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is there a way not to skip the fourth and fifth trials?


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Whenever I play Morrowind, I tend to do the Main Quest for last, and because of that, my level is above 20 and repulation is above 50, and thus I skip the Fourth and Fifth trials of the Main Quest, and I would like to complete the Main Quest with skipping quests, so my question, is there any console commands or a mod that disable this feature? Thanks.
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The most obvious solution is to temporarily lower your reputation using a console command: Player->ModReputation x


where x is the desired value, that'll make your reputation go below 50 (x<0 should work). Note that:

- you'll have to remember x and use Player->ModReputation -x (note that x<0, so -x>0) after you are done to get your rep back

- mod, as opposed to set (not sure if setReputation exists) changes your current value by x (as in: newRep = oldRep + x)

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