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Hi guys I'm a big fan of fallout 3 and 40k so Ive found quite a few mods implementing new armor, weapons and creatures.


The Idea

So my idea is a Completely new region where most factions of 40k have landed for one reason or another. Space marines, imperial guard and chaos to fight over an ancient artifact, Orks to have a small Waaaagh with the local population , Dark elder to get new slaves, Scouts of a tyranid hive fleet and so on.


How the Mod Begins

So the mods start by the player getting and new transmission which leads him to a subway station with a group of steel brotherhood holding of a Ork attack. After helping them fend of the attack they ask you to investigate the new threat. This is the point where you venture into the subway tunnels leading you to a new area the new area to see the All Out War going on where you get to choose to join some of the factions such as the Space marines and Imperial Guard or Chaos. Not sure if the other factions would be work as they tolerant members of there own race.

There would be a main story branch depending on the Faction you choose helping the faction defeat there enemy adn recover the artifact and many side quest from other factions such as the waste landers who need to fight of Orks, Dark Eldar Slavers, Tyranids. Or Eldar who want you to kill there dark Brethren and so on the opportunity are very wide. From this mod the player can receive crap ton of items and maybe some new followers for example.


Mod Suggestions


This Mod could be easier to create if we could ask creators of existing mods to allow them to be implemented as pasrt of this grand mod many existing mods which can be integrated into this one and there are many resources from Dawn of war Games which can be used like sound effects and voices for example.


Existing fallout people and creatures can be used

  • Steel Brotherhood - Space marines
  • waste-landers cleaned up in fancy uniform - Imperial guard
  • Super mutants - Orks, and Demons
  • Giant supermutant - Greater Demon Can be used as boss
  • Conclave - Chaos
  • Certains Creatures (mole rats, Spiders centaurs eg) - tyranids
  • Slightly Altered models of humans(taller slimmer pointing ears loreal hair) - eldar and Dark eldar
  • Flying conclave robots - servo skulls
  • Servitors - humans with robotics parts and instead of hands.




The map would consist of two main base the Good and evil faction.

The good faction Space marines and imperial guard have fortified in some cities and settlements of the Waste landers to defend them from heretics and Xenos. While the chaos faction has instead enslaved multiple settlements and are forcing them to construct and grand base which is also used to some back up.

There are some small Ork, eldar and dark eldar camps although most of them can be found patrolling the map.

There would roaming tyranids, Orks and Dark eldar.

Also some bandits who have taken up chaos

and neutral civilians



Quest Suggestions

Good and bad main story line which consist of defeating the opposing faction and recovering the artifact but in different styles and with certain different missions such as helping to protect civilians for the good faction or help summon demons through an evil ritual for the bad ones.

Helping waste lander check out people disappearing - Tyranids Genestealers

Safing people from orks

recovering space marine and imperial guard equipment

Eldar hiring you to kill Dark Eldar

This is only a few quest ideas but there is such a wide range to choose from


So guys i hope you like this idea is quite a undertaking but i hope someone will support it.



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