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How do I sell something worth over 2K:

Just how expensive? if its over 10K nowhere in morrowind, creeper who resides in the orc mander of caldera has 5K and theres a talking mudcrab somewhere with 10K though ive never found him.


There is a trick to get creeper and mudcrab to buy items over 5/10K.

First sell them about 100K worth of item (in 5 or 10K incriments, waiting 24hrs between each sale) then buy back all these small items so creeper/mudcrab has enuff funds to buy that Deadric Dai Katana or whatever from you, then sell them all the little stuff back again waiting for 24hrs inbetween each 5/10K sale.


Alternativly you could download a merchant mod or edit a NPC on your own with the TESCS so they have 500K bartering gold. you can do that by finding a NPC of your choice in the [NPC] tab of the TESCS and then doublecliking to open their properties, then clicking the AI button, and then going to services.


How Can I Edit My Class/Race/Birthsign:

hit the ~ key then type


and press enter, when your done save the game and re-load it


How do I get constant effect enchantments:

You need a soulgem with a goldensaint or a ascendedsleeper


Where is fargoth and why do people hate him:

Seyda Need, and because hes a bosmer with a anoying voice


Who is geanor?:

A incredibly anoying woodelf begger in fronth of the mournhold temple (tribunal)



Those anoying assassins you fight in tribunal.


How do i become a vampire?:

Fight a vampire (they are ussualy found in tombs but also appear less frequently in other locations) each time you are struck by a vampire's physical attack there is a chance of catching hemophila pyropheia(sp?) or something like that, once your have the disease you can either cure it with a cure common disease spell or potion or wait/rest for 3 days and become a vampire


How do I become a werewolf?:

This works much like becoming a vampire only you need bloodmoon, and you have to fight a werewolf. Werewolf's are extreamly rare but you will run into them eventualy if you follow the main quest for bloodmoon. The disease is called senius lepius or something like that.


:D Most Recent Updates: fargoth/geanor/DB's/Vamps/Wolfies

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The Mudcrab can be found on a small island just south east of Vivec he should be near a wrecked ship be carefull not to kill him though.


Another question which is always asked is where is the puzzle box?


Easy in the same room as the Boss of them bottom corner (where you come in) and at the right there is a room there, kill him and the box is on the shelf in there at the bottom.

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How do I find the Bow of Sul-Senipul?

Head to the Karma Burial, then Laterus Burial. Then head all the way up to the top and enter the Juno Burial. Head to the north-most part of the burial and fight the Wraith of Sul-Senipul, then loot it's corpse (the little pile of goo) and take the bow.

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However as for cliff racers there is a mod out called Cliff Racer Remover, I do believe it is on MorrowindSource but if its not it is possibly on MorrowindSumit and if its not there just PM me with your email addy saying you want it, its a really small file (Like less then 0.8MB).


Side Note:

Much thanks to both Switch and OblivionKnight for their additions of the bonebiter bow and mudcrab faqs, if we get enuff good stuff in here maybe we could compile it and have Dark0ne make a general morrowind faq page on the main site with a search feature...hmm thats probably alot of work tho....mmm why do I allways froth with ideas when im drinking....anyway off to go sober up...

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Where can I find a spell that fortifies a skill such as Long Blade or Restoration?


If you have Tribunal, you can get some Fortify Skill spells from an NPC roaming about the Hall of Ministry in the Mournhold Temple. If you have Bloodmoon, you can obtain a few Fortify Skill spells from the healer in the Skaal Village. If you do not have either expansion, open the console and issue the following command:


Player->AddSpell "Imperial Axe Skill"


If you have the Non-GotY version of Morrowind for X-Box, Felen Maryon in Tel Branora will have a Fortify Skill spell.


I've completed the "Balmora Bloodbath" quest and had my bounty cleared, but the guards outside Fort Moonmoth keep attacking me. How can I fix this?


Get a good view of every guard that continues to attack you. Open the console and click on the first guard that is attacking you. Issue the following two commands:


SetFight 0



Click on the second guard that continues to attack you and issue the same commands. Continue to do so until you've covered all of the guards.


What are the Twin Lamps, and how can I join them?


The Twin Lamps are a struggling anti-savery movement in Vvardenfell. You cannot join them, but Juniper's excellent Twin Lamps plugin adds this functionality. You can do some quests for them in the unmodified game by freeing a certain number of slaves and eventually coming across one that will inform you of the Twin Lamps. Once you have freed a set number of slaves, you can also talk to Jobasha in Vivec and recieve the passphrase to use around Twin Lamps members. If you free more slaves, you can also recieve a number of skillbooks from Jobasha.


Once you have the passphrase, talk to Illmeni Dren in St. Olms Canal South-One and open the dialogue topic "slavery." She will ask you if you have seen the Twin Lamps. If you respond with the passphrase, she will give you two quests.


Can I rise any farther in the ranks of the Ashlanders and Blades once Caius has left?




Can I join Census and Excise, the Dark Brotherhood, the Hands of Almalexia, the Imperial Knights, the Sixth House, the Talos Cult, or the Skaal?


No, not in the sense of any normal faction such as the Fighters' Guild or any of the Great Houses.


Where can I learn summon spells?


Ancestral Ghost - Heem-La, Ald'ruhn Mages


Bonelord - Urtiso Faryon, Sadrith Mora


Centurion Sphere - Obtained from reading a book entitled "Secrets of Dwemer Armunculi," found inside Galom Daeus's Observatory.


Clannfear - Urtiso Faryon, Sadrith Mora


Daedroth - Erer Darothril, Dirty Muriel's, Sadrith Mora


Dremora - Erer Darothril, Dirty Muriel's, Sadrith Mora


Flame Atronach - Medila Indaren, Caldera Mages


Frost Atronach - Uleni Heleran, Wolverine Mages


Greater Bonewalker - Uleni Heleran, Wolverine Mages


Hunger - Erer Darothril, Dirty Muriel's, Sadrith Mora


Least Bonewalker - Marayn Dren, Balmora Mages


Scamp - Medila Andaren, Caldera Mages


Skeletal Minion - Marayn Dren, Balmora Mages


Storm Atronach - Erer Darothril, Dirty Muriel's, Sadrith Mora


Winged Twilight - Felen Maryon, Tel Branora


Golden Saint - Felen Maryon, Tel Branora


What are Propylon Indices, how can I use them, and where are they?


A Propylon Index is a small cone-shaped rock that allows you to transport yourself between the Dunmer strongholds that appear on the paper map. To use them, simply go to the Propylon Chamber of a stronghold and activate one of the Propylons. If you have the index for that particular Propylon in your inventory, you will be instantaneously transported to the Propylon's destination Propylon Chamber. To get the locations of the indices, you can either download the "Master Index" plugin from Bethesda's site or have a gander at the list below, copied from the UESP...


        Andasreth Propylon Index


Hlormaren, Dome


The Hlormaren Keep is near the West coast, West of Balmora. The index is in the dome on the middle shelf to the left of the dome entrance.


        Berandas Propylon Index


Gnisis, Arvs-Drelen


Arvs-Drelen is in the main town of Gnisis, North side. The index is on the top shelf next to Baladas at the top of the home. It has no assigned owner so Baladas shouldn't mind if you take it.


        Falasmaryon Propylon Index


Maar Gan, Shrine


In the shrine in the South-East of this main town. The index is on the silver plate next to the big rock when you enter the shrine. Salen Ravel is the index's owner, so be careful when you take it.


        Falensarano Propylon Index


Maelkashishi, Shrine, Forgotten Galleries


This Daedric shrine is a little ways West from Maar Gan on the other side of the mountain range. The index is on the scroll next the skeleton at the very top of the Forgotten Galleries section (levitation needed).


        Hlormaren Propylon Index


Caldera, Irgola: Pawnbroker


Irgola's shop is easily found in the center of Caldera. The index is on the window sill next to Irgola, who also owns it so be careful if you decide to steal it. Irgola should sell the index as well.


        Indoranyon Propylon Index


Tower of Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr


Tel Fyr's tower is on an island a ways SouthWest from Sadrith Mora (you will visit the location during the main quest if you haven't already). The index is at the top of the tower on the table next to Divayth Fyr (he doesn't own the index so feel free to take it safely).


        Marandus Propylon Index


Vivec, St. Olms Temple


The Temple in the St. Olms district of Vivec is reached via the Plaza level. The index is downstairs in the NorthWest storage room on the floor next to the crates.


        Rotheran Propylon Index


Rotheran, Communal Hut (Rols Ienith)


The Rotheran Stronghold can be South of Dagon Fel near the tip of the island. Rols Ienith is just inside the communal hut and must be killed for you to obtain the index.


        Telasero Propylon Index


Telasero, Lower Level


This stronghold can be found a little East from Suran (or a ways West from Molag Mar). The index can be found in a troth in the center area of the lower level.


        Valenvaryon Propylon Index


Urshilaku Camp, Wise Woman's Yurt


The Urshilaku camp can be found along the coast a ways East from Khuul. The index is on the table at the back of the Wise Woman's Yurt. The Wise Woman Nibani Maesa owns the index so be careful when you take it.


I find Cliff Racers annoying. I cannot appreciate the beauty that is the Cliff Racer, so I wander around Vvardenfell in a drunken stupor, killing every one that crosses my path. How can I be cured of this horrible disease?


Look at the sig.

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Can I join Census and Excise, the Dark Brotherhood, the Hands of Almalexia, the Imperial Knights, the Sixth House, the Talos Cult, or the Skaal?




If I could be so bold as to make a minor note to the above post, MB?


Since this is in the Spoilers section please note, Spolier appraoching




You can technically join the Talos Cult as it is one of the Imperial Legion quests, to infilrate them and find out about their plans. You could choose not to steal there plans and so not have to kill them, but as far as I know they have no quests to give you and you can't advance in them. Once you attack them you leave the cult (well get kicked out and they are all dead)

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Since those factions do not have any rank entries and never appear on your faction list after you've completed the quests in question, it is probably safe enough to say that they are not joinable, at least not in the same sense as the Imperial Legion or any other "normal" faction in the game.


The post has been edited to reflect this.

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