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Ive just get this idea.

In medival, Youve got to get permission for hunting, cause all trees, animals, and stuff was in Jarls own, so...

So Youve got to buy (like for 40 gold pieces for normal loot prices, and 250 gold pieces for bigger prices, this should be in settings, I mean the price of permission) permission for hunting, and the other for mining from Jarls manager (I forget the right word)

And... Ive found two options.

first one. Youre buying permission for season -> big price, and long time for hunting.

the second, true, and histrorically right option. One permission for a weight.

So if the corpse is like 200 lbs, permission will allow you to hunt 1000 lbs of corpses.

I dont know how to made it in CK, but I think this idea is immersive and great.

And the last thing. If You will hunt an animal, that wont attack you, like deer, or fox, You will get a bounty of 4xcost of permission.


Optionally it may have an option of replacing beast outdoors for deers and elks.


If anybody will start working on it, text me on [email protected]

I can give u some infos from polish, french, and german medival cronicles, and also etnology tasks.

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