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ENB Crashes Skyrim; not the usual CTD


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ENB Crashes Skyrim; nothing on Google seems to fix it.
I've been trying to get enb work for the past month, I am installing everything correctly; it's just that Skyrim decides to crash. If I delete d3d9.dll the game will run; so it seems that the only issue is the enb. I tried using the injector version, the game runs with enb for a few seconds then will crash to the desktop without any error message.

With the Wrapper version it just crashes instantly, I don't even get a start screen; just a small window and a "Skyrim has stopped working" message. (looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/bE6xvDk.png )

This is what my Skyrim folder looks like: http://i.imgur.com/X0d9iCu.png

I know my computer can handle it, Skyrim used to be able to run enb fine on previous windows installations. I've tried a number of different enbs and re-installed Skyrim completely multiple times.
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