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I'm starting a final playthrough, doing a ton of mods, not sure what class to play. I'm going to use no armor or enchanted clothes, only enchanted jewelry and unenchanted clothes. I'm either doing a warrior with 2 swords, or a mage that uses destruction, restoration, illusion, conjuration, and pretty much a little of everything. I want a challenge, that's why in going no armor. So which is better, 2 swords, or magic. I will use a follower, and don't say battlemage or assassin or anything cause I have over 10 different characters.
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If you want to go minimalist, go mage. No armor in melee is a quick trip to Sovngarde. I've run mages that don't carry anything, only clothes, loot, food, and coin (unless Frostfall or Requiem is installed). You need a ranged attack and those helpful buff spells, IMHO. Especially at higher difficulty levels. Its kinda fun to have a self-sufficient, minimalist character.

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why not a combo a spellsword /battlemage

early on it is hard since you are constantly starved of magica

but once you get past that point it goes very well

use a combiation of one handedalternation /restoration and either use destuction/ conjuration or destruction /illusion


promise you it is alot of fun

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Personally I would plays as a fearless warrior, especially if you have The Skyrim Community Uncapper mod and The Uncapped Perk mod, which allows you to level up your skills over 100 plus it gives you stronger perk ranks.


My Daedric Sword has an attack value of over 300, especially useful when not using armor.


Then again if you play as a mage you can equip the restoration spell that restores 100 of your life.


The strongest spell I have [From A Mod] deals 150 health damage a second but it costs 200/sec. My magicka is only 360 so the spell is not as strong as my sword.


AND remember if you run out of majicka you cant cast any spells but if you run out of stamina you can still do basic attacks!

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