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Time to say Good Bye ... and a little gift.


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Hello folks, well...long story short:


Started modding with the release of Skyrim, had a good time...created "a few mods" - well, i guess 1-200 small personal requested ones and some major projects that i uploaded to my favourite modding site, aka The Nexus (thanks to the site owners of course!)


I always felt the desire to help people out when it comes to modding, though i think it's even more sensible to transfer this "skill" to RL - so atm I'm spending most of my time on charity work, i think it's important to help out people in need and my long term aim is to establish some kind of non-profit company that supports such fellows. Might take a few years but i'll try my best.


I'm still getting plenty of PMs and requests, I'm sorry but it's impossible for me to answer them any more - too busy. Most people want to use my assets for their own projects so here comes my final "gift"...




You can use them for your own modding projects,just be aware that one or two mods use content of other modders (example: Auriel's Weapon Pack uses another modder's blade) So if you want to use them you have to ask for their permission as well.


I want to express my gratitude to the people that helped me when i started modding, the board members and all my supporters. I always tried my best to support the community in return...thanks again, pls share your knowledge with other members and look out for each other, especially in RL :smile:


I'm not going totally offline, three days ago i started my first little project to learn the basics of programming.




... so i guess IF i find enough free time my next release won't be a mod but a game. Though this might take a while :D




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Though I do not know you, I have seen and admired your work.

You have always been generous with your assistance to neophyte modders in both advice and assets.

Truly, you are a class act. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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Your unstinting help and generosity have been noted and appreciated by so many more than have ever had the favour of your personal attention. You deserve all success, and I'm sure you'll have it. My very best wishes to you!

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