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I generally play Oblivion on weeknights, but often I play Dark Crusade, (working my way through the Imperial Guard campaign at the moment. Gods I love Baneblades). However, after my A2 exams, I'll go on a spending spree at Amazon. I would have got Supreme Commander ages ago, but the local GAME store never has it :glare:
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I finished Baldur's Gate (but not Zelda :dry: ) so now, I'm busy with Icewind Dale II. It is, in my opinion, better than Baldur's Gate. However, Baldur's Gate had a better selection of enchanted helmets and bracers. I'm playing as a team of truly evil people. I even stole gold from little children ;D .

My team consists of:


Lord Karvid:


>Chaotic evil human (with yuan-ti blood) fighter

>Prefers a long sword and shield with heavy armour

Bio (roughly):

Lord Karvid is the ruler of a long forgotten estate east of Luskan. He spent his days in his manor, but felt the need for adventure. When the call went out for swords to aid Targos, he left to seek fame...or infamy. However, he doesn't like the idea of *helping* them.


Lady Luvia:

>Neutral evil human (with yuan-ti blood) fighter

>Prefers a great sword or a bow with heavy armour

>Wife of Lord Karvid



>Neutral evil drow cleric (Dreadmaster of Bane)

>Prefers a quarterstaff with heavy armour

>Long time friend of Lady Luvia

>Invited herself to come with

>God complex



>Neutral evil human (with yuan-ti blood) rouge

>Prefers a bow or dual wielding short swords with light armour

>Daughter of Lord Karvid and Lady Luvia

>Snuck off to follow parents after they told her to stay behind



>Lawful evil moon elf wizard

>Prefers a quarterstaff with robes

>Friend of Lord Karvid's father

>Tutor of Keira

>Followed Keira to make sure she didn't get into trouble



>Chaotic evil human sorcerer

>Prefers a short sword and shield with robes

>Unknown mage already aboard the Wicked Wench when Lord Karvid and Lady Luvia arrived

>Strangely agreed to help Lord Karvid


I am currently at the dreaded Fell Woods...I'm lost :(



I've also made a good aligned party, but I'm not sure if I'll do anything with them...the beginning is too long and boring...

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Currently not playing very much at all, but I have recently been back on the consoles for a while, while my PC has been "otherwise engaged."


1) Zelda: Twilight Princess - Finished. Very good, but not quite up to OOT's standard

2) Shadow of the Colossus - Too crap to be bothered with. Quit after 4 Colossi

3) Driver: Parallel Lines - Quite a laugh, but not a patch on GTA

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Let's see, currently...


Final Fantasy 12: It's the twelfth. And I still enjoy it. Why do I never get tired of these? The dialogue/character interaction leaves something to be desired over the previous offerings however (not counting 10-2 *shudder*).


Star Wars: Republic Commando: Delivering shiney death to droids and trandoshans while directing my squadmates to toss grenades around/snipe stuff/whatever. One of the funnest SP FPS experiences I've had. :D

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Star Wars: Republic Commando


Just bought that brand new for 10 €uros, but me darned Xbox is up the swanny. Gutted! Looks a lot of fun :(

D'oh. And it is. It didn't sell very well but that doesn't represent the quality of the gameplay. ^^ You could always get it for the PC I suppose. I got it as a part of the Best of PC pack which includes a number of other spiffy titles such as Empire at War and KotOR.

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Medieval 2: Total War.




That about sums up how much I am enjoying this game.


Currently, in my (err...how many is it now? lets use algerbra!) nth (where n is number of time played) the Venicians have conquered most of Italy, North Africa, The Iberian Penisular and southern Europe.

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