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The Shivering Isles; Redux. Help?


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Hello, me and a friend are working on a mod to reinvent The Shivering Isles in Skyrim. Though we're mixing it up a bit, same feel, same atmosphere, but different layout of the map.


Mania and Dementia are about a quarter done, each.

One thing we've implemented that we're really excited about is the vast climate/weathers between the two regions.
When crossing over into Mania the sky gets brighter and the Sovngarde climate appears. And in Dementia when you get further in the Blackreach climate creeps in.

We're fairly new to this feature. However, Mania's Sovngarde weather works fine, but for some reason the Blackreach weather doesn't kick in like it should.

The 2 weathers are separated down the middle of the map. When you cross over to Mania it works, but when you cross over to Dementia it doesn't kick in like it should, you have to go a lot deeper than we've layed out the region's specific colored coordinates on the Region editor.

Can anyone shed some light on this?
We'd really like to keep this feature in, because it really helps set the different moods between the regions.

By the way, here's some screenshots of the 2 entrances.




(We had to use the console command to get the Blackreach weather to work in the Dementia picture.)

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