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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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EPN. Egyptian Planet News from the past. 10,000 BC

**** Noo! The Egyptian Pyramind's Power Plant has broken. Our great power supply is running out fast. People are rushing to the store to buy jar batteries to keep their electronic devices working until the system is restored.

Oh! The horror!

Everyone of society who has any body parts that are kept working from the FM frequency and low band electronic device emitters that keeps them alive are dropping like Alligators in the dry season.

Those electrical pace makers, lung stimulator's, and such are reliant on the low emitters electricity.

People are dying where they stand!

We're going to have a serious body count in the morning!

Oh! The Horror! **** What could have done this?


Fade in from the past to the year 2015.


Archaeologist "Namu Nk Nown" accidently released information of what was found to be irrefutable proof that the pyramids were power plants and supplied enormous amounts of electricity in ways we do not yet understand.

He picked up a tablet in one of the cleared chambers which, he thought, one of his crew must have left behind.

While he looked for the owner it became activated within our public news domain when Namu touched it. At first he thought it was one of our working peoples electronic work pads. The selection menu provided text in 3000 languages. Including English.

Once it was irrefutably proven this was an Ancient Egyptian tablet we had no recourse but to except the news.

After several minutes of attention to what seemed like a silly prank one of the news people there realized it was a news cast displayed on the fourteen by nineteen inch display screen, as its last entry.

Before anyone else had arrived to claim the device's ownership, Namu had released this information to find the owner. Namu said, I quote, "Someone is really a stinker! This kind of prank could cause havoc among the workers."

His thinking the device, and it's contents, was a practical joke led to the release of the following ancient news cast.

A man speaking to what appears to be an officer of rank is speaking as the image played, "Somebody said a person left their baby in the charge of one of their other children. The child was found in the base room of the 3rd power pyramids chemical room.

It appears the babies 8 year old brother left him alone there hoping he could play with friends and get the baby on his way back without his mother becoming the wizer. Apparently his mother asked him to watch the baby while she used the bathroom."

Another man spoke, "What a mess we are in! Children today?! They are so unreliable!"

The first man moved to the side of the picture, "It appears that the baby pulled on a saline hose line until one came unplugged. The entire plant will be down until we can get enough vacuum bots to siphon out the Sea Water. If it had not been for the water flood alarm the baby could have drown.

The other man spoke, "He's fine. But his brother is going to be relocated to duty in the prison compound to pay off the debt for all the costs concerned."

The first man peering up, "Hey! Wait a minute! The live sky cam was running on a back up Jar battery. The whole city knows about this!"

*****End of transmission*****

That's correct folks the Ancient Pyramids were jumbo power plant's. One of the founding Fathers of modern technology confirmed we have no such device like that found by Namu.

Namu tried to change the subject. He started talking about a necessary prolonged investigation, "We have to do more studies!"

Before he could walk out of the Public News Domain area our news members are allowed to do their own investigating. A news jerk grabbed the device and ran to the safe zone. Namu threw up his hands in frustration.

He clearly grumbled words to the fact that with this information he is absolutely positive the power readings coming from Boss Niana Houdins pyramid are likely a source of raw energy. He hopes, once the electronic tablet is returned to his team of scientists, that the electronic tablet he found will tell us how to use the power eminating from the publicly owned pyramid in Boss Niana Houdins, Country.

The e dia en dia, ah drat...

***** That all Folks! *****

That's the Eleven-o-clock news. Tune in the morning at Nine-o-clock for the News for the Future.

Goodnight Folks. Stay comfortable!

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WOW and this may back up the Bosnian Pyramids, the history of the planet is changing.


Hey do you have direct link to the article


This may change what we think of ourselves and history of earth, defeats all mainstream theories with without evidence out of the water.


I know you have real archeology friends out there on the field, may fourth bring us more information. Sense you yourself is on the hunt for knowledge of the past.

Edited by Thor.
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Even I am careful not to suggest I know anything for certain. My hypothesis is for reasoning about the facts we have gathered that we do not fully understand, yet, how they fit into place.


Hypothesis is for putting the facts together, the objective of hypothesis is to establish a theory that provides solid evidence; so we can share it with all who are interested in the results.


Sharing it with interested people includes you Thor.


There are many full fledged serious professors of antiquities. Check their background, check to make sure they have proper credentials as professors of archaeology, and then look up their work on what is already established. You'll be amazed what you are able to read about.


Especially you Thor.


My humorous theory of the day 10,000 BC is a radical hypothetical compilation of another of the many... End of the World ...scenarios.


("EPN. Egyptian Planet News is a fictitious name I invented for the fictional newscast.


Hypothetically a, "FROM the PAST" about what could have happened.

What may have been the reason for Egypts possible fall into the unknown 6000 years earlier.


My writing is a HYPOTHESIS.


I hypothesize that that Egypt was a much more advanced civilization during 10,000 BC.


My story is a fiction none the less.


It is for another earlier time. Now that Archaeologists are brushing the dust off of and discovering the dates


go back another 6000 years with modern devices they have to date antiquities with.)


It is important that you note my story is a compilation of my own hypothesis, it is not an established theory. Because there are higher ranking scholastic minds, who are aware, they would take this as another news networks attempt at sensationalism.


Now to my life time of digging up facts:

I was digging up the information off the Internet back when Archaeologists were hypothesizing about whether Indiana Jones was a real Professor whose identity was not being revealed to protect him from an onslaught of invading news hounds from various networks.


There was a report of another pyramid with a glowing orb putting out power, but the facts were sensational at best. The movie that was made is now among the archives in the Internet.


Anyone interested will find them with ease, when doing research on, Egytology. Or if you prefer to dig and find the facts like a good archaeologist would, Sir or Madam, heres a load of stuff to dig through to separate the detritus from the good stuff.


>>> Psychics out to find Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean <<<

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Clear away the debris, detritus. Look in on what I have seen and you may have a bit of an awakening. As I found I did, one time and then more and more often I would, when I looked at someone elses stuff. I saw what they either overlooked or weren't looking for something in the right place.


My favorite recollection of finding something someone else seemed to be unable to was what got me started seeing more than others did when someone said, "Where are my sunglasses?"


I could see them right away. I could see the questioner too and wondered what manner I should treat this new realization with. Before I could, another member of our group pointed to them and said, "They're on your head."


I often wonder. I wonder more about stuff gone missing or seeming to have. Especially when I could see what someone else was looking for when they were asking about it. Of course there is always the fact I did not always know stuff. I was still learning. Or as a brother or sister of mine used to say when I did not know the answer to one of their wise observations, "Stupid!"


I was! It became apparent to me not just small things get displaced. If so many people with great educations have the same minor conditions; then, it only seems natural for them to lose an entire city once in awhile.


A good question I heard Mom say; that raised my attentions while the parents were taking all of us on a Dad vacation. It was her adult way of saying, "Are we there yet?" It goes like this, "Where are we?"


All of us children saw the road sign and like a bunch of parrots we chirped the words we could read we had seen. After awhile, since we didn't realize what a mile was, one of us children spoke, "Are we there yet?"


Now I like a good argument. Not a brawl leading to a bloody nose or a black eye. A good argument has good intentions with discovery added.


Like this: "I saw a big rock." Another child, "Where?!" Another seeing where I point says, "That's not a big rock!" They point and say, "That's a big rock!" Even I agree with that and see another not as big. I point at it with wonder and say, "Why is that rock moving?" The other child looks where I am pointing at an object almost the color of sand and says, "That's not a rock. That's horse!" :ohmy:


Archaeologist must have similar conversations? :mellow: Don't they?

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Now that I am no longer bound by Moms rule; and Dad has fully released me from the last time she grounded me; I want to get out of the house and go in search of things that I might find amuse me.


I did not see anything that inspired me to pack up for an adventure. Not even after seeing any of that proof of stuff which is beyond my reach; televised or otherwise.


What I would like to see is something in what others are showing us, that catches my minds eye. An item that gets me started, excites me, I pack the travel bags, and off I go.

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Your theories may not be far fetched, the Bosnain Pyramids are a sign of something more is at work then once thought of the technology of the times, and the things like power plants may not be to far fetched. Its a new way of looking at artifacts with a eye for perfection, because the way they built everything with such accuracy makes you wonder what kinds of technology they had. Where they human, some question maybe not, but some have a much deeper idea what might have happened. One reason people doubt mainstream Egyptology because its the way they claim ideas, but never come up with facts. They make things up as they go along, covering the real truths behind them.


Many people see through lies pretty easy like myself.

If you ever go to any of those sites, please bring a level with you, then you would understand what we mean.


Edited by Thor.
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Most things near the Egyptian pyramids, even inside you can see how accurate even the smallest things. Especially the stuff made of some sort of granite like statues in cased in glass, second hardest in the world, but i can't think of the name. The thing is, looking around on the internet you would to come to the conclusion things may not be what they seem.

Edited by Thor.
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