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Morrowind Day and Night?


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Have any of you played other games with the day time and night time schemes so they nearly mimic real life?

I haven't played that many RPG games so I am wondering if there are more out there with that structure added.



Having set the controls on Set Timescale to equal normal 24 hour cycles I wonder if that influenced me to keep playing the game longer too?


Did anyone else Set Timescale = "" to get longer day light and night scenes as you played through MORROWINDs' months?

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The Witcher has a timescale with day and night, and often there are only certain things that you can or must accomplish during one or the other. The NPC/monster AI isn't quite as impressive as BethSoft's, but the characters do appear and behave somewhat accordingly to the timescale. I recommend the game for the PC, but be warned: it's a little different from what we're used to here, but once you get used to it The Witcher is a pretty good game worth playing at least once.


I prefer to set the timescale in Morrowind and Oblivion to real-time because I also like immersion mods that make me need to eat, drink and sleep. Using these mods with the default timescale usually means that I will end up seeming to have time to do nothing but eat.

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