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Hello yea it's been awhile...


So can someone tell me what RPAREN is?

error message when trying to compile script


E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Source\Scripts\temp\NGIJWakeGhost.psc(10,44): missing RPAREN at '\\r\\n'



Scriptname NGIJWakeGhost extends ObjectReference

ObjectReference Property NGIJ_VollackGhost Auto
ObjectReference Property NGIJ_VollackJournal Auto
ObjectReference Property NGIJ_Skeleton Auto
Quest Property NGIJ_SavingLN_quest Auto

Event OnTriggerEnter(ObjectReference akActionRef)
If akActionRef == Game.GetPlayer()
if ((NGIJ_SavingLN_quest.GetStage()==(10)) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< it's this line
Debug.MessageBox("Quest is at stage 10!")

Debug.MessageBox("other message!")



What I am trying to do is not have the trigger box activate if the quest stage is not 10.




I was missing a ) on that line

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Hello everyone.

Got one problem with face textures or lighting (idk exactly). Dark stripes on face-neck. Never saw this problem before, any suggestions to fix?

Using Snapdragon ENB, BHUNP 3BBB body with Demonaic skin. All graphic settings are Ultra and all Shadows in ENB are High-Very High. Tryed FaceLight mod, doesn't helped.

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@arkaser Try a different hair and see if it changes. Some hairs tend to do weird shadows on the face / neck sometimes.

Nothing changed. HDT or static hair, no matter. Even installed new body textures.

UPD- problem solved by changing FaceColor in Racemenu (option giving clean young face or old mature texture)

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Just joined the mod making community!


My Question: when the player is essential and goes into bleedout, how do you force exit the bleedout using scripts? Equipping potions and using healing spells doesn't seem to work. Thanks!



So, hate to answer my own question but I guess I just hadn't exhausted all my options. ModActorValue("Health", 20.0) followed by ModActorValue("Health", -20.0) seemed to do the trick, not sure why the other attempts didn't

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Hello All,


I am trying to create what I am calling an Audio book.


The problem... getting a back story across to the player. The mod that I have made, I had 2 journals that basically conveyed the backstory and history of my follower to the player. But Players don't like to read, and I don't like quest markers. Anyway... My thought was to have a book that when the player opens it (to read) a wav file would play and this would be a recording, a narration of the book.

Now actually getting it to work... I have learn (tho not tested) that mySound.Play(myActor) should play a wav file on the player. I copied the script of Oghma Infinium book because reading that book bestows skills on player... But I can't figure out where the wav files should be placed, and how to go about adding Property and what Property?


What else I have found out is that there is Sound Descriptor that appear to list all sounds that are not dialog CowChewCud.wav and BookForward things like that, I created my own Sound Descriptor which allows me to set the path to the wav file.... but it does not work :ohmy:

So does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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What's the code/script to get a NPC to give you something from their inventory?


The NPC will be talking with Player (ForceGreet) and if Player takes quest the NPC will give player a key.


Nevermind figured it out.





When a quest fragment script is first created, it isn't possible to add properties to it. You must first close the Quest dialog window and then reopen it before adding properties to the script.

If you add a simple function, e.g. Game.GetPlayer(), you'll be able to close the window without compiling errors. Then reopen and replace the function with your own, and you should be able to edit the properties at this point.

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Hi all,


Just noticed this thread after I posted my question somewhere else.


How do I get the following script to use my currently melee damage instead of enchanting skill level for damage calculation?



Event OnEffectStart(Actor Target, Actor Caster)

Actor PlayerActor = Game.GetPlayer()
if target != none && !Target.IsInFaction(faction01) && !Target.IsDead()
if !Target.IsHostileToActor(PlayerActor)
Damage = Caster.getav("enchanting") as float
Damage *= 0.6
Damage *= EldritchDamageRate.getValue()
Target.DamageAv("Health", Damage)





Just to be clear, that's the stat I'd like to link to the damage of the ability or if it isn't possible, the right hand weapon damage.

Any help would be appreciated!

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