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Morrowind FPs Optimizer

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Name: Morrowind FPs Optimizer

Size: 197

Version: Version 1.96




You can view this file here


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this program is amazing i could never play morrowind with out major lag or bad visuals, now i have great visuals and no lag : ) i give it a full 10/10 and advise it to anyone who wants to play morrowind lag free with proper graphics, its the only program like this and its an absolute must have!
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I'm inclined to disagree. While it was useful for my previous computer setup, having upgraded my video card, motherboard, and processor, I run at maximum settings (excluding shadows. Morrowind's shadows are poorly done.) with no lag at all.

In that case the program won't reduce view distance for example, which means you won't notice many improvements.

It's a good program, but I suppose you need to have an old computer to really see the improvements.


its the only program like this

MGE has some similarities, though more focused on improving graphics than performance.



(I started MW again today, I want to do the tribunal MQ again :happy: )

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For some reason this mod won't work correctly when Morrowind starts. There is no fog and I can see forever, however far off details fad in and out, and can be adjusted with the mouse wheel. It seems to be working fine except that it is missing the fog that prevents me from seeing beyond the details. Once I minimize Morrowind, and then go back to the game, the fog works fine, except it changes the water from MGE's reflective water.


When Morrowind starts (note the cut off rock by the dock, that is where the fog should be, there is no detail beyond there:



After minimizing Morrowind:



Ignore the blue squares, they only show up in screenshots.


Thanks for your help!

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Hello pleaz someone help me i used the program and the fog is missing and many setings not as great as before i may changed something wrong any way how can i get back my original settings ??? the help me section not talking about how to get rid of the program and get back everithing to its original form :( i dont know what file is been changed
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Does anyone know what kind of GPU or settings is needed for the 2x view distance to be playable?


This is the stock game without any of the expansions and only MW FPSO.


My spec's:

GPU: AGP X1650 Pro 512mb DDR2 ( 600mhz GPU 800mhz ram )

CPU: single-core socket 939 4000+ @ 2.64ghz

Ram: 2gb DDR running at 377mhz 2-2-2-6


While the game is mostly playable, at 1024x768 on max detail with 2x AA and 8x AF, if I look towards a forest with a buncha tree's my game becomes little more than a slide-show. I have tried disabling AA and AF and the FPS in these situations is relatively unchanged.


I've tried to Google my butt off to find the answer and the closest I've come is the random mention that a Radeon 9800 Pro 256mb or 9800 XT may be better as they have a higher pixel fill-rate and as MW is not a shader heavy game, it does not benefit from card with architectures like the Radeon X1xxx series.

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