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Warrior Monk Specialization, needs a talented modder.


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Hello everyone, I would like to request a modders assistance to fashion a new specialization, allowing a warrior, not a mage, a WARRIOR to master unarmed and unarmored combat, as there's really only one mod for that, and it's kinda flat if you ask me.


the idea is that, you can buy a training book from bodahn called

"The Way of the warrior monks of the Enlightened Eastern Empire" and gain access to this specialization from studying it. this saves us the trouble of making a new, and sadly voiceless character, as much as I'd like to have Bruce Lee teach the warden Jeet Kun Do, and makes it so that the specialization is easy to gain access to.


before we proceed, it is important to note that this specialization revolves around the use of a sustained mode called "Martial Arts" and that this mode only grants it's benefits when you are unarmed and unarmored, a non-occurance in this game, normally anyways.


as such, to make up for the lack of powerful equipment, I've decided that the class bonus is +2 to every attribute. it's not much, but it helps, and at the very least, gets you closer to stat prerequisites.


the talents for the class are broken into 3 separate categories, with strong blending between each, as it is a holistic way.



Mental: Martial arts mode and it's enhancements.


Martial Arts: this mode requires you to be unarmed and unarmored. it is cheap, and gives a bonus to each of your unarmed damage and unarmored defense scores equal to your level. which means you gain at least 7 to damage when unarmed, and an armor score of 7 when unarmored, if taken as soon as you reach level 7 and can spend your first spec. point, and as high as 25 when you max out. I feel this is balanced enough.


Pressure Point Fighting: passive. gain a bonus % to unarmed accuracy and critical hit chance while using martial arts equal to your level. at best, this means you get a 25% chance of critical hits, and rarely miss. all in all, powerful, but not overly so.


Adamant Aura Training: passive. gain a bonus % to all resistances equal to your level when using martial arts. this is mainly to make up for the fact you can't use equipment or runes.


Chakra Alignment: passive. gain a bonus % to health & Stamina regeneration inside & outside of combat equalk to your level while using martial arts. kung fu fighting energizer bunny go!



Physical: cheap physical attacks with short cool downs.


One Inch Punch: if it hits, it crits, and knocks the enemy prone.

they can save to avoid being knocked prone. physical save.


fists of fury: 1 punch +1 for every 5 levels, max of 6 punches.


Iron Palm: if it hits, it crits, and stuns enemy. they can save to avoid being stunned, mental save.


Hundred Crack Fist: if it hits, the enemy physical saves to just die, if they fail, they explode, damaging every one of your nearby enemies. expensive and with a long cool down, best for bosses.



Spiritual: expensive spirit abilities with long cooldown times.


Chi Strikes: as long as this mode is active, all of your unarmed attacks damage is completely converted to spirit damage.


Chi Barrage: 1 chi blast +1 more for every 5 levels, each doing unarmed damage+magick attribute and exploding upon contact, dealing damage to enemies in a wide radius, no friendly fire.


Chi Healing: party heal healing an amount to each party member equal to LV+WILL+MAG+CON. great once-per-fight heal talent.


Chi Revival: Revive a Fallen Comerade. once-per-fight for sure.



well, there you go, my request. I can't pay anything for anyones services, but I'd be greatful for any help anyone gives. thank you all very much, and I appreciate your interest in my request.

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