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Markarth Graphical Bug


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So I've been playing Skyrim and everything has run fine. One of my characters could run through Markarth just fine. However I made a new character, ran all around Skyrim and finally decided to head over to Markarth. As soon as I entered the city there is now a dark "bar" that only appears if my character is looking ahead or down ( if I look down it covers the entire screen). If I look upward, the bar goes away.


It also started causing my game to crash while attempting to leave through the gate. I used a coc command to get out of the city but it seems the dark bar is permanent now, and it even affects my save that never had the issue in the first place.


Here's what it looks like:


Looking forward:



Looking upward (looks normal):



I'm aware Markarth is notorious for causing issues with people's saves, but I've never seen this issue before. Should I try uninstalling mods like textures and lighting? Or does someone know the fix for this, because right now this is unplayable.


EDIT: Dug through forums and found solution... Go to enbseries.ini > set enableMist:false

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