in a day or two. In the meantime, the quest will update with the option of reporting the note to the NCR base commander, Col. Royez.


On a divergent note, if the player chose not to go with the John Smith caravan, the player can find the remains of the Smith caravan in the middle of the pass. A quest will prompt the player in investigate the caravan. Approaching the remains will find a blood trail behind some boulders where the player will find a dead John Smith. A note on the body will imply that John noticed that the attack was too well organized for a simple raider attack. The player will then be given the option to deliver the note to the commander of the NCR at the Long 15.


At this point both quests will merge, with the player beginning to approach the base command building. Before entering, the player will be stopped by a new npc who will identify himself as a Frumentarii - one of Cesar's spies. He will offer the player the chance to turn over the evidence to him in return for safe passage between the Outpost and the Long 15. The player can decline the offer, which will result in an ambush later that night - more on this later. Upon entering the NCR HQ building, the player will be told that Col. Royez is too busy to meet with the player as the NCR is stretched thin. The player will then be able told to return in the morning.


Leaving the building, the player goes to the local hotel. The quest will tell the player to sleep. If the player declined the offer by the Frumentarius, then the player will be attacked by the Legion spy. If the player gave the evidence to the the spy, then this can unlock a divergent path that will lead the the Long 15 being attacked and conquered by the Legion, a quest-line for the player who is pro-Legion. I'm not going to get to far into this, other then the spy then giving some jobs to cause general mayhem in the base - stuff like poisoning the brahmin to paralyze the caravans.


After the ambush, NCR MP's will rush in to investigate the noise and will bring the player to Col. Royez to explain what happened. After being thanked for their help, the player is sent back to the hotel room.


The next day, the player can approach John who will ask the player to help out the caravan by scouting out some of the danger zones along the I-15 while the caravan heading back to the Mojave follows several hours behind the player. About midway through the ravine, the player will see a new caravan being attacked. The player can help the caravan out, at which point the caravan leader will approach the player. The leader asks for help as his daughter was kidnapped by the raiders during the ambush. I'm unsure what the consequences for rejecting the offer will be, but let's follow along the path of the player agreeing. A previously path closed off will now be open, with the player following the tracks of the raiders. This will lead to a new cave system populated by the raider gang. Before the player goes off, John catches up and tags along to save the girl. Long story short, John and the player will kill all the bad guys, rescue the young woman, and recover some piece of evidence linking the Legion to the raiders. John and the caravans will return the the Long 15 with the player.


After returning to the Long 15, the player will again be prompted to meet Col. Royez and let him know what the player discovered. Col. Royez will finally take the situation seriously enough to call up some troops for additional security. The player will then return to John's Caravan HQ, where the young lady the player helped rescue and John are getting to know one another - apparently love at first sight. Now, the quest-line can more-or-less end here: I have some ideas involving Col. Royez, but they are separate from the Caravan quests. John will offer the player a partnership in the caravan, which will give the player a new home in the HQ, some weekly caps deposits (going up the more money the player invest into the caravan), and the ability to skip the ravine worldspace and travel directly from the Long 15 to the Mojave Outpost - free of charge. Of course, if the player let John die, the divergent path needs to be planned out.




Well there you go - these are relatively brief outlines but I hope some or all of it is to your liking.

Thanks for the Post, the ideas you have there about the Ravine Worldspace and ambush were similar to what I was thinking of after your first post much like in the Moonpath to Elsweyr Mod.But your ideas are really good and I would love to implement them once I have finished a majority of the workload however Would need advice with the scripting and quest element to your idea as it is not a strong point. I will add you on the nexus so I can PM you in the future about this :)

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