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Copy Cell Contents to Different Cell(s)


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I have a mod that I made for Lakeview Manor, but I'd like to share the changes with the other two Hearthfire homes, without having to repeat my efforts.

So, is there anyway for me to duplicate the Lakeview changes for Windstad Manor and Heljarchen Hall?


Even if I have to relink the pertinent objects and activators, I can deal with it. I'd just rather not have to duplicate all of my efforts for two other interiors that are duplicates, themselves.

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In the cell view, if you ghost everything you don't want to copy in Lakeview Manor (select things you want to ghost and press 1), and then left click and drag to select everything inside Lakeview Manor (this won't select ghosted objects), and then press Ctrl + C (copy it - I think you can also right-click, copy) then go over to the other cell, and paste (Ctrl + V or right click and select paste), it should achieve the effect you're looking for.


If works with the warehouse cells, so it should work for you.

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Yeah, I thought about that, but I was hoping there would be a method that didn't rely on manual placement, especially since there's no way to fine-tune placement with multiple objects selected. Might there be some way to perform the operation in TES5Edit?


Barring that, I guess by best hope would be to, along with all of the new objects, copy one that will already be in place in the new cell. That way I can get the two identical objects to overlap. I'm also probably going to have to make sure every object has whole numbers for their coordinates. That way, Snap-to-Grid will won't bork the placement. Whole numbers for the elevation won't be an option for permanent placement, but I can get them hovering at the nearest whole number, so all I have to do is press "F."


Edited to add:


I'm actually thinking that it might be less of a hassle to make a copy of the .esp to use as a modder's resource, then delete everything that I don't want. That way, if I ever have the need to reveal anything that I've ghosted, I won't have to re-ghost everything else.


Plus, I don't want them all in the same .esp, anyway. This is actually a mod I might end up uploading, and I don't want to force anyone into having the changes made to all of the Hearthfire homes. For sure, I would have an .esp with all of them, though.

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Using the copy method, if you hold Shift along with Ctrl + V, it will paste in exactly same place in the new cell, like with Photoshop's Shift-Paste.

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