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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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I peered at the opened book to see if I needed reading glasses for smaller fonts. Letters smaller than pica fonts were hard for me to see. Some typed their text using half the size so they could get more on the pages of some newer books.


The introduction page was filled with the familiar fonts I needed no glasses for. The year the book was published stuck out like a sore thumb. 1965. Hell, I wasn't even born yet. It struck me as odd that a book printed 100 years before I was born still existed in paperback. I turned the book over and looked at its cover back and front.


Wow! I wonder how it got into the science section? It's in good condition.


I felt sure I had gotten a sci-fi book by mistake. I decided to skip the front pages without looking to see who wrote it and what the contents held listing the chapters. I flipped through the pages skimming without reading them, looking for words or grouped words that interested me causing any questions to form in my mind.


My captive groaned.


I set the book aside.


Nod your head up and down if you can understand me!


Muffled as he was I could still make out his first word's, "Where am I?"


I repeated, "Nod your head if you can understand me!"


After we reached agreeable terms I interrogated him further.


I found out that the man is an alien.


All I had to find out next was what did he want with an old man like me?

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I unbuttoned the shirts button below his nose exposing the tape on his mouth. He shook his head. I peered at his chin. I could see a speck of silver I had noted before but this time instead of a dribble of saliva I could see it was a speaker.


Under the tape I had put on is lips I could see his lips moving. Now that the dot was exposed I heard words clearly spoken.


My translator must be fouled up.


Why did you threaten me?


I watched as his head bobbed up and down. Than his lips moved slightly under the tape, "I've just begun to learn your language."


I moved to press upon his shin to give him a reminder I was in charge.


Keep looking at the body in front of you. Don't draw your attention away from him. When I speak next keep looking at him.


I am standing to your left. If you turn your head you will reveal my location. Attacking that body won't cause me any further pain. I was only using it to better travel on this Earthly plane. It's the only way I could find your exact location since we spotted the signature of your being here where you are held prisoner.


You're a prisoner on this plane. You were captured by our enemies. You broke the boundary shield of the body you're in somehow and we spotted your signature. I am here to rescue you.

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I stared at the man in the chair. The mouths lips under the tape did not move the whole time. I thought, This is preposterous!


You've been brainwashed. You think you've been on this planet all your life. I cannot convince you otherwise until you hold up the book and read page 249.


I mumbled, "I'll go along with this trickery for a moment longer, but I suspect your alien technology is really the cause of this. Or I am becoming schizo like the doctor says."


I opened the book on my lap and thumbed at the pages to separate them as close to the page as possible. I found 230 and flipped through the pages to 248 and 249. I looked at the words on 249. I began to read from the top of the page where no sign of a chapter or any spaces doubled caused interruptions of sentences.




I stopped at the words on the page that I was looking at when the command filled my mind.


Now read the sentence aloud!


I began. To stir the conscious enough to cause the separation of our inner being a simple procedure can achieve it. Start walking forward, when you have taken a few brisk steps keep walking forward, but turn your body to the left, and take another step in the direction you are traveling. It may take a couple of trial runs to achieve it.


Stop! Look at the sentences without thinking the words inner vocally.


To stir the conscious enough to cause the separation of our inner being a simple procedure can achieve it. Start walking forward, when you have taken a few brisk steps keep walking forward, but turn your head and shoulders to the left, and take another step in the direction you are traveling. It may take a couple of trial runs to achieve it.


I blinked. Where did those words come from? I read them normally again. The words did not appear when I did the way they did when I just looked at them with blank stare.


It's your implant blocking your vision by triggering the bodies vocal chords. Turn back to page one. Just look at the entire page with the authors name and statement.


The voice had my complete attention now. Schizo or not I was going to do what was being said.


I closed the book and re-opened it at page one. I stared at it. The print stayed the same. I stared at it and after almost a minute my eyes grew very tired. I thought, "I am sitting still trying to try to figure out if the voice is really someone talking to me." The authors name was Arthur P. Gentrain. After my eyelids became real heavy and almost shut I saw, "Astral Projection" instead.


Stop! Look at the body across from you and stare at the shin!


I did.


Now! Keep your eyes focused on the mans shin and raise the book up so you can just see the words at the top of the page while you stare at the mans shin.


I wondered if I was going to wake up in a minute and find myself in the chair at the office I used to use to catch a little shut eye when I was a working man.


Stop! Look at the shin and hold the book steady under the peripheral vision below you!


The next thing I knew I was blind. WHAT?! What's this?


I began to feel great pain. I began to feel more of my body again.


Stay still!


What happened?


I tricked you into transferring yourself into the other mans body. Stay still while I bind up the leg so it won't hurt so much.

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i have to scrounge up the will to do it, i am data crunching the findings of the last few weeks...


the question will make you wonder.????


:pinch: :pinch: :pinch: I wish i had the will to get back at it, my logic lie detector working over time :turned:. My librarian is doing a great job of keeping things neat though, i think he deserves a raise ehh. lol in my mind.

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Why am I in this body now? If these are a prison why did you put me here?


I had no choice. The pain you focused on gave you a push to help release you from the captive body that held you. That body I now possess. It has no control over me since we are different signatures. You need to take some time to readjust to the familiar form we have before you completely release again. Since you've been incarcerated for so long it will be easier for me to get you out of here via these bodies. We can use the bodies to get to our transfer location. I left a beacon there. Do you remember anything about yourself?


I think the pain is causing interference.


I'm almost finished fixing the leg. I'll use a thin bone sleeve cast as soon as I have the tibia set properly. We'll need rest. In the morning I'll take up your old bodies habits and you can follow me like the body I had did that you're in now. He was a watchman so no one will suspect he's you now. His job was tailing you so his purpose is a good cover. I'll teach you how he reports in, in the morning. Rest now.

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100% of everything i saw i have stored away, and that delete button key has been removed from the keyboard so its not accessible for me right now. Keeping things in check, I will eventually say what i have found, just not now, its not complete yet.


Its the way my mind visualizes things, its weird but it works like wonders.

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just updating on the history search, scientist say there is good evidence for a flood 1200 years ago, i say 1400 years a go. Do to the Bosnian Pyramids.

Archeology stops then, which is a big mystery for scientists.



My version of history is getting very mysterious. As you well know from my last pm, if you put together the dots like i have, you to will think the way i am.


I was looking around for dates of each possible archeology site, with accurate dating, the Pyramids i say 1050 years ago, which is the youngest of the bunch. Try to guess where i am going at, but in a scientific manner.




1300 years ago, i have to have at least ten sources to back up my own thoughts on the matter.

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Among the many meager humans who waste their own time learning to read other peoples minds I have learned a better way of getting thoughts off of my mind. I write them down, keep to myself, or Post them in places like you and I have here.


If you don't start making your thoughts appear to explain why you're are trying to pick up the dirt on other peoples digs, (stating clearly "your thoughts" because you're only showing a link with no food for thought to draw the attention of serious seekers you hope will support your research). I'm already past the point of sending you a donation for your posting skills.


I've been there, done that, and if you don't provide some insightful intuitive explanation which can ignite interest; I'm pulling up stakes and moving the toys I have for the Xmas party for the Toys for Tots Marine Corps League to the Harley-Davidson Santa Run Harley Owners Group.

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More evidence of lost civilization, i am currently going back in time, i already collected enough of the present for now.



Again scientist acknowledge there was a time a great flood happened during the last ice age, they say happened 14.000 years ago, then time was erased.

though old source maps still exist.

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