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Jimi Hendrix - "Rainy Day, Dream Away" and "Still Raining, Still Dreaming"  (from Electric Ladyland)




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I'm listening to A Time to Scatter Stones by Lawrence block.

sample here if anyone is curious.

A Time to Scatter Stones by Lawrence Block - Audiobook - Audible.com

It's book 19 or so in the Matthew Scudder series. I mention this because every book in the series, including this one, amazes me in how beautifully the characters are written. In this book it follows the main two characters, one an aging retired New York City detective, and the other an aging and retired prostitute, as they help a younger prostitute deal with a stalker. But the characters are so real, and the descriptions and conversations so rich, that I always fall in love with these books and their characters, no matter how flawed or broken they may be.

I realize most people listen to music, and I do as well from time to time (heck, my iTunes music library has well over 18,000 songs I purchased over the years). But I also have many thousands of audiobooks, and a good audiobook is as beautiful as a good song.

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