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Fallout Stories Epic


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Fallout Stories Epic
One 25.3[65]

ZAXDM111: “This is a valuable decoy for any would be thieves but there are the real archives onwards from here but there is a problem. The concealed heavily armored wheel-doors, all three of them, are not functioning. I can not access them though I have tried to do so more than once.”

Graharg frowned. “I do not like the 'feel' of this at all.”

He got through one of the big wheel-doors, of the same kind that guarded various kinds of VaultTekVaults, and halted in shock. Graharg was rarely that surprised and both Jane and Dan were surprised at the expression on his face. Then they had a look, into the large space, and they were also shocked. The five special companions gave no visible reaction but somehow gave the impression of being surprised also.

Everything was stripped from the chamber so that it was empty except for some fittings, furniture and machinery at the walls. Some items had been discarded instead of taken, they being dotted amongst smashed armored display-cases. The power of what had done the damage was incredible and the gaping hole in the centre of the floor showed it to be so. Something had somehow tunneled through the extremely hard rock and had probably retreated back the way it had come from.

The carefully looked down the hole only to discover it was only about twenty metres deep and ended in what was probably a large tunnel of a kind that had probably existed there since the Ancients had inhabited the cave system.

Graharg shook his head a little. “I doubt that the people who built the archives knew that there was a tunnel not far beneath the main chamber. Perhaps we have lost if what I most need is lost to us!”

ZAXDM111: “Do not panic, Graharg, my friend! Behind one of the other wheel-doors is the real archives and behind the third wheel-door a special surprise. This chamber is made to look most central, most important, on the 3Dmaps and blueprints. The other spaces did not even show up in any real way so any hackers would very easily be misguided. Graham Maharg was willing to have some very valuable items stolen to keep the artifacts in the special chambers from being taken.”

Beyond a big power-door was another chamber belong to the same set of chambers. This one had not been disturbed and was half filled with prototype power armor, super power armor, small atomic-cannons, battle-mechas and other military technologies. There was even a super-stealth supersonic jumpjet fighter-bomber. There were racks of prototype weapons and other devices. Special combat androids were in special display-bays.

Another chamber was even bigger and it held a monstrous, multiple turreted, amphibious atomic hover-battletank with a large number of weapons, heavy armor and special deflector screens. It also had room for many soldiers and-or equipment-supplies.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 25.4[66]

Graharg shook his head in wonder. “One of World President Graham Maharg's odder ideas that actually worked. Such Monsteror machines threw the NeoSoviets back from Grandburg and saved over a million people who then vanished to a mysterious sanctuary as very many of Graharg's people did, along with others taken with them. Over half were destroyed but the NeoSoviets never retook that whole area.”

The ball shaped thing fell out of mid air, bounced off the monstrous machine and then struck the floor. At once it unfolded upwards to reveal itself as a creature something like a Graynari but bulkier with a muscular structure, heavily protected with glistening scale armor and equipped with bizarre intrinsic biomechanical weapons of different kinds. The heads were smaller and better protected. The body was the same shade of gray and the eyes were black slanted shapes as with the Graynari.

Graharg drew out a huge pistol. “Graytari, worse than grayalems in that they are modified Graynari. It is said that the Graynari punish their own by turning them into self destructive, destructive, Graytari. The truth is that it is more of a gift to allow the changed Graynari a greater chance to get killed and to become free of the Graynari Curse.”

Graharg did not have to fire his gun as one of the small weapon turrets, on the monstrous warmachine, spun and blew apart the Graytari with a burst of 20mm calibre autogun shells.

ZAXDM111: “I hope that I was of some assistance. It is the least I can do considering how much assistance that you gave me in the past. You need to find some kind of beacon that is allowing the monsters to be teleported into this base. Nine more Graytari have appeared just outside of the base but they can not get in and turrets are destroying them. They melted one of my autogun turrets with some kind of clinging acid-goop.”

Graharg gave a mild grin. “Thank you, ZAXDM111. Two can play at that kind of game.”

He clicked his fingers and, with a sparkling shimmer, three eyebot like robots appeared out of mid air but they were larger, being about halfway between eyebots and MrBots in size, were better armed-armored and had some unusual tricks. They were izaseekers and were actually more than normal smart-robots.

Graharg looked mildly surprised. “Not what I expected would be summoned but good enough for the moment. ZAXDM111, please take control of the izaseekers.”

ZAXDM111: “As you wish, Graharg!”

A power-door hummed open and the three globe shaped robots shot out the doorway, lifted and pushed by powerful fanjets that were surprisingly quiet.

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It has just recently been confirmed that I am diabetic, which explains my recent bouts of illness. I am going to attempt to keep up with my stories but will need to also deal with the new situation with my health. Even now I have nightmares of all the tasty things that I might not be able to eat in future. As yet I have yet to learn what diabetese type that I have. I am hoping for the type that is cured by eating lots of rich dark chocolate.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 26.1[67]

The fighting went on in the archives base as two more Graytari arrived, then another one, then another two and so forth. They appeared all over. One appeared in the center of the chamber with the big hole in the floor and abruptly fell to its death. Others were shot by turrets, robots and-or the group even as they emerged into solidity.

Graharg entered the chamber with the big surprise, not being the special chamber, and stopped in amazement. The great, odd looking, humanoid robot towered above him. Dan Sanders, who came in soon after him, whistled softly. It was a LibertyPrime super battle robot (SBR), being a Mark01A1 with extremely powerful super-lasers, super-blasters and large multiple purpose missile, and rocket, launchers. There were also smaller 20mm autocannons and two 40mm autocannons. The great machine reminded Graharg of toy robots of the early 20th Century of OldEarth. It was one of Graham Maharg's super-toys.

A Graytari charged into the chamber and spat a volley of biometallic spinedarts at Graharg. He dived to the floor even as the spinedarts shot overhead. A ceiling turret killed the monstrous Graynari based creature with a burst of its pulselaser guns.

ZAXDM111: “Two more Graytari have arrived but they did so already dead. I have managed to bring up my antiteleportation fields that should have been active in the first place. No more Graytari will arrive. I was hacked into and did not know it but computed at first it was a failure in my network-systems of the kind I have been having far too many of lately. Many of them are inexplicable.”

Graharg went to work at once of ZAXDM111 by using a local master-terminal of a kind that were quite rare because each was a risk to ZAXDM111's security simply by existing. He had intended it to be a quick task but two hours later he was still hard at work with the assistance of ZAXDM111. Graharg had discovered multiple software attacks in the form of viruses, super-viruses, trojans, worms and others. He launched a range of recon, defensive and counter offensive software packages into the smart-computer network of network-systems. ZAXDM111 worked with him and duplicated his software packages and then modifying many of the copies before using them.

ZAXDM111 had to not only clean out its own network-systems but both primary and secondary network-systems that it guided. ZAXDM111 was soon self repairing at a very fast rate and with high efficiency. Databanks were reaccessed as were other network-systems. Graharg was surprised how much valuable information he was soon gaining but not all of it was of a pleasing nature.

Then he went to the special chamber with the others. Inside amazingly secured display-cases were powerful, rare, very dangerous artifacts. They were of the Arisan Thirteen Peoples of the Ancients, of the Graynari, of Graham Maharg's working and from other origins. The Ancients had spread out through many universes, had conquered many galaxies, had stolen many ancient artifacts. Graharg went past the display-cases, examining each with great speed but also efficiency. Yet he stopped at none of them.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 26.2[68]

He stopped at an area of bare wall and pressed his hand against it. After a moment a glowing square appeared on it, of red color. He tapped on it three times and it became yellow. He tapped on it twice, waited three seconds, and tapped on it again so it turned green. Then he pressed the palm of his hand against it. There was a soft clicking noise and the section of wall slid back and then to one side.

Jane Calamity had been watching this happen. “That is a palm print recognition screen. Why would you be recognized?”

Graharg turned to her. “It is registered to recognize Graham Maharg's palm print and I am World President Graham Maharg or at least one aspect of him. I must focus now but I will explain more later.”

She frowned. “You could have told me earlier.”

He responded calmly. “I did not know the full truth earlier. Please let me focus.”

The large circular room was bare except for a single round column in the center. The semitransparent dome-ceiling provided light to the room. The floor was a pattern of multiple colored circles on a white background.

Graharg began to go across the floor, doing so in an odd zigzag pattern of steps and jumps. Clearly he was trying to get to the center of the chamber in safety. Then he was at the column that was surrounded by a white ring of apparent safety.

He spent time working at a keypad of nine buttons in a three by three formation with horizontal bars above and below. His fingers flew over the keypad. There was a soft click and, with a soft humming noise, a dome rose up out of the center of the column. In it was what looked like an oversized human brain.

Jane Calamity nodded. “Is this the special artifact that you were looking for.”

Graharg turned to her. “No but this is something that has to be done for more than one reason. ZAXDM111, are you ready for full transference and conversion? If so please begin!”

ZAXDM111: “Thank you, Graharg, I am instigating the transference and conversion super-program for the entire DeepMegaton!”

Graharg examined a wristwatch like device on his left wrist for some seconds and then nodded. “You are welcome, ZAXDM111! You will be stronger, more versatile, more comfortable and freer. I am sending for more assistance to be sent, of as much as can be spared.”

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Fallout Stories Epic
Zero 8.1[69]

The Clawmaster led his bizarre army, of clawbeasts, through the swamplands of Point Lookout and past a big supersonic jumpjet bomber tilted up out of an area of mud. Only its smart-materials had stopped it from rusting away. The long dead crew were still sealed inside the USNE Airforce aircraft. Clearly nobody had been near it and nothing had been looted. The swamps were so vast, and so lightly populated by those who would care to do any looting, that it made a great deal of sense.

Vehicles had been sent to assist the Clawmaster move his forces towards DC even as he had left behind the increased fighting in Americanada against the strange clones of the Enclaven. The EagleEnclaven was battling for its existence though it had gained unexpected, mysterious, assistance in the form of many resources; this included vehicles, robots, supplies of many kinds and even elite mercenaries of different classes. Clearly not all wanted the new Enclaven to be victorious.

The LordsThirteen were still focusing their efforts on DC though the Clawmaster still did not know why. What he did know is that his army was far too exposed as it went through the swamplands.

Feral ghouls, even more savage than the zhouls, had moved in large groups across the swamps but none had come near the army of clawbeasts on foot or in the big wheeled all terrain vehicles; they were large 4x4 or 6x6 ATV-trucks with heavy arms-armor. Clawbeasts took turns resting because, typically, the Clawmaster had not been given enough vehicles to carry all of his forces.

He had communicated with the Prime One, also known as the PrimeLord of the LordsThirteen only to be coldly commanded not to do so again unless facing a real emergency. Clearly he was going to have to accept his situation with out complaint.

As the army moved through the swamplands, flying wingclaws scouted low overhead as other clawbeasts did on the ground. Some areas of swamp bubbled weirdly, through up great big bubbles that suddenly burst to release toxic gases. Most of the swamps were cleaner, healthier, than that thankfully. Water was taken up and purified using special machines in some of the ATV-trucks.

They skirted a great cluster of fortified structures surrounded by warning markers created by the deformed swampfolk, by tribal humans and-or animans along with some settlers. It was the infamous Citadel Point Lookout had had been struck by some kind of exotic experimental super-weapon. Even as they moved around it clawbeasts became nervy at being so close to it and the Clawmaster had to admit that the place made him feel jittery.

They came to more buildings, made of smart-materials, but these were just normal PreDoomsday structures. A cluster of such buildings provided a safer place to stop for the night for the whole clawbeast army.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 27.1[70]

A large group arrived at the base being twenty-five SisterBrothers of Gaia along with five more special followers of Graharg. They came with vehicles, robots, some trained dogs and even some androids. A few of the Sisters, Brothers, of Gaia were animans such as chimpmans or gorillamans.

The sending of artifacts to one of the Sanctums was going steadily. It took much energy to send things to one of the Sanctums and far more so to send powerful ancient artifacts. The dogs could smell the undead, the unlifen and were able to not panic at the approach of the Graynari as many animals did.

The SisterBrotherhood of Gaia gained the use of the base but there were to be some special followers stationed there also. The big round hole in the floor, of one of the chambers, was to be temporarily blocked but other long term ideas were being considered such as a special emergency entrance-exit.

Graharg chose some items for himself and only disclosed the nature of some of them; this was true even with his special followers.

Preparations were begun to continue the expedition but this time five elite fighting survivalist SisterBrothers of Gaia would go with it. The previous vehicles were exchanged for five armed-armored hoverbugs that could go faster and with more agility. They could travel more easily over a wider range of terrains. Two of the hoverbugs were specialist fighting machines with extra weapons of more diverse kinds. The others were general purpose fighting survival vehicles.

The SisterBrotherhood of Gaia was steadily taking over much of DeepMegaton but there would always be others stationed there also. Communications had been made with the DC-Citadel of the Brotherhood of Steel and negotiations had begun. Until that moment the Brotherhood had not even known of the existence of the SisterBrotherhood of Gaia except for vague whispers that they had grave doubts in. The Regulators, the DCSA (DC Settlements Alliance), the SisterBrotherhood of Compassion, Androidia and others would also be consulted for the base was so big that the SisterBrotherhood of Gaia could not use but a relatively small part of it.

Of course the Graynari threat had to be dealt with first along with a far greater threat Graharg was hinting was out there and he was not speaking of the undead, the unlifen or the zetan forces.

The group set out again and this time were faster in the new machines that zipped along through the air with surprising quietness.

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After much thought I have decided to start this story topic again but I will not request it to be locked for some time so you may give me feedback to ask me not to stop writing it.

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