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Fallout Stories Epic
One 6.1[8]

Lewis Matte was reluctant to speak to James at first but the discovery that the professor also came from TekVaultDC101 changed that. He was a small, mousy man with a bad habit of going to the GirlsNGames Saloon to watch the 'girls'. Yet he was also quite smart and much needed for his skills in Megaton. It was the only real respect he got from Megatonfolk. Lewis made his living as a mechanic maintaining small machines in Megaton such as pumps and engines. Biofuel, made from some kinds of mutated plants, fueled many machines across DC and beyond.

They met in Lewis' small house, that was underground with a window overseeing the crater. There were a few bits of basic furnishing, some fittings and decorations in the form of soft porn prints of seminaked women. The only weapon was an old, but well treated, bolt-action hunting rifle on a wall rack.

Lewis frowned. “High Overseer Malcolm Middle gave the expeditionary team access to a secondary exit from TekVaultDC101 that most vaultfolk did not even know existed. That was about five years ago. The tunnel comes surprisingly close to Megaton but it was damaged when we used it and I do not know if it is still safely usable. We were briefed about your escape, about twenty years ago now, and how six vaultfolk got as far as Megaton. I do not know how the High Overseer knew about that; as you know the Overseer Government (of TekVaultDC101) is hardly keen to share information.”

James grinned at the obvious understatement for the TekVaultDC101 Overseer Government was obsessed with security, was paranoid about both internal and external threats. Malcolm Middle had been liberal minded compared to High Overseers who had functioned before him but even he was none to keen to share data.

James sighed. “What happened after that?”

Lewis snorted in anger. “High Overseer Malcolm Middle vanished when a second expedition, to the surface, failed. Whispers have abounded since then, in the vault. At least the last secret message I got from TekVaultDC101 gave me that impression. That was about three years ago thanks to a secret telephone cable we managed to lay between Megaton and a hidden place close to Megaton. After that the secret 3Dphone line stopped working. I never did try to go back to the vault and neither did Askin, the woman who staid here (in Megaton) until she left in a trade convoy to go to RivetCity. I do not know what happened to her; we never did get on just because I like to watch a bit of 3Dporn.”

There was a big stack of 3Dporn holotapes next to a big 3DTV set. James just smiled, a little, and nodded. We would say nothing that would stop him from gaining the knowledge that he needed, no matter how he felt. “Can you show me where the secret 3Dphone is and also where the tunnel (from TekVaultDC101) ends close to here (Megaton)?”

Lewis grinned in a way that James did not like at all. “You got any good 3Dporn holotapes for a 'nice' exchange worth my while?”

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 6.2[9]

James had done some background checking on Lewis, paying for information from Colin Moriarty and then buying two holotapes from the same man. He placed the two items on the table and did not look at the nasty, garish, covers. “They came in with the trade convoy that just arrived and they cost me a high price. Both holotapes are in good condition.”

Lewis grinned. “Add twenty EIDs to this and you have a deal. Cash always comes in handy. Meet me in an hour right here.”

James nodded, wondering at the small narrow mentalities of such people and the way that they lived their lives. Then he considered his own past and decided he had no reason to judge such as Lewis Matte.

James spoke. “You have deal!”

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 7.1[9]

“A secret subway station with monorail train lines.” Star Paladin Cross looked around at the abandoned, dusty, lightly collapsed place where emergency lights still glowed. There was the sound of background machinery still functioning. “It was never on the general official DC Subway Map. I suspect it was part of the secret secondary subway network and that it was built to link DeepMegaton with the rest of DC.”

Lewis was angry because James had told Sheriff Lucas Simms about the secret. Not only was the sheriff there but two constables and other folks from Megaton including two Security Guards. Lewis had planned to make some extra profit one day by selling the secret to whom ever offered him something he really wanted like a basic sex android. Oddly enough nobody felt sorry for him.

Elaine Thompson, Elder Chairperson of the Megaton Leadership Council, was there with an assistant, two bodyguards and a general council member. The tall handsome woman as dressed in a smart casual outfit and seemed wary of getting her clothes dirty. She frowned when she saw Lewis. Elaine Thompson was one of the most powerful, influential and wealthy individuals in Megaton and had important links with the Followers of Atom in DeepMegaton. It was an open secret that she was mildly corrupt. Megaton were generally grateful that she was not more corrupt and so supported her.

Lewis stepped away from Elaine when he noted how she was looking at him with eyes that promised trouble for him.

Elaine spoke to Star Paladin Cross. “There will be many resources here to exploit after we have done a thorough survey. There may be threats, especially if this is a special status subway station.”

The Sister of Steel gave a half grin, half smile. “This area has not been formerly claimed by Megaton and we, the Brotherhood of Steel, wish to use it as an outpost. We will share resources with you but we can exploit this place far more efficiently than your people can. We can disarm dangerous turrets, booby-traps and other threats hidden here. We will lock it down, if it is not already so.”

The Megaton woman knew very well that Star Paladin Cross was simply telling the truth but also that there was no way that the settlement could stand up against the power of the Brotherhood of Steel. They also increasingly needed the Brotherhood, as the recent bloody events in Springvale were proving. At the same time Elaine was very annoyed at the inability of her people to just take over the DeepMegaton Subway Station and to use it safely to the fullest.

The Sister of Steel pointed to a deactivated cleanertron. “We will be happy to pass onto you such as tron robots that you can adapt to your needs. Perhaps you could use that cleanertron in the Megaton Leadership Council Offices.” It was a mild jibe at the well known mild corrupt nature of the council.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 7.2[10]

Elaine was clearly not amused. “The Leadership Council is foremost concerned for the general citizenship of Megaton.” Then she shrugged as she visibly relented. “Still we could use the cleanertron in our offices of a former jet-airliner. Somehow the dust always gets in despite all of our efforts to stop it.”

The Leadership Council occupied one big jet-airliner fuselage and the other was the abode of the brilliantly eccentric Professor Brown and his people. Professor Brown was the grandfather to the eccentric Moira Brown. It was said that both were lesser immortals and had lived long over the many centuries since the Doomsdays. Moira's Emporium was right next to the big fuselage that was Professor Brown's Research Development Centre.

The Brothers of Steel entered the subway station in a disciplined rush. Dozens of them came being soldiers, techies, mechies, clerks and others. In power armor they brought with them robots, metallic carry-canisters, small electric forklifts and even some big loping guard dogs. Clearly there were too many of them to have come from the small Megaton Outpost of the Brotherhood of Steel.

The Chairperson became even less pleased. “Just how close were these comrades of yours that they could be here so quick?”

“You know that I am not at liberty to discuss such matters but I assure you they were not in the area to do harm to Megaton and its people.” The tall, strong, black woman frowned softly. “Special Forces tend to be tightly secretive but they have to be.”

Standard Brothers (Sisters) of Steel were elite but these were elite of the elite. Claiming underground facilities, salvaging and dealing with possible threats was one thing that the Reconners of Steel did often. They went into a place first; most of the time they dealt with typical Wastelands horrors, sometimes no troubles at all, but now and then they even they had a hard time of it.

Star Paladin Cross went on talking. “Leave here, Chairperson Elaine Thompson, and take all of your people with you. This looks like a fairly basic subway station but it was a secret one and that means anything could be hidden here. Look around; you see the normal features of a public subway station like vending-machines, ticket-dispensers, transit security 3Dcameras, safety protectrons? Yet any of these features can be far more than it seems to be.”

With great reluctance she went and took the other Megatonfolk with her.

Professor James Graphin was examining a sophisticated smart-vendor that sold tickets, special vouchers and other items. He turned towards Star Paladin Cross and signaled her to come to the machine. She knew a good deal about discovering hidden features inside supposedly regular type machines and so did James. They soon found a secondary dispensing process inside the smart-vendor that dispensed something other than standard security tickets, vouchers and other such items.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 8.1[11]

The cowboy style Mysterious Stranger came quietly into Megaton and, despite some odd features such as the oversized revolver-pistols, people tended to take little notice of him. That was because he wanted it that way, because as a powerful skilled psyker he could easily influence most minds in a general fashion.

He paused to chat to some general Megatonfolk, asking questions and offering small bribes. The people answered his questions truthfully, took what was offered and then forgot that the Mysterious Stranger had ever spoken to them.

Soon enough he had picked up on the news about the discovery of Megaton Subway Station and how the Brotherhood of Steel were taking it over as an outpost. Feelings were mixed about this news but most locals conceded that the Brotherhood was far more able to deal with the subway than Megatonfolk were. Also Megaton was sure to gain from the find.

The tough woman, a Regulator, met him at the Brass Lantern. They sat in a corner, at a small round table, drinking cold moderate quality beer brewed in Cratertown. Like Megaton, Cratertown was also based in a disintegration bomb created crater but a much bigger one. The beer had come into Megaton with the last trader caravan.

Jane Calamity spoke quietly, firmly. “Now that we have tracked Professor James Graphin this far, we have confirmed that he is going back to TekVaultDC101.”

Graharg sighed. “Grand-daughter, such assumptions can be dangerous. We have already determined that James Graphin was altered somehow after he was seemingly abducted by zetans. I have become to question the assumption that it must have been zetans that took him with growing proof that various NewEarth Factions have been foolishly using captured zetan technologies or even zetan-human hybrid tech, which would be a greater folly.”

Jane nodded. “There has been increased activity of UFOs in DC but a zetan saucer could be flown by non zetans. James has gotten this far. We know that he has told some locals that he is taking his daughter, Jasmine, to TekVaultDC101 to be brought up in safety. Sanders has suggested that James might be using Jasmine to gain access to something inside TekVaultDC101 but I think James does love his daughter.”

The Regulators suspected that James had sabotaged Project Purity but not in any conscious manner. Instead he was under some kind of mind control. The Regulators had influenced events so that James had been forced to leave the secret underground base where Project Purity had been carried out. That is hidden beneath a large tourist attraction, a monument complex celebrating the first World President of NewEarth, Graham Maharg. The same famously infamous figure had also been the last World President of the OldEarth and had helped to instigate the Exodus from the OldEarth to the NewEarth.

Graharg, Marshal Commander of the Regulators, had authorized the action in hope that James would expose more of the plan of those who had him under mind control.

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I accidentally duplicated the story post above by placing it here.


There will be a story post placed here soon.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 8.2[12]

Graharg was a PsyRegulator, a psyker Regulator, and was the most powerful but Jane Calamity was quite potent, as a psyker, in her own right. It had been Jane who first 'sensed' that James Graphin was being controlled though not in any perfect manner but it was Graharg who confirmed that the form of mind control was of alien nature, was of a 'synthetic psychic' nature as of the zetans and zetan cousin species.

Jame's return to Megaton had been a promising step in the investigation. It had promised to give a much need breakthrough because so far there had been no strong leads. There were a few chosen Brothers of Steel who knew of the investigation and there was Star Paladin Cross who was keeping a closer eye on James.

The two tall figures strode into the chamber in exotic grey hooded robe-tunics and glared at people as if they were little more than radroaches. The Followers of Atom each had a metre long wooden staff capped at each end with metal. One had golden caps and the other silver, showing different ranks amongst the Followership of Atom. It was clear that they were searching for something, for somebody, but after a short moment they gave out sounds of disgust and departed as quickly as they had come.

It was strange that they were there for the Followers of the Atom rarely left DeepMegaton to go into Megaton. It was well known that they went to the Crystal Echo Caves, a place of glowing biocrystal masses and ancient ruins that had been on NewEarth far before humanity arrived there.

Jane Calamity snorted. “The Followers of Atom are not so good at public relations.”

Graharg frowned. “They do what they do partly to throw up a psychic shield around their minds but they also hold most others in contempt. I got through their crude psychic screens; they are looking for Professor James Graphin.”

Now that was going to prove to be a complication to the investigation but it might also help lead to some kind of real answers.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 9.1[13]

The Megaton Subway Station had two tunnels leading off the station, in both directions, in the normal way of such stations. Neither led towards TekVaultDC101, though one seemed to head towards Springvale after it curved for a short time.

A monorail train was found just along the way that had been firmly sealed up since the Doomsdays; inside were some long dead humans and a chimpman worker. How they had died was not visible and none were keen to unseal the doors considering what might be in the cabins. Clearly computers had detected a threat and sealed up the transport, leaving those inside to die if they were not already dead. The Reconners of Steel would deal with the monotrain later.

The subway station was fairly small but had a few resources in lockers, storerooms, vending-machines, as fixtures and in other ways. The trick was to find any hidden resources in what was a secret station.

The hidden dispenser device, that James had found in the standard dispenser, led to the opening of some concealed power-doors. These led to a small secret complex of chambers being offices, a dorm, a small apartment, two kitchens, an armory, two storerooms and others. It turned out that the hidden area served government people linked with other secret complexes such as DeepMegaton.

The people, who had been in the complex, had departed during the Doomsdays and had taken some valuable resources with them, along with some personal goods. They had left much behind, showing that they had been in a great hurry to leave. Given what had been happening at the time, that made much sense. Had they vanished in the same way that many millions of other government people, and their families, had done. Even such as family pets had been part of the exodus to some mysterious destination. Oddly enough it did not appear that they had escaped to any of the VaultTek Vaults or other better known types of shelter complexes.

The United States of NewEarth had been paranoid, when it came to security, but had been largely justified in its attitude. It had been faced with many threats, external and internal. There had been the rise of the NewEarth Soviets, the troubling existence of a secret internal government known as the Enclaven, the brutal games played by the TekCorps, the appearance of fanatical factions such as the Followers of Atom, the activities of zetans and too much more to deal with. By the time the Doomsdays arose it seemed that the Federal Government only fully controlled the DC and the Green Havens. Much of the rest of the USE was under martial law or was officially abandoned.

Nobody seemed to know who had instigated the Doomsdays though many blamed the troubled Skynet that the USE had constructed, along with the Skydome, Earthnet and other massive networks of network-systems such as the expanded, enhanced, Subway Network (Subwaynet).

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 9.2[14]

They found the extra secret subway tunnel that led straight towards TekVaultDC101 and Professor James Graphin began to make plans to take Jasmine there. From a small, extra secret, platform area they looked along a subway tunnel that was still lit by emergency fluroflat lighting and which was smaller than the other tunnels of the Megaton Subway Station.

James, Star Paladin Cross, and some Reconners of Steel were investigating the platform, and a monorail tram at the platform, when a wild crazed cry echoed along the tunnel. Zhouls, savage feral ghouls, were moving towards the platform from the direction of TekVaultDC101.

Then they were visible, a horde of corpse like creatures in ragged leftovers of smart-materials made clothes such as jumpsuits and fatigues. By the looks they had existed, as zhouls, since the Doomsdays.

The Brothers of Steel prepared to shoot but James spoke. “The zhouls are not attacking; they are running from something more dangerous than they are. We could just let them pass.”

As if out of habit the zhouls made threatening noises at the humans but kept on rushing past, following the tunnel until it came to an end. It seemed that they would be trapped but then they were vanishing, were dropping down through a hole in the tunnel floor that the humans had not yet discovered.

Two portable turrets were set up, one with twin 12.6mm heavy machineguns and one with arrow multiple purpose missiles. The turrets became active, the power armored figures took up defensive positions, even as the enemy came into place.

The attackers were like cyborg feral ghouls with parts corpse like and parts metallic or plastic. They came fast and even as they did they began to fire off basic guns that seemed to be some kind of powerful revolver-rifles firing heavy calibre cartridges.

None there had heard of cyborg feral ghouls before or at least not of any existing in the DC. The range of Wastelands stories was amazing and the stories themselves were often incredible but most were false or half true.

Turrets exploded into action just seconds before the Reconners opened up along with Star Paladin Cross. James crouched behind a stack of lightly armored storage canisters, as he had been ordered to do. Against the well aimed firepower of elite of elite troops and special hitech turrets, the enemy fell quickly. They were awkward, clumsy and slow reacting when compared to humans and smart-computers.

The dead, and damaged, cyborg-ghouls were carefully examined. The cybernetics proved to be very basic and most tuned to controlling the enslaved ghouls. The guns were even more basic of make. All the tech was reliable and very durable. The big surprise was the symbol, on each creature, of the Followership of Atom.

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Fallout Stories Epic
Zero 1.1[15]

A deathclaw mother drove off a pack of killclaws, smaller cousins to the deathclaws that moved more on all fours, as she protected herself and her eggs. With a roar the father returned, bigger even than the hulking mother, and the killclaws retreated quickly away. The whole thing had been part of the strange games that clawbeasts played with each other for no deaths, or injuries, came from them.

The Clawmaster stood high on a smart-concrete statue, of a naked athletic man of odd hairless appearance, and smiled. The 'games' were designed to keep the clawbeasts, that he controlled, on their toes but they were not overplayed for that would have been counter productive. In the bright, hot, sunshine he saw much clearly and he sweated.

The Clawmaster was in a large series of urban ruins in Southern Americanada where the Enclaven was not in control. The Enclaven's Clonetroopers were well equipped, brutally efficient, enhanced and augmented as well as mind linked. They were sociopathic with no conscious to slow them. Yet the lacked 'instinct and imagination' so that they often suffered surprising defeats in battle.

The Clawmaster, of the LordsThirteen, was well hidden. With him were four bodyguards of less powerful clawmen than he was. Hybrid clawbeast-humans, the clawmen only numbered about a hundred thousand but they mastered other clawbeasts with mixed success. Killclaws were fairly easy to master while deathclaws were damned difficult.

It did not help the Clawmaster's mood that the damned Enclaven were creating cyborg-deathclaws (cyberclaws). Nor did it help that he, of the Base Nine of the LordsThirteen, was been ordered to bring closer his deadline for building an efficient clawbeast army to lead into the DC. The AntAgonizer was already there, a Base Lord that he considered to be unstable and dangerous to work with.

The Prime One never contacted the Base Nine directly and the Mediate Three were too miserly with information.

Gunfire drifted from the distance. He figured it was the Americanadian Rebel Alliance fighting Enclaven Special Forces but it could easily have been other factions. There were gangers, cannibal tribals, settlers, EagleEnclaven enemies of the Enclaven and androids of Androidia along with a fair few others. There were his followers but he 'sensed' that none of those were involved.

A pair of atomic motorized vertibirds shot overhead, each heavily armed and armored. They were older type, fairly battered but well cared for, machines of the EagleEnclaven. Since the schism that had caused the creation of the EagleEnclaven, as its 'natural born humans' fled from the Enclaven's new clones, the EagleEnclavers had trouble gaining new resources. Not that the Clawmaster gave a damn about the EagleEnclaven or the EagleEnclave of South-West Americanada.

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