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Today we are announcing Project NAR (New American Republic)


The aim of this mod is to create a realistic take on a growing pro-American movement happening in the Wastelands of North America.


It includes:

A full faction mod, completely intertwined with the story of Fallout New Vegas

A full questline that starts from the moment you step out of Doc Mitchel's house

A fully developed New Lands area

A story dynamically created to respond to the player's choices

Several companions

New Weapons

New Armors

New Creatures



The player has many choices starting different paths by different means such as- Politician, Soldier, Officer, Citizen, Mercenary

It really depends on what the player wants to do, which leads to different choices and paths




*non canon*

As the war raged on the United States government grew weary of the threat of Nuclear War. In response Vault Tec was hired for the construction of Reinforced Vaults made for VIPs.

These vaults were code named 'STAR VAULTS' because there stood 5 through out the United States, each in a key point forming a star.


One of these Vaults known only as STAR 1 was found by paratroopers training near Las Vegas, Nevada. This platoon of soldiers had no communication with their command network, and so they entered the vault fearing the worst.


Generations went by as STAR 1 sat stocked with enough food and fuel to not open for 500 years.


Until one day, A message came through the network of STAR 1.


The message was sent from STAR 3 down in Houston, Texas. The message only read "Help Trapped".


STAR 1 opened the vault doors for the first time in 2159, sending teams in high tec Vertibird Transports to STAR 3's position.


They discovered a fortified city. One of grand proportions, under siege. With the help of STAR 1 STAR 3 and the Houston bastion was saved.


Joining together these two Vaults created a trade system. But fearing the outside STAR 1 only setup a supply base out in the desert to conduct trade with the other Vault nothing more.


Generation flew by, as the Vaults grew and prospered in Isolation, the Wasteland around them seemed to populate more and more with people.


In 2274 an idea was presented to the Council of Elders of the Vaults. An idea that would transform the wasteland, an idea of a once again United America.


And so like wildfire the idea began to spread and the STAR Vaults drafted a new constitution, a new government and slowly annexed towns peacefully into the New American Republic focusing on the East Coast for technology and governmental research.


By 2281, New Vegas was the next target.


That is just a preview of what is to come of course. Background on the events of the Wasteland leading to this momentous occasion.

Our Project Lead put together a small trailer for the mod which is linked below.




Remember this is a community made project and we love to hear back from the community we are creating it for! Please leave feedback, questions, suggestions below or on the youtube channel. Thank you all so much for your support and we hope by the end of this year, we can have a workable alpha of atleast part 1 of the mod.

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This sounds epic. I'm doing a re-United States military mod myself for FO3, this could also be lore friendly too, given that by the time the bombs dropped in Fallout lore there would have been a massive recruitment drive for both government and military. The Enclave are not the only remnants of government left in my opinion! Nice trailer too, should use some teasers!

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I think that this is promising. However.... Wouldn't the flag have five stars on it? You know for the five vaults? Or do thy stand for something else?

Actually they do stand for something else, without going into much detail for the sake of spoilers, The 26 stars stand for the 26 Founding Council of Vault Elders and the Eagle in the middle stands for The promise of an old America.

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