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Myself, i was listening to "Ride On" by an awesome Druidic Celtic Metal band called Cruachan. However, i am thinking about blasting my Seelenschmerz album from BlutEngel, or playing Black Roses and The Oxidising Angel (same band) back2back.. I need my Constance Rudert and Ulrike Goldmann fix this day :P
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Gotye's album 'Like Drawing Blood'. It's got plenty of funk - tracks like 'The Only Way' and 'Learnalilgivinanlovin' are great - and a good side order of soul. The vocals on 'Heart's a Mess' are particularly soulful, maybe even emo if you ignore the humming funk beat.


Oh, and I went to see TV Rock do their stuff last Friday. Finally, some dirty electro house playing in my town! Come on and flaunt it, huh, what yo mama gave you...

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Something awesome just happened to me. I just came back from buying "new" speakers for my work PC. The local pawnshop down the road from my office always has decent speakers still in the box. I picked up a set and the clerk tested it out with some CD he said was trance/pop. It played for a few seconds and I liked what I heard.


So, I am paying for my speakers and I see that CD lying on the counter with no actual box, going for ten bucks. It says ULTRA on it and nothing else, so I pick it up too.


I play my new CD and it turns out it's an entire Depeche Mode album that I was not aware of! I totally scored a complete bargain on one of my favourite bands.


Well, I'm happy anyway. ;D

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I just discovered that I can go to Reading Festival this year, the greatest (probably) rock music festival in the country - well, if you excuse Download, which was a bit harcore for my tastes, and apparently Guns 'n' Roses were awful :P So right now I'm currently hunting fown as much music of the smaller bands that are playing as I can, for research purposes.


So far, Anti-Flag, Millencolin, The Like, and a couple other ones sound good. There's loads of girl-fronted bands this year, which I'm all for as I like the sound of female voices backed up by hard-core guitars, something you don't hear too much of. Then there's the bigger names - Franz Ferdinand (although headliners? Give me a break), Kaiser Chiefs, Muse (yay!), Coheed and Cambria (oh baby), Jet, Hundred Reasons, Killswitch Engage (under all these other bands :o) Slayer, and so many other. Check out lineup and go green with envy because the tickets are all sold out :D: http://www.meanfiddler.com/displayPage_rea...58&URLID=67


Damn, this post soudns like an advert. Don't ban me, please!!

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My friends are huge fans of The Subways, they saw them last year in Bristol and said they were great, but frankly on their album they sound terrible. I'll probably get dragged to see them unless there's someone else I want to see then. Wolfmother aren't bad, I've listened to about half of their album and it sounds fun.


Then again, the show-stoppers of last year are going to be hard to beat. Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl drumming, hell yeah) Iron Maiden :ohmy:, Marilyn Manson (although for the entire show he had an, erm, itch in his crotch area :mellow:), they were all great showmen, and the headliners for this year are a bit naff in comparison. Muse will be good though, as long as they do their old stuff as well as stuff from their new album.


And oh yeah, The Killers last year were terrible. Spot-on musically, but all the charisma of a constipated dog. They said about 5 words to the crowd - it would have been better to stick a stereo on the stage than have them play. Avoid :D

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Yeah I've heard that about the Killers. The techno remix of Mr Brightside gets the crowd going though - I went to an outdoors dance party near Merapi in Indonesia and the entire crowd of around 2000 people just went off. They're definitely a band to be listened to either on-album or remixed.


Wolfmother aren't bad, I've listened to about half of their album and it sounds fun.


They've got a really energetic set so they should be good value even if you're not a huge fan of their music. If you can make it they're definitely worth a try at least.


Franz Ferdinand are good live as well, although I'm surprised they're headlining. I thought they were only really big in Oz.


but frankly on their album they sound terrible.


If you don't like the album you probably won't like their live set. They were off their tits when they played the BDO so weren't that exciting. I was there for the music so I was happy, but your results may vary.

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