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skeleton key- nothing happens


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Hi, thx for the long war mod, i really like it.

But i have a problem: I build the skeleton key to attack the alien base, but nothing happens. On Mission Control there is no button "Attack Alien Base".

What can i do?

I play the latest version for EW.



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buenas, con tal de darle vida al foro. y dejar las dudas resueltas... ire completandolas. si un mod no esta deacuerdo, puede eliminar mi comentario y/o cerrar el tema.


para usar la skeleton key, es necesario haber perdido un aliado.
http://www.capsulecomputers.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/xcom-enemy-unknown-review-0010-600x337.jpg Tras esto, enviar un satelite al lugar...
sigue con la partida normal, y aparecera entonces que puedes asaltar la base donde puso el satelite.
*OJO: tambien cabe la posibilidad de que una nave ataque ese satelite y lo pierdas y tendras que lanzar otro.

Perdonar mi ingles , es malo y el google no lo traducire bien



good, so as to give life to the forum. and leave the doubts resolved ... I will complete them. if a mod disagrees, you can delete my comment and / or close the topic.

To use the skeleton key, you must have lost an ally.
After this, send a satelite to the place ...
continue with the normal heading, and it will appear then that you can assault the base where he put the satelite.
* EYE: also it is possible that one ship attack that satellite and you lose it and you will have to launch another one.
Forgive my English, it's bad and google does not translate well
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