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Creating a transparent Symbol of Avarice


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Hey everyone. I'm trying to create a transparent Symbol of Avarice, but can't find the textures for it. It'd be pretty useful for shooting arrows without having to use the ring of fog.
I tried a texture dump, but wasn't able to find the files. According to a database file I found here http://www.reddit.com/r/DarkSoulsMods/comments/1k5o8h/req_a_list_of_item_ids/, it's supposed to be code 056540100000000008D9A0, though that doesn't seem to match any other texture file names.
I also used this to try and find it as well, but no luck. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B90Ay0dlNMYndk5Ccm1rR2k4WE0/edit

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to proceed? If anyone wants to do it for me, that'd be great too. This would be my first attempt at modding anything.


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The texture files are as follows.





I have personally been unable to make a skin that lets me see through the helmet to use arrows, but it was fun to make the symbol of avarice look better. Making it darker, made out of metal or lighter depending on your preference.

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