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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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The creative thinker's life isn't boring. Sometimes it gets rather dull. Then there is the thinker's way to discover if there is a mystery. My first mystery was a toy car.

An all metal toy car. I probably was looking for something to eat when I was left alone in a big room with toys spread out over the floor. Sitting there with a baby water bottle. You might remember the ones. It had a dribble spout on the lid so even I couldn't spill it.

I was sitting there on a blanket dressed to the nines in a clean white diaper. Isn't a clean white diaper a fancy suit?! I thought it was. 100% cotton. So soft to the touch. Sorry! Drifting away from the point.

I was able to reach a little car near to the edge of the baby quilt I sat on. When I picked it up it made a sound almost like my baby rattle. I don't know what I was thinking when I studied the little car. I saw parts moved. Didn't know they were wheels yet. The little posts that held them moved a little when they were moved. I shook it. Hm? I'm sure I didn't know the words, What If? yet!

I thought like a baby, Maybe not like us thinking with the letters spelling, Hm? Anyway!

The noise the tiny little car made got my attention. I turned the little car every which way I could to look it over. I saw some shapes. There were a couple of them. Four; now that I think about it. They looked like little tiny tongues.

I put a finger on one to test it. Felt them all. One of them was a little bit bent away from the car's bottom. I found I could get it to bend. There you have the beginning of my first Creative Thinking experience.

I bent all of the tiny tongues until they were sticking out at me. Phfft! No they didn't make any sound like my older siblings. You know! Later in life I thought it was a funny word for a sound that is the same name as a tasty berry. A raspberry.

After all the little tiny tongues were bent away from the bottom of the tiny car I shook it. The little metal car's bottom fell off. The rods holding the wheels came loose too.

I looked at the new arrangement. I noted the rods that went across the bottom holding the wheels were loosed and fell out with the wheels still attached. A non-creative thinker might never have even got as far as I did.

Anyway I sat there looking at the sight. Shook the big part. I shook the body again. It didn't make any noise. If I knew how to think that way Hm? is few letters I might have thought. I must have been thinking?! Hm?

After a moment I picked up one of the two rods with wheels attached. Examined it. Turned it around every which way I could while looking at it.

This is where I stopped to think right now while writing this. I thought; most babies only 1 year and maybe a few months old might never have gotten this far or even started doing what I did. Disassembling a toy!

There I sat. Sitting there looking at and pondering the things I knew nothing about.

Not long after I discovered how one of the rods with wheels fit in the bottom of the tiny car. Okay it was probably five inches front bumper to back, two and half inches side to side, and three and a quarter inches top to bottom. All metal.

I didn't have all the scientific know how I have now back then.

What amazes me still?! I remembered doing all that! I began turning the parts around and figured out how to put it all back together. I even pressed the tongues down into place like they were.

You probably think I am making this all up. I assure you, I am not.

I probably wouldn't have remembered it at all. Except I did. I told a person of great knowledge I did. That person I told was a real doctor. She said that the reason I remembered it was likely because of some trauma.

Yup! I remembered it because my oldest brother who was eight going on nine came indoors with the two other older siblings and saw me as I appeared to be reaching out to the tiny car. I had just put it down completely restored. He blew his stack and rushed to stop me from touching it. He startled me so much I reached back down to touch it and in a spasm caused by the new experience I launched it across the floor causing it to upset all the other children's toys that were in the tiny cars way.

The noises they all made, the nerves of my little body jangling like bells on a sleigh with horses pulling it along a snow covered path. I just used that part about the sleigh because now I know about bells, our nervous system and how we get excited.

I definitely I had that traumatic of an experience to remind me.

In this case I remembered that experience. I began my life searching for what might have not been so mysterious if I had known, what, like most children my age at one year old plus a few months, might have been desirous of. I think I drained my water bottle and messed my clean, dressed to the nine 100% cotton, attire at the moment the new emotions I felt from seeing the expression expressed on the oldest brother's face with rage in his eyes.

Having been all alone for, who knows how long? Even the family dog was no where to accompany me. Mom was probably washing her hands in the bathroom. I had peace, calm and quiet all the while I was learning what a thinker I was until that moment. That moment was probably the first time I experience such? Hm?

So I sense that I was becoming a thinker, and realize what I did back then made me out to be a different kind of a stinker.

Do you think you know what I was desiring at the time?

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No toys for me? Can't eat it?!

Well, now!


All I did was what any child that age I was would do if they were left alone in a day care center surrounded by all the toys left sitting on the floor.


If I had been about to eat a toy and the attendant got to me before I did I would have been unhappy, but gotten over it easily because I might have been given something to eat. :happy: I would have had a better experience with no mental block built in my mind from the terror :mad: to cause me not to want to remember beyond the moment after replacing the toy car on the floor.


FEED ME! :devil:

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An Alien crashed in my computer room.

Yep! It's an alien from some planet called Dell. I communicated with it using Vortex and it understood the Vortex language perfectly. While the Alien was running another software app started up. I found a KILLER APP and prepared for battle.

I found the KILLER App was prepared for the Invasion of other apps coming on from the background. When I fired up the KILLER App's Run when a Game is detected it shoots them down. It found 30 apps sneaking around the Intel CPU and shot them down. It cleared 1.8 GB of RAM. Now I am able to use Vortex to have an open discussion. Since I have; the Alien appears to be here on a mission of peace.

It doesn't want to fight. It tells me in the language of Vortex we can play games with a collection or two that will be a lot of fun.

The first game I downloaded and set up on the space ship Dell he Alien arrived in, with the Intel CPU, is No Man's Sky. Woo Hoo! I saw a 3D image of a Space game by Bethesda in the Stars and it looks as good as No Man's Sky.

The Alien is resting now while I prepare to move all the games I have a license for to a SSD with 1 TB or more. The crash caused this one to arrive with only 250 GB of SSD. When I thought about it all 150 games loaded up in the Aliens storage area in it's docking bay, that little SSD would really get slowed down.

The Alien showed me via Vortex, we are a video gaming people. :wub: We're from the planet Dell.

I wrote. That reminds me of one of my favorite children's songs.

Farmer in the Dell. Hi Ho the Dairy O! Etc., etc., and lots of other etcs's..

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Another Alien that likes to cavort with invisible politicians. With all the cavorting the Alien does I suspect they are from the planet Dance. Where their excited minds are driven by a device called a Song.


Dancing the Song and cavorting with others that Dance to those sounds. Well!


The Alien from Dell suggests that the ones cavorting with people who will never know they exist should turn to a planet called Record Player. There the Alien from Dance will find a good bit of cavorting going on and...


S'cuze me. Someone just shouted. Twist again! Like we did last Summer. Lets Twist again, like we did last year.


I see the Alien shouting and... no, that's one of the hyper active French Poodles. Ha ha ha. It's the neighbors dog barking at some people offering cards, sheets covered in Vote for me with their pictures on the paper, and waving flags. Smart Poodle says. The polls are closed! Get off my stomping ground until next time.


I think Dashyburn is barking excitedly too. And Oh! My! There's another fauna still spewing fire from it's nostrils about the political business. Shoot! I thought the fire in the temple was for warming the place up. My mistake!


I am going to use my Superior Jedi Titan assistant to go where it is a bit cooler and I can calm down. Skyrim AE has many nice places to escape from the ones who have some of their wires exposed and need an electrician to put some wiring tape on them before their little hair like wires get burned off and they go BALD.


What?! You've never seen a Dragon with Hair anywhere? On it's head... Ladies. Not on it's... chest. :tongue: Heh heh heh!

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He is barking brother, but far from excitedly, there a three nasty pit bulls disturbing him, he would like to remove said pit bulls from existence, but he has not the power, so all he can do is bark :tongue:


I looked out into your puppies stompin' grounds and all that is left is the images in the wind. Spirits. The kind that linger after the show is over. The spirits are like pollsterguests and hang around while the real bodies are off the lawn and long gone. As long as the puppy keeps barking the spirits will linger to amuse them selves. Most disturbing for you and can cause wary mental problems.


Tell your puppy those ghosts will go away as soon it is clear they can get no more attention. Teach your puppy well. So you will not be alarmed by the spirits and won't again be alarmed until the 3 pit bulls of December come to you in your dreams and wake you to remind you of what was, is, and will be. Until next year when they return in the flesh to annoy you, and get the mail deliverer stuffing your post box up for your next voting season after Halloween.


Best to teach the puppy to not give ghosts a reason to hang around, or, when the real deal shows up you may be so tired of all the puppies yapping that you don't look to see if the real pit pulls are seeking to trespass on your personal grounds letting the mail deliverer stuff your post box full of spirited letters that will bring the season of the politeat sucking thumbs Ions collecting in the air like ghostly apparitions. All just more spirits in the wind going around to try and suckle your good nature out of you until your body goes dry and is full of hellusionations :ermm: again.

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I sat up! I looked at the clock to see what time it was when I awakened. 12:15 A. M.


I wondered what was so exciting to have awaken me. I thought about what I recalled from my dream sleep a moment before I awakened. What popped into my conscious appeared as a theme of reasoning. I was dreaming about something that was playing with letters from the Alphabet.


I like playing with letters from the Alphabet. Seems people do it all the time.

Most likely some people were making use of letters, symbols, and numbers long before many of us knew just how many years people existed before our time, our era, or our generation. Was there people who used letters, symbols, and numbers way, farther back in time, before we, who now live and believe the letters uses and meanings are new on Earth?

A book with words...

Not sentences, just words. No order to them like from A to Z. Just a bunch of letters that might have a meaning if the way they were grouped by their author, who probably was trying to make words describing the sounds that emitted from their mouth. while they had pictures in their thoughts?

Thoughts, is a word. Do you see a picture in your mind when you think about the word: thought?

I see a picture showing me the word with the definition for it on a page in the dictionary.

Do you see pictures in your mind all the time when thinking?

If I write a word which represents something you are familiar with do you recognize the similarity to it? See another word like it in the dictionary you're seeing with the particular word and it's definition?

You are. just like I see the way my mental functions work. Memory.


Hand. Do you need to look at your hand to know what the word is a description of? Or can you recall an image of it without doing that with your mental skills? If you don't look at your hand, you are already passed the need to do so because our faculties do it more quickly than any computer. At least not yet.

Now; let me share a bundle of letters of the Alphabet in an arrangement that shares the same meaning.

Centre. Center. Do you get a different sense when you see the word spelled this way, Centre, than you do when you see the word spelled this way, Center?

Theatre. Theater. With the skill of your mind can you imagine an image of a theatre? With the skill of your mind can you imagine an image of a theater?

What is your first impression from your mental faculty from seeing the word theatre?

What is your first impression from your mental faculty from seeing the word theater?

Did you imagine the same image when you read each similar word?

Or did the fact their spelling was different interrupt your memory for a second?

Did you use your memory and see the street view outside looking at the ticket booth under the movie sign? Or maybe you saw the interior of what is beyond the ticket booth after you buy a ticket and go in to watch the show?

For fun I play with letters of the Alphabet. I played with them in letters I wrote in a post above this one just for fun.


Did you imagine any picture?

Or maybe you thought of another bundle of letters that gave you the same imagined image I intended the word to be similar enough to?

So it became obvious I meant for you to imagine the other word? The word, Poltergeist.


Did you imagine any pictures?

Or maybe you thought of another bundle of letters that raised the comical sense I intended to achieve for you?

A comedic new word meaning the same thing as the word hallucination.

Did the same imagined image I intended the word to be similar enough to pop into your thought? So it became obvious I meant for you to imagine the same meaning for other word instead but to recognize I was intending for you to have a new word expressing it, hellusionation?

Playing with letters, playing with symbols, and/or numbers is what I did. Some times I can almost imagine someone else wrote those same letters the way I imagined them after I thought up and used letters from the Alphabet to make them.

Almost as if someone that might have used the letters c. e. n. t. r. e. a long time ago. Then someone else played around with the letters or had an accident while writing and wrote; c. e. n. t. e. r. and didn't draw a line through it? Trying to save paper and didn't so they didn't have to rewrite their post. They just skipped along and left it?

Maybe they did it on purpose to have fun with letters of the Alphabet? Sharing the fun with friends. Or maybe they were doing it during their English Lit class?


I wonder if some person made letters up as they discovered ways to communicate and created more symbols?

One finger for one coin? One chicken for one coin? One finger for one coin and one finger for one chicken. A trade was made!

And a symbol on a clay tablet became the first symbol so vendors could keep an account. Kept for some way to communicate with friends? Friends: known as; people who we like to trade with.

Did the number 2 arise from troubles when two fingers were shown and occasioned the scribe to use II until someone mistook II for more than 2?

11 instead? Ones look like someone had a terrible case of hang nail. Probably didn't have fingernail files back when?


Did the origin of words begin with grunts and growls?

I'll stop here. I am sensing I should stop.

Too much to think about for one day.

Let me suggest we return to the first part of this post. Do you remember what that was? Is your short term memory still fresh with the first part in your thought?

If not! No problem. Just go back and look at the beginning again.

Maybe you will spend some time to enjoy using the Alphabet, Symbols, and Numbers in a fun way?

I do occasionally to get me out of those times when I just can't seem to think of anything fun to do.

I hope you have many moments of fun times throughout your life.

Thx for reading my letters of the alphabet forming words.

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I sense someone is angry. I looked around the room. Checked upstairs. Looked under the bed. Looked in the closet.


I even drew the shower curtain to look in there.




Can it be?! Can it be that I am angry at myself?


I have been doing what I think is about doing when I am done with the necessary tasks no one will perform for me any more. So why would I feel anger?




Vibes maybe?!


Like the hippies used to say. I can feel your vibes; man!


Am I feeling someone's vibes that is thinking about me? And maybe they are angry about something they seem to think isn't getting any notice?


If they know me, they likely know enough different ways to contact me and tell me why they are angry. Why are they thinking about me while they are being so emotional?


There is the telephone, the mobile phone, eMail, forum threads, Personal Messaging, and many other ways I know of that someone could get in contact with me. They then might tell me what it is that is angering them.


I might have to wait until they fume and fury with their heated speaking, with angry noises. Wait until they get around to what is that is making them think of me while they are angry.


There might not even be anyone angry at me; just angry at people in general that are like me?


Hm? I still feel anger feelings. I know I have nothing I can not do to amend my feelings since I am sure I have no reason to be angry at myself. Any of my daily requirements not met yet?


So why would I be feeling angre? Or is the spelling correct when it is typed this way, a. n. g. e. r.? Or is spelled, Arngier? Maybe not Arngeir?


Hey! Arngeir! That is the Graybeards name that is the only one who can speak to me without blowing all the window hatches, storm windows, and storm doors open and off their hinges.


HEY! If someone doesn't know me well enough to share their feelings with me, but they are sharing them somehow anyway... Quit it!


Or say what you have to say to me in words to get it off your Chest.


If no one is angry with me?! Wow! I wonder why I feel like I am being challenged by a fighter? Knowing the challenger is another in a debate which they would know they can't win?! If they don't write, call, and/or speak to expose their reason for sending out feelings like this, that leaves me thinking they know they can't win.


What do you call that kind of person who won't even share their reasons for being so emotional when they can, in so many ways?




Anyone at the forums having an issue that brings up a challenge to compete? Say, for instance, just because they want attention and aren't getting as much attention to there threads they would like to see to their threads?


If that is the case. Let me make myself perfectly clear on that likely subject for debate.


I am not competing for attention here. I am looking at all the threads I can manage to look in on and posting my own views separately since I almost always find myself recalling a story someone else wrote that stirs my creative writing electro neural network and that's like the best kind of physical HIGH I think there is.


I don't need drugs to get high, alcohol to get low, or to mix and mingle drugs so I can almost die. You know like some rock and roll stars are famous for almost killing themselves on drugs. Oz, Elton, Jimmy... Oh! That's right Jimmy died from an overdose.


Who needs drugs when I have all of the wondrous people's posting stuff that stimulates my physical brain functions. Not just because they are different. Different level of IQ, different levels of edu., different races, colors, and creeds with different opinions.


We are all different. No one is identical in any respect. Well maybe if incest was a factor... No, NO, not even if it is! There are no such things as exact duplicates of people. Well, maybe Nicola Tesla's tele-transporter might have been a copier machine and then there would be duplicates of him running around all saying, No! I am the original. He's a copy.


When it comes to the forums I can not begin to see any reason to write stories about all those different types for reasons other

people do. So why do I feel like someone is angry?


Their not angry directly with me, obviously!


Oh! Maybe I am angry because someone bumped one of my threads I wrote recently? After I thought about it... Just took a second. NO, again!


Keep on Posting!


Don't let me and my creative electro neural network give you any reason to think I appreciate you silent types any different than I do those who speak up when they're angry and resolve the issue so they don't go to bed angry.


I don't know why, yet, but when I am emotionally driven by that kind of emotion I can't sleep until the issue is resolved. I slept purdy good last time before all of the people went to bed and now are while I am awake.


Good day, Good afternoon, and Good night.

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Hey! Kenya! Just like the country.


The post with the story I was telling you about is in Druid's Garden.


Day Dreams of a Space Out Old Man : Post 700.


Here's the Link to it, just CLICK on this Underlined stuff and it will take you right to the post.



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I have had a Sci-Fi experience with darn wondrous results. I watched the television version of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Six hours and so much more like the book I actually watched it all starting in the evening.


First thought I had was because of another movie. I recalled the Remake of, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and instead of the Alien arriving and collecting all the living fauna to save them from the human's destruction of the planet and giving them another chance I thought of a program. I short movie clip I remembered.


In the program there is a computer scientists words among a large collection of Apps. One part of the scientist's creation is a QwaZillion Terabytes storage space for collecting information. What would need that much storage space? And for what?


I envisioned the scientist's recording playing. I barely understood at the age I was, about 10 years old, that the video recording was among packages of software. The item he created launched it and was playing it for the scientist in the final test before his creation is activated 100%.


Fast forward!


A human form sitting in a chair at a desk. The top of the desk is black onyx. There is a light configuration of a keyboard glowing on the desktop. The human looking form is typing on the keypad. Images are projected in the room showing a solar system. The human form fingers a part of the keyboard so it focuses the holographic projection on the upper atmosphere of the planet where the human form is.


This is where my thinking changes a view of the way the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy was.


The human form sees an item in the holo and immediately drags a finger to that points at the object. The speakers on the solid Teak wood desk began to vibrate. A voice acknowledges the human form has connected. Without hesitation the human form says, Uploading!


In a short time the speaker from the object in orbit above the planets Stratosphere says, Complete! Planet's history recorded.


A complete history of the planet inhabitants.


The human form at the desk says, Acknowledged. All storage cleared and ready for new data. The human form's planet's data wiped and ready to record new information.


The voice emitted from the speakers says, The Formicidae family will arrive in 2 tarsecs and begin terra forming.


The human form at the desk replied, They have landed.


The voice on the speakers replayed, Affirmative!


------------------------------------ I wondered? Where do I get these ideas? -------------------------------------


What if there is such a person? A human form that has lived through an entire existence of a planet's history taking into account all the animal, mineral, and vegetable matter that existed. What if the one is collecting, recording, and keeping all the history for another race of beings is a human form in form only?


A Space Traveling race who leave a superior Android humanoid on every planet they find life on? In this case I wonder; are you that human form? Or are you another race; like the Formicidae family? And are responsible for keeping the soil veined for maintaining all the soil's range of possibilities? Hm?



My opinions of science facts was established in the area of geographic and geology study of ore, dirt, water, fauna all in and around a place where when I first visited it was dry land with dried out plant life, and a small old house that had been slowly decaying long before I arrived so the walls were shifted so the roof leaned so far to the West is looked like it was bowing down. Like a track field foot racer about to dash off the starting post at the sound of the starter gun.


I discovered the place one day when Winter wear on the land was exposed after the snow around us had completely melted in the planes area. It was about ten city blocks East of where I was raised. At first I didn't know that there was such a thing as water flowing under the ground.


Over several visits on days when I could I visited. I saw that the water rose up into the dried out land where the two room house was and began to fill a large space of the land. In three weeks it filled a large area.


It appeared rising gradually each day filling up the space of about two city blocks equal to 2/12ths of a mile East to West and almost the same at 2560 feet wide North to south. I learned it did that every year when the snows in the mountains began melting in Spring.


When it rose to it's peak it had depths of thirty feet at it's deepest part.

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