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The Hyacinth Rainbow


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A long time ago, there was a boy named Matthew who lived in an unhappy home, with parents that didn't love each other anymore.

Every day, he tried to drown out the yelling and the anger, trying desperately to escape the unhappiness of his home.

He would give anything to fix it and make it right, not just for his sake, but for the sake of the parents he loved.

And every night, for but a few hours, he would be granted sleep, the ultimate escape from the sorrow of his life.


So one night, as many, he went to bed in hopes that some fantastical dream would take him away and make him happy.

When he slowly drifted off, he slipped away from the violent world he lived in and into a gentle and calm paradise.

He awoke face up in a field, one full of lilies and hyacinths, and for a moment, the boy experienced his nightly bliss.

But little did he know that this was not to be any ordinary dream, and that things were destined to become better this night.


When Matthew got up, he saw a man sitting on a stump in the middle of the field, playing a tune on the panflute.

Matthew walked up to the stranger and asked him, "Who are you?", but the man only kept playing his panflute.

Matthew asked him again, louder this time, "Mister, who are you?". The man then put down in his panflute and said, "A sad man.".

He said to Matthew, "I am sad because I cannot find my friend, the Rainbow Fox, and I worry about his safety.".


Matthew said, "How can I help you find him, mister?". The man replied, "He has split into seven coloured foxes. Find them to find him.".

He continued, "When you find the seven, they will reunite. And this fox is not ordinary, but rather, he is magical. He grants wishes.".

The man concluded, "If you would do us this favor, he will grant you a single wish, for whatever your heart could ever desire.".

Matthew then thought of his parents, and how this was the chance to fix their unhappiness, and said to the man, "I'll do it!".


The man said to Matthew, "Take care in this world, for it is vast. I wish you the best of luck.", and he returned to playing his panflute.

But by the end of his statement, Matthew had already dashed off, starting his trek to find the seven foxes of the colours of the rainbow.

He knew not where to run or look, or what he would find, but all he could think of was that wish, and of his parents.

He even forgot that he was in a dream, because hope had blinded him to reality, and that hope made him fight onwards.

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Excellent, very interesting concepts and very human. Hopefully the boy will find a way to gain a peaceful home. Will you continue this story? I hope so for I wish to read more. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :D

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I am going to continue this story, but I have to wait a bit, as I'm a stream-of-consciousness writer. As well, I've currently got other projects I'm working on: The Liber Verum Laudate, the transcription of a symphonic poem I've made, the second half of a harpsichord partita, and the very much procrastinated choral dynamics rewriting of my first sinfonietta, Zauberfuchs.


In other words, I'm pretty sodding busy.

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After a while of journeying, Matthew ended up in a forest, looking for the first of the seven foxes, the Red fox.

The forest was thick and winding, and Matthew found himself lost and wandering alone in the forest, trying to find his way out.

It was to no avail, because every turn he made took him deeper into the depths of the forest, hopping like a bunny from clearing to clearing.


He eventually came to a big clearing, where he found the Red fox, whimpering in pain, its leg stuck in a hunter's bear trap.

Matthew ran up to the fox and pulled open the trap, releasing the now limping fox, whose poor leg was broken by the trap that was laid out.

The fox thanked him saying, "Thank you so much for releasing me. I was afraid no one could hear my cries, and that no one would be coming.".


Matthew asked the fox, "How come you're all the way out here? Did you wander away from your family, or did they leave you behind?".

The fox said, "We got separated in a thunder storm. I miss my father and my mother, because I am all alone and lost in this forest.".

Matthew said, "Why don't you come along with me? I'll help you find your brothers and your parents.". The fox nodded and followed him.


As he wandered through the forest, Matthew asked the Red fox, "Where can I find your brothers? I don't know where they went to at all.".

The fox responded, "We promised each other if we ever got lost, we'd go to our own special places so we could find each other.".

He continued, "Since I'm the oldest of my family, it's my job to find my brothers. But I got lost trying to find them, and got stuck in that trap.".


Matthew said, "Where did they hide?", and the fox said, "First is Orange. He always loved the fields, so he said I could find him prancing in the fields.".

The fox continued, "Each of us are named after our colour, so that we can remember who is who when we are together as one.".

Matthew said, "What are we waiting for then, Red? I want to see you back with your family just as much as you do!". And they were off to find Orange.

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As Matthew and Red went about on their search, they eventually found the fields in which Orange was said to frolick and bound about happily.

The meadows were a nice green, rolling gently along the hills, and they were covered in beautiful flowers and a lovely smell covered the air.

Red looked forth, and he saw Orange in the middle of the field, playfully bouncing about in the blanket of roses and wildflowers the fields made.


Orange was a very playful fox, always bounding in the fields, always up for fun and games with everyone he came across, rarely serious.

He was a lighthearted spirit, which his brother loved about him, as they were often up for a nice romp in the fields or the forests.

Red knew, though, that Orange was easily distracted, and may have kept him from finding his brothers. But he just couldn't help it. He loved fun.


He called out to Orange, "Brother!", and Orange saw him and came running, prancing joyfully at the sight of his older brother and Matthew.

When Orange came up to them, he said to Red, "Hello, brother! It's so nice to see you again! Who is this little boy who is with you?".

Matthew said, "My name is Matthew, I found your brother in the forest a while ago. I'm looking for your brothers for the man with the odd flute.".


Orange smiled and said, "Well, then, any friend of my brothers is a friend of mine!", and he rolled in the flowers towards Matthew.

Red asked, "Orange, do you happen to know where Yellow went off to? The little one tends to wander.". Orange nodded yes to Red's question.

He said, "He is in the little valley past the fields. I was going to find him, but I got so caught up in the lovely flowers that I forgot.".


Matthew then asked, "What is Yellow like?", and Red said, "He is my youngest little brother. He's adventurous but a little timid. So we worry.".

Matthew said, "Then we have no time to lose! Let's find him so he doesn't wander off some more.", and Orange and Red nodded to agree.

Red said, "Then we are off to find young little Yellow!", and the three were off to find the next of the brothers, the little Yellow.

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As Matthew and the foxes walked on, they found themselves getting further into the fields, into the lowness of the big valleys.

The walking was hard to do, because the hills were steep and long, and Matthew said, "I'm tired, can we rest for a moment?".

So Red nodded, and the three sat down to rest, for they had a long way to go in their journey to find the five other brothers.


As they waited, Orange said, "Look, over the hills!", as he saw Yellow walking about, and he shouted out to the little fox, "Yellow!".

Yellow perked his ears up, and came running, shouting out to Orange, "Brother!". He quickly ran across the valley and met up with his brothers.

Red said, "There you are! We were starting to get worried about you, little one.". Yellow responded, "I was starting to get a little worried too.".


Yellow continued, "I was with Orange, but I wandered off, and eventually I got lost in the really big valleys. They're not for a tiny fox like me!".

Red said, "Well, what's important is that we found you now, little brother. But try not to wander off again, please. It worries us a great deal.".

Yellow nodded, and Matthew said, "Now that we've found Yellow, who's next? Is it your brother Green next?". Red nodded and said, "Yes.".


Matthew asked Red, "What is Green like? I haven't heard you say much about him.". Red responded, "I don't really get along with Green well.".

Red continued, "He was always jealous of my role as the oldest, and he always has wanted to be the leader, and fights with me for that role.".

Matthew said, "True, but even if you don't get along with him, he's still your brother. Family should stick together.". Red said to him, "I guess you're right.".


Orange said, "Green always loved the little oasis in the middle of the valley. Maybe we could find him there, big brother?".

Red said, "That sounds like a good place to look. We should rest a bit first, though, as we have been walking an awfully long time.".

Matthew said, "Then, once we've rested up, it's off to find your brother with us!". The three then rested for a little while in the plains.

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