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[Request] Go back to the Beginning


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Hello people.


Having looked around the forums to see whether it was possible to replay whole quests and story lines with a character you've recently played as I was lead to the same solution. Using console commands to reset the quests. Although I have not attempted to try such a thing I have taken head from wiser words that doing so would very likely break the game and make it unplayable. However with the recent release of verteiron's Familiar Faces mod it has got me thinking that it might be possible to play the whole game again with previous characters without completely breaking the game by resorting to console commands. I will now pitch to you the mod idea I'm trying to get across.


Go Back to the Beginning


Overview: To be able to play Skyrim as one of your previous character saves (i.e. play level 50 from the start instead of 1).


How it would work?: Much like how Familiar Faces works you would take a character from a previous save to a unique realm (Let's call it the Hall of Eternity for now) in which your character's vitals are copied and saved ready for further use in the future. When you start a new game and have gone through the horse carriage to Helgen sequence you would have the option to load a saved characters stats and appearance prior to when your called by Hadvar and subsequently proceed to the character creation menu.


What is Imported from saved characters?: Appearance, skills, stats and perks. These aspects should be the only things imported from a stored character. Why not everything? For good reasons.


What shouldn't be Imported: Words of power, dragon souls, powers obtained by certain quests and all items. I feel these should not be carried over as they have the potential to break or make the game unplayable in certain scenarios. A couple of good examples would be having Fus already known before visiting the word wall in Bleak Falls Barrow or having an important quest item in your inventory before you've even began fore mentioned quest.



That's all I have to say about this mod idea. Whether you think a few things can or should be tweaked here and there then please go ahead and share your opinions.

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