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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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I spent the better part of my afternoon which is supposed to be me having "retirement bliss" working; using the SSExEdit to clean all the Creation Club files too from the mods. Did you know that the three main DLCs have so many identical files in them it's like having a modder's bits of note paper all over the floor around the work station piled on the top of their desk too. LOOT found 894 Identical files in just one of the three. Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. What's with that?!


Without all three of them or any other mods, maybe all those Identical Master Files in the DLC's are important? Maybe?


I have two folders in the common folder now. Both titled Skyrim Special Edition. One with all the cleaned mods in the Data folder is the works (known as All the clean mods). The one Without the word "Works: works when I click SKSE Loaders exe. All I have to do now; is move one clean mod at a time to see if Skyrim SE AE will let me play without crashing.


Now to the fun part. PLAYING! Yay!


I may be old. I am having fun.


That's what I think the Pursuit of Happiness means; having fun!


Next game to clean is No Man's Sky!

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What a dream I had! Such in a long time my dream sleep lasted. I thought for sure I was alive in another plane. What a fun time I had!


I fear I might start to like sleep dreaming more and playing video games less into the wee hours of the morning, skipping sleep altogether. There were some really good moments which I have never had such a good time in RL that I remember.


It's probably a common real life experience in some peoples day to day activities, but in mine I was always too busy working for the wicked step mother and getting pushed around by the Step sister and two Step brothers older than me.


Hm? I got a note from a place I am I member in good standing telling me my membership expired last April. Strange thing is they didn't bother to send it to me last April. And there are lots of Artists and Crafts people that would be chatting along the way my dream sleep occurred.


Stranger still. I think I recognized one of the people from the arts and craft place in the dream while we chatted. What a merry change my life is taking. I went to a play they put on last month. It was about Edgar Allen Poe stories. Now I am pleased because I seem to have made an impression about my experience with live play acting they liked.


An Actors life for me?!


Could it be? I will just have to go find out by participating in one of the workshops.

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Wow! Acting seemed like a good idea. I was physically prepared and all psyched up mentally to get into a group to prepare. I went to the place where they did the show. Just when I thought I was going to be an actor I woke up.


Here is another occasion that the elderly mind works so hard to find an appealing way to keep keeping on. And waking up wasn't even on my mind as the last thing I might have thought was going to happen. Laying back in the lounge chair and waking up. The computer streaming some news about a storm coming this way.


Well! May as well go to bed now.

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Winter is here! No doubt about it. The old heating system has been replaced with a tower heater. I won't miss the old furnaces jet engine sound. I will miss it clearing the air of dust though. It had a powerful vacuum effect capturing the dust in a filter. I won't worry about getting so dried out while I am sleeping now. The blasted furnace circulating air like a jet plane stuck in a snow drift wont be moved around me while I sleep now. It won't dry me out so I end up looking like a Draugr. The tower heater wins the day for it is less expensive for heating the room then the old furnace. It was meant for a five bedroom house.


I discovered this old place once was a hotel lobby. Might have had more rooms in the area.


I am going to have to get a humidifier. The chilled walls have gotten too dried out in the two days since it snowed, the moistness makes it so the heat doesn't escape quickly. Just a small humidifier will do. Don't want to get the basement so damp all sorts of Fungi starts growing down there.


Of course if the ingredients they have were right for a potion... It's obvious to my thinking I've been playing Skyrim SE/AE trying to escape the Winter hold. Actually I've been trying to get the mods I want to work with it more than playing the game. I think I have got it ready now. The weather will probably change now that I have.


My main reason for playing video games was because of the Winter weather. Rather than watch other people on the television having fun, I have fun playing video games.


Winter gives me a desire to stay in and play.


Stay Warm!

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It's just starting to warm up again where I am, in Australia, this Spring has been freezing cold with belting rain which is not normal. We just had a few warm days and now the mosquitos are in full force, my yard is a swarm of the evil little parasites, just taking my dog out for a wee requires me to fully cover up, scarf, beanie and Aeroguard but the filthy mongrels still manage to chomp on me. Had to get my dog protection against Heartworm because of them, and Ticks, $89, thank you very much said the vet as they bent me over lol. Bring back the cold I say, it keeps all the nasties at bay.

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Hey! Dashyburn. You described the 1960's to the mid 1970's days of Summer here. Climate change has reduced all the nasty fauna that want our blood, meat, and bones to nearly none since 2011 and thinned them down in this area a lot in 2022.


I had one mosquito attack me last year that almost got it's sucker into me.


Only the national parks still have all that kind of swarms of insects and Mosquitos. I wouldn't move to Montana just yet if I were you. It looks like Winter might be back with a vengeance in the near future.



I might have to get out my electric snowblower :ohmy: again. :pinch:

Instead of using the leaf blower during our Winter months once or twice a month

to clear the sidewalk of snow. :ohdear:

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Hey Pagafyr, the climate is whacked for sure, we had extreme drought and heat from 2011/16, extreme as in every summer day was exceeding 40+ deg Celsius it was torturous, every spring day over 30 Celsius, then it just stopped. Now it seems to have swung in the opposite direction, water everywhere and mostly cold, I have never seen snow with my own eyes until recently, not to the extent of snow in the U.S. or U.K. but snow none the less. I am not a weather expert but somethings going on evident with my own eyes, the Sun looks like a big white blob of unpleasant LED type light and not yellow anymore? has me scratching my head, it's a G2 type yellow star and has always been yellow as far as I can remember (since the 70's) :)

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You saw the Sun when it was yellow. Back then there probably was a thicker Ozone layer around the Earth.


I saw the Moon in the sky one day. My first time during the day time. I told a guy on the other side of the picnic table. He said that it wasn't up there during the day. He refused to even look.


I wasn't really trying to trick him to turn his head to look so I could snatch some of his dessert. Since he wouldn't look I tried to trick him then.


I was impressed that it was brighter as if at night on part of it during the day. It got more Sunlight. The whole Moon visible. The sky was clear blue. That was in the late 70's.

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The methods of study in Transcendental Meditation gave me some insight which I think anyone who had a NDE and hasn't already studied TM might find a good read. I am not suggesting that anyone, including you, join a cult or find a Guru to lead you along the path to enlightenment. Read Online whatever you can find. That's all I will share for that was my method.


Reading all the books I did, unable to afford a journey to the East, I learned a bit of wisdom from each author. To my surprise I began to see similarities which at first I thought were too astounding to believe.


Bits of the knowledge which were common knowledge made for a path opening up showing me that what I thought was astounding wasn't. It was just like seeing the Moon in the day time for the first time when I wasn't prepared. Because like that other fellow I believed the Moon only came out at night.

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