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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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On Christmas Day in the dark afternoon light I slipped on some ice. I fell flat on my back, hit my head hard. I heard it crack. I have a mild concussion.


My back got hurt in a couple of spots.


The strangest thing is happening to me. I am thinking as I write. Before I realized what thoughts I have now, I scanned all sorts of web pages. I skimmed over all the thread headings here in the Forums. I sat up. No thoughts, no questions, no intriguing ideas to post about. I had absolutely nothing I saw trigger a single thought.


I downloaded a couple of mods that I have that were updated this morning. After I did I felt the concussion effect making the room swim. I lay still. Rested til noon. I felt better this afternoon. Before I laid back down I became concerned laying around. I felt the concussion ebb and flow. Then I had a thought. It was, I should take the garbage out.


It was a hellish moment. I sensed two people debating. It was a man and woman bickering. Their conversation came round to what I should be doing. The two talking seemed to be about to get into a mode to attack. I don't know if they intended to attack each other because they argued that neither of them could get me to do even the simplest job of; taking the garbage to the bin outside.


I suddenly realized I wasn't fully awake. As soon as I was alert the sounds I heard stopped. The room was so quiet it seemed deafening. I have only the memory of them arguing about two chores that I should do. The one about taking out the garbage and another which holds almost the same urgency. Very little urgency!


I knew then that the conk on the back of my head was worse then I thought. After eight days I am becoming aware of how bad a hit I took. I realized the thoughts were like hearing my parents talking. Then I realized the words I have been thinking were my own thoughts. I began writing them down. As soon as I did I began to realize something new.


As my health gets better healing up from the smack on the back of my head causing my concussion I realized; I have been in shock a lot longer than just eight days. I have been suffering from injuries that have upset my life all these years.


I can hardly believe what I am realizing now. I heard a man singing a song. The man singing said, Don't ask me I don't know! Because I got left behind. I suddenly snapped out of the semi conscious state.


I looked around the room. Everything I see is familiar. I had a purpose. I gathered all the toys around that seemed to have value. I figured I could pawn them if I ever needed money for food or rent.


I Googled the words I heard the man singing. Ozzy Osbourne is his name. All I heard before I became fully conscious was What's the future of mankind? I don't know because I got left behind.


It was like my Mom and Dad were angry because I was injured and all their reasons for caring for me, as well as my own hopes and dreams were ruined.


I'm sitting up on an empty bed frame that once had a warm bladder filled with water. There are all sorts of things surrounding my body. There's barely enough room for me in between all sorts of toys inside the frame with me. Toys! Cards! Candy! Books!


I really am conscious now. I searched the house. Everyone is gone. There are piles of crafting stuff on top of a kitchen table. I thought I was dreaming. There's a coffee machine. Lots of coffee mugs, cups. There's a stove top range with a coffee bean grinder behind bottles that have words printed on them describing company advertising. The stove top has birthday cards, candy that were spilled out, tall metallic looking wine glasses with angel wings holding the glass.


It all in disarray. As if everyone was collecting stuff in case of some emergency. Packages of freeze dried food. Cases with complete dinners and boxes of candy bars. Mostly chocolate bars.


It's like everyone left in a big hurry. I feel like! No! I know; they're never coming back.


I was seeing pictures flashing on a glass window the size of a picture window in the house where I was raised. There was no noise from outside though. The pictures changed again and again. I realize I am either deaf or still dreaming.


There's a strange sound. It's like steam from a hundred whistling tea kettles. I can't see anything where that it could come from. I wonder if that is even possible if I am awake. Hearing noises made by things I remember that could make them.


I wish it would stop. If it weren't for the aches my body has I might think I was dead. I might imagine this is where I ended up after in a life all alone.


I hear a bird calling from outside the window. The sound isn't familiar.


It looks like a mourning dove. Only it's song isn't like a mourning dove.


So, I have been drifting between consciousness and dreams.


I know this place. I know I have been trying to connect with someone that is alive. Yet it is more like... Fallout. No one dares go outside. Which might explain why I only seem to think I have. I see the hoard of useful tools and foodstuff that seems to all be packaged for a long stay inside. A bomb shelter.


Only; this isn't one. It's a run down dilapidated old house made from parts of other old houses.


I am living in among the products collected by people with hopes and dreams that will never come to life.


The bird stopped chirping. The sound of kettles whistling is back. Louder this time.


I don't know what is happening outside. I can not see anyone walking around their yards. Winter weather may be the reason why, but I am not sure. After waking from the quarrelsome noise of my parents nothing from those times are real here. Now I am sure I was hurt bad when I slipped on the ice.


The light in the alley seemed dim when I opened my eyes. I struggled to get up. I felt hot tears flowing down my cheeks. I cried out. God?! I leaned on a cars bumper I saw behind me. I saw a word in the dim light shining off it's hatch back.


Ascent. My sight cleared. Beneath that word I saw two more. Great Falls. My head throbbed. I staggered on the wet slippery ice. Fought for balance. Slid a ways, until I got to some frozen dirt alongside the ice.


Now I remember why I was there.


I was out there to get into a store. I was planning to go get food to share.


The weather was warm enough at five thirty in the afternoon I planned to go visit family and friends. Maybe we could go out together and view other people yard's decorations. I fumbled with the key to open the door. There was a couple of boxes of food. As I lifted one my head throbbed. I waited a moment. I pulled the boxes out of the store. I turned around and realized I had to walk across the slippery wet ice to get to the car. The ice was behind it where I slipped.


I carefully found footing to walk across the ice. I kept thinking about the drives with the family to go see all the beautiful Christmas yard's and home's displays. I opened the hatch back on the car. I put the boxes in. I held on to the car as I slipped and then grabbed around the sides until I found frozen packed dirt again.


Even with the cars lights bright on the road ahead it seemed dark. The car moved. I steered to keep the wheels on the frozen packed dirt and gravel.


I pressed gently down on the gas pedal. The car moved. My head throbbed. I braked. Waited for the throbbing to stop. I got to the exit of the alley before I had to stop again. While I waited something about holiday sounds trickled in from outside the car. I began to feel better. Thought I should go to the hospital emergency room if I could drive. I gently pressed down on the peddle. Turned out of the alley onto the main avenue. The street lights were on. I saw a dark shadow to my left and when I looked I could see it was a man carrying a bag of groceries. The street lights were so dim I could only see the black shape walking along as I passed by.


I looked ahead. In days gone by the roadside would have been light around nativities, candle shaped lights, trees covered in blinking lights with a star on top of them, I would see in picture windows inside homes. It was dark.


My head throbbed. I thought I should go to the emergency room at the hospital, again. As the throbbing subsided I prepared. I decided it would be best to go to the E. R.. I didn't realize any fear I might not make it. I had memories of the fun of going out at night on Christmas Day. Dad driving the car as we gazed up on the brilliant sights.


I remember driving and along the way I remember searching for Christmas Decorations in yards. I saw the E. R. doors and realized it was brighter then everything around outside the windows. The place where each year the decorations would be everywhere and even inside I could see none. I could see through the huge glass windows that no one was sitting at the front desk. Even the guard's post was vacant inside.


Time seemed to slip away. Every turn of my head I found myself further and further away from help. I looked for life at homes all around the city. Where in the past there was Christmas lights on so many houses you could see them from a mile away. The lights in all the yards made the side of airport hill below the landing strip above look like the hill was on fire on Christmas holidays.


I woke up! I was on the inflatable mat among the stuff put around me there. All within my reach so I could if I could move get some pills. I awoke again. Toys and books, cards, and... I paused because a steady stream of noise rang on my ears. I remember the last argument was about getting me back to work. I was no good if they couldn't get me up and working again.


I opened my eyes. Everyone is gone. Noise from the concussion still ringing in my ears. Bringing in the sheaves was the other chore the parents argued about.


I reached for my mobile phone. I entered the unlock code. I got up off my inflatable mat that fit inside the mummy camping sleeping bag. The air had leaked out slowly all night. I was pressed against the boards underneath. The water bed mattress had broken long ago. The hard board under me made me realize the shape reminded me of the bottom of a coffin. An inflatable mattress. I got up.


I staggered getting to the utility room to bath. I poked at the phone. I opened the app called Informed Delivery. I wanted to see if I needed to get dressed to go out to get the mail. A letter was scanned and just as I stepped off the end of the old water bed frame I heard the mail person close the mailbox door. I went and sat down on the ceramic throne. Opened the Informed Delivery to see what I got.


Only an hour has passed since I started writing this message. To whom it may concern, I don't know.


Just few moments ago after the long typing session after I awakened from dream sleep I looked at the Informed Delivery app contents. The letter I just saw, amazed me. Because it's from the place I take my garbage when I have a truck load. The letter is coupons to pay to take me garbage.


It's a letter I get every new year for twelves months of refuse payments to pay the people at the City Dump.


I started writing at a little after noon. It took me until two fifty nine p. m. to write all these words. I awakened from the nuisance noises of arguers at around eleven thirty a. m. and the final stage made me aware that the mail delivery person has brought me an envelop full of a years worth of coupons to do what the parents were arguing about first. The one thing I must do, or I will not wake up one morning already ready for burial myself. Amongst all the toys my elders, elder and younger siblings, and friends gave me, or sent me.


Buried me! And have died them selves since they day they last visited. While I was still alive crying and wanting to get up and go back to work.


I guess taking all the items around me, in all the rooms above me too, in the yard, in the old ice house out back, and piled up is what my life was, is, and the afterlife I must spend taking all the toys that might have had some worth at a pawn shop, eBay, or what ever I can't sell is going to the dump.


Is this my After Life?


I certainly hope not!


According to the note beneath this I started at 12:59 pm and a save occurred at 3:08 pm mountain standard time.


The End.

Oh! I am purdy darn sure, now!

Because I am feeling hungry I know I am regaining my health.

This is the beginning.

I say ag gin, and you say again!


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Is the Sphinx 800,000 year old today? More links in the list sure confused me.


More of the same troubles among the elite Archaeologist's from Ancient 18th Century discoveries are still being declared more accurate. Did someone promises them another sip of an ancient immortalizing mummy reviving Tanna Leaves?



Mummy movie from the wayback time machine called the Internet had the Mummy (Boris Karloff) Movie (1932) as able to talk. A weird fact for us movie goers is that Archaeologist had only discovered the tombs in Egypt, a few years earlier.

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I've made many excited discoveries in my life time. I met with desires to travel to learn from others. I sought experts on subjects that raised my level of curiosity to great heights. I have many happy endings. Not as many sad ones though.


Often I would travel far to see a shop where the products they sell I wanted the materials and tools too. When I arrived I went through the city no map for an aide, and found a corner that turned between two buildings. A brick wall stopped me cold. I turned around went to seek another in the same area. The wall was there flush to the two buildings on the other side. End of search.


So many times that is what happened. I wrote notes in my journal so I didn't fumble around there again. So many of my notes keep me from going back to old dead ends. So few had connected to what I sought. Many people were I met were as flustered. Seeking for their needs. Seeking for an ancient wonder of the world. One more then the Seven Wonders of the World known to many people.


I have quite a collection of places I want to visit and see them up close and personal. I hope they don't disappear while I am traveling to get groceries, fill the car with fuel, and go on another adventure to somewhere I am able to now.

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Nothing could have prepared me for the awakening. Civil Defense books. Atomic bomb radiation stuff. It wasn't fallout from a bomb I was suffering from.

I feel dry. Hot like a fever, but dry. That feeling I got from being exposed to a Sun Lamp grew from my forehead to mid chest. When my sternum began to get hot the thing from the Civil Defense started whistling.

I am internally radioactive. I am a f&*(<ing dirty bomb. Comical, but not funny comical. A dirty bum is what I thought they were saying when I was half awake. I don't think they knew I was alert. But what they said was muffled.

He's a dirty bum.

The NukAlert whistled again. If it becomes a steady whistle it means the radiation is deadly. I will be incinerated in moments. Spontaneous Internal combustion is what they said. I thought they were still referring to me as a bum.

I can feel the heat on my sternum. Cows milk I drank set it off.

In a brief case like mine a couple of Thyrosafe pills will keep it from over effecting me. In a brief case was what they were saying. I thought they were saying they were going to plant brief cases of dirty bums all over the United States that would be hidden in places like bus stops in lockers. What they were saying was that brief cases like mine could be in a bus stop and occasionally disintegrate spontaneously. They were just joking when they suggested getting some of us who are walking atomic heaters to travel to places where the climate cause us to be turned into camp fire. During the Cold War talks they could set them off and scare the hell out of the people so they would fight and wipe out some of the surface dwellers. That could then make more room for their clean and pretty vault children, who became dirty and ugly to live on the surface.

What they were really saying was I was a brief case. I would require being kept in a cold part of the states. The climate would keep my body cooled down.

Moving me up north where the climate was cold was what happened next. I was shipped to the highline between Canada and the USA. Coldest place all year round was near Glacier Park.

How long would it take to clean him up?

He's a walking time bomb. Harmless to others. When it gets too hot he will disintegrate from his insides. Give him two pills a day. Until you reach the vault keep him on ice. Then leave him at the bus depot in Helena. The old capital of the state.

I stopped remembering the past when the NukAlert fob stopped whistling. About five minutes of traumatic horror caused me to recall everything from that time. They call it PTSD. After the pills began to soak in my reasons for living the moment were again more prominent.

I learned a way to get the pills into my system quicker.

I am awake! Those guys were from a vault. Now I remember where it is. They doped me used hypnotherapy to convince me I was just imagining having been a vault dweller. Sent out from it. First person to ever leave the vault. The overseer told me to find a water chip. I did.

Deep in a vault south east of Vault 13. The vault there in Utah had been hit directly by a missile with an atomic warhead. I remembered having to eat Rad-X pills by the box while going down into the bowl beneath.

Climbing down a rope to the bottom level into an area so hot I could feel it through radiation suit. After finding the Engineers room I found a bag full of some liquid. I didn't feel bad. I knew I was getting radiation poisoning though. I looked at the bag. Some letters were gone off the bag. I had seen the bags before. A hose that had a syringe on the end slipped out when I lifted it up.

Ra a vay. I turned around bumping into a tray, knocking it and some tools on it to the floor. I bent down to examine them to see if any tool were good still. No rust.

A door was ajar on the side of the stand they were on. Opening it further I saw a box. Rad Away. In case of extreme exposure... I grabbed the box and shoved it into my pouch. The idea that eighteen of them would last me a year on the surface if I wasn't going back to the vault, they would also be worth a lot of caps to the surface dwellers. Contents: twenty bags of Rad Away.

I read the instructions to remind me how to use the bag and syringe. I bent down picked up the pole which had held the old bag I found on the floor I knocked over when I bumped against the cabinet. I hung the bag on the hook. Rolled up my sleeve. Inserted the needle in my arm.

I didn't get any blood flow back into the needle. I had to get it into the vein first. I followed that step again before opening the drip line tap. I pulled the needle out and aimed more carefully.

When it began to flow I felt my arm go cold. I got up on the metal bed meant for laying on or for surgery. I sat down and swung my legs up. Got them on the lab table just as the fluid reached my brain.

It was night time. I could see the stars in the sky. I had learned about them from books in the vault library. Seen them on the projector screen. Seeing them under the night sky was so different. I couldn't wait to tell the others at the vault about all the things we know and what I now knew.

I remember feeling the heat of day and now the cool of night. I was sure that it would inspire others to want to leave the vault. I felt like I was sinking or the sky was rising. I felt myself stop moving down. I felt a surge in my belly. My face seemed to grow on me like a mask being put on for Halloween. Cold water surged up my esophagus.

It filled my mouth. I couldn't breath in. Suddenly I felt my head. I twisted my neck. My face turned to my right. Pheagh! Cough.

Cool tears flowed down my cheeks over my nose and into the stream flowing from my right eye's tears. I felt a strong vibration flow through my body. My head cleared. I wiped my tears away. Grabbed at the bag on the hook. It was almost empty.

I knew I had to get out of there fast. I pulled the syringe from my arm. Put the wound cloth where the syringe was. As I slipped off the table my feet hit the floor. I was so weak my knees bucked. I sank down to them. While down there I saw another box. Salt pills? They were under the cabinet. I grabbed the box. No time to read now!

I opened the cabinet door wider. Another whole box of Rad Away bags were in the back. I pulled them out and stuffed them in side my shirt. Hell! I am going to be Rich.

I tightened by belt around what was left of my ragged remains of my vault suit down below my waist. I sped out of the infirmary toward the rope. I grabbed it and yanked it hard. Above the hook I set to release a bag came loose. The sandbag I tied to it slipped over the lip of balcony above. I gripped the rope and held on tight.

The speed I rose sent me high up above the lip of balcony edge. Part of the rail that was bent sticking out at me in nearly snagged the steel armor covering my new shirt. I slid down the rope.

I felt the burn through my gloves. With all my strength I clamped down my fingers around the rope. I stopped sliding. I lifted the rope with my lower hand and curled it around my left wrist.

I swung my legs getting me moving backward. Then swung my legs forward to swing to the upper ledge. I bent my legs raising my knees as high as I could. I looked and guided myself around the rope until I could see the balcony floor. Huwah. The pully had stayed where I set it. I was hanging inches above the floor right under me. I let go of the rope.

The rest was easy.

I got going through the stair well, over the ladder I laid up across to the next higher level. Ran through the recreation area. Up the stairs past the generator room. And out through the hall near the class room. Past the upstairs infirmary. I slid to a stop. Reeled around.

Went back to the upper infirmary. Searched the lockers. Grabbed everything I could. Stimpacks, Rad-X, Rad Away, surgical tools. I saw a green glow in the surgery room. I went in to search for more supplies. The green light indicated the room was radiation free. No radiation in the infirmary surgical room? There must be a generator still working. Power meant real-estate for use. Just that room would be worth enough caps to buy a vault home. I imagined selling it to Sam the store keeper in West Haven.

The walls in surgery room were expertly built in case of a breach in the reactors. I thought I should rest awhile. I checked my NukAlert. I was poisoned enough I needed another Rad Away flush anyway. Rad-X only keeps the radiation absorption at a safe level for a time. Depending on the level of radiation.

Rad Away could make me to weak or kill me if I wasn't strong enough. I had to risk taking another flush. At least being in the clean surgery room I wouldn't be being bombarded by more radiation.

I woke up. Calm and feeling better. I didn't get sick to my stomach like last time. I felt a little light headed. I sat up and pulled the syringe from my arm. Pulled the tiny tab from the pouch to put on my arm and pressed it on the spot. The chill from the metal table touched my skin on my back where my shirt had slipped up exposing it. I must have been squirming while I was laying there. I turned to get my legs off the table.

I lifted the fob to my ear. It ticked twice and went quiet. I imitated Harold's voice. Ticking quietly is Good!

I stood up on the floor. Tucked in my shirt. Arranged my old vault trousers. I picked up the steel chest armor off the chair. Steel! Doesn't soak up radiation.

The trip back to vault thirteen was uneventful. Almost a year had passed since I left. I learned how to survive along the way. A week of seeking the vault after a month of getting to know people, learn how to talk their language, and learned necessary survival skills made a new man out of me. Preparing another couple of months for the worst. Then all that hunting for the vault. I left a trail of dead radscorpions, radroaches, and Radbats. I was the first to encounter radiation mutation bats. The Utah vault was crawling with them.

Small, almost humanoid like bats with wings. I felt like the Earth moved around me when the flock sent out their sonar method to fly along without crashing into objects and hunting for their prey. They screeched when hanging up in the cavern ceilings. Sounded like metal being twisted by some powerful machine. What a story that will make to tell the others at the vault.

While I traveled I picked the ground clean of Herbal plants.

It was dawn when I walked up to the cave entrance. I walked in. Half expected a crowd gathered cheering me on as I walked up to the vault door. I stopped at the control panel and entered the code to open the door. Nothing. I started to worry about those Super Mutants. The one I fought was a tough customer. There were more I saw but they were so stupid it would take them a month of Sundays to plan to leave their own vault. The dip was in. I feared the worst.

That the word might have gotten back to them about vault thirteen. I studied my surroundings. One thing I learned about the Super Mutants. A sure sign they've been at a vault. They don't leave doors closed behind them. Vault thirteen's was still closed and sealed tight.

I heard a click over the loud speaker. Ah! Did you get the water chip?


Let me see it!

I pulled my makeshift pack around. Opened the flap and lifted it out. I was happy to see none of the glass tubes were cracked or worse.

Great. I will be there in a moment.

I need a shower.

I'll be there in a moment.

I stood waiting. Knowing my clothes were still slightly radiated. Rad-X was enough to take care of that, but I wanted a shower and clean clothes. I knew I stunk; so bad.

The big gear door pulled away into the vault. I stepped up to the porch. Waited for it to roll away. As it did I stepped up to the door. The overseer stood in my way. Held out his hand.

Give me the chip. Please!

Sure! I handed it to him. He took it in one hand and raised his other up and showed me the stop position.

I am proud of you. Thank you so much for bringing this back. We'll all remember you for your heroic act.

My mouth gaping open as I stared at the overseer. What? Why?

I am sorry son. But with what you've learned; the tales you could tell the children, and the young adults they would know things which might inspire them to want to leave the vault. I, we, just can't have that now. In another time maybe when things have become more civilized. Not now though.

He held up a pouch. Here! New clothes, food, and clean water that should last you for awhile. Thanks again.

As I took the pack two armed guards set boxes down outside the vault door. We took up a collection for you. Your stuff from your room, and gifts. Be safe traveler. Fair well.

I began to cry. I thought all was over. I thought what I knew was going to get me a hero's welcome. Instead, before I walked away. I grabbed from behind and put to sleep. I remember it all now.

I thought I backed up. I saw the three of them walked into the vault. I drifted in thought. As the big door rolled back into place all I could think about was the light fading. I felt let down, tired, and from in the other room I remembered the the hot shower for radiation cleansing. I needed a shave. I would have liked some of that Vault home cooking, and more.

I thought the door set the gears slid into place forward until it stopped. The big numbers one and three stood out. Home!

Now! The two numbers represent a bad thought. The traumatic shock gave me back my memory. Bad! NOoo! All my plans with my eyes focused on them seemed to be dominated by their size. The two guards dragged my drugged body to the shower room. Then all the hypno drugs and therapy until I awakened.

I picked at the box I saw. Sat by the door. Looked out into the darkness ahead in the tunnel. I was safe in the Utah infirmary. I guess I dragged myself back. At least all the Rad Away bags and Rad-X packs I planned to sell would be stored where I left them. In case of an emergency I planned well. The Super Mutants might have taken vault thirteen. If that Super Mutant I killed was ever found. My vault number blazed on the shirt was still in is grip where he died. A cave which was too hot to spend time pondering gather it back is where he lived like a king.

I cried while I dragged my self back to Harold's place. I didn't know why at the time. I had left some of my belongings behind so it didn't way my down along my journey home. Ropes from my backpack so I could drag my stuff on two little wooden blades would have taken time to make.

Harold saw me from his window. He was a radiated human that just got too much radiation from scavenging the wastelands. He mutated and got little a tree growing on his head. Harold stammered a bit. I asked if I could stay long enough to find a place of my own to settle.

A day, then a week, a month. Then a year. I searched for place where the area was so hot. Kept trading with the locals and scavenging. Kept bringing Harold gifts to make him feel better about me taking up space. One day I returned to city on my way back to Harolds. I heard super mutants had broken into a vault and wiped out the inhabitants.

I went to check. It wasn't Vault 13. Turned out it was a vault nearly forgotten near Shady Rest. I went there guns all loaded and ready for action. The place was deserted. Cleared out. I suspected they were taken to be dipped. Turned into Super-mutants.

A rattle and cry broke the silence. I followed the sound as the echo died down. They missed one young woman. She was so horrified. She babbled on and on. She wouldn't let me get close enough to give her some water. I set the jug down. Backed away. She grabbed it and drank it fast, tossed the bottle at me. I kept assuring here she would be okay. She was so shaken after she drank the water she passed out. I had to feed her spoonful after spoonful of food.

Cradled her in my arms. Soothing her until she fell asleep.

When she woke up she seemed better. I offered to fix up the vault and lock it up so no more monsters would get in. She wasn't dumb anymore.

You. You! You came from outside. I don't know you. Where did you come from?

Softly I said, Whoah! Slow down. I told her my name. I am Six. What is your name?

Ste... She thought for moment. Stella. My name is Stella!

We eventually got parts of the place set up so we could respond if any emergencies. She worked in security and I had worked in the garden and eventually was assigned Engineering in the reactor room.

When she regained all her faculties she remembered she had family in another vault. We planned to go there as soon as she was comfortable in the outdoors. I trained her with all I learned. One day she decided.

We were going to visit Vault 101. That's when my memory returned.

On our way across the wasteland we found many more stragglers and made discoveries. When we arrived in D. C.. She almost lost hope. When we arrived at Megaton it revived her hopes. She remembered the name of the town. The school. She knew vault 101 was nearby. Just not where exactly.

I became ill shortly after we arrived. She took care of me while she learned all she could about the area. Then one morning a man came to Megaton. Claimed he was a doctor. Cleaned me up. Brought my memories back. He gave the local doctor some help. Trained him so he was a better doctor, not just for radiation poisoning and minor wounds. A real surgeon.

His jumper suit had 101 on it. He told us they were locked up tighter then an old ladies purse. After he left we tried to find it. He didn't want them finding him so he suggested we forget about the place and make a home for ourselves back at her old vault.

I looked at him. I said. The place is too close for comfort to the super-mutants base.

He told us he was going to city. Big one! He had a quest to see another scientist. Asked us if we would like to travel with him.

The next day we were packed and looking for a radio station where a guy might know some helpful information. We were on our way back to Harold's place when we were attacked by raiders. We won! I was injured. I remember now. I must have babbled like she did. We ended up in the infirmary at the Utah vault. Safe house. Scavengers avoided the place. We moved to the city the doctor told us about. Big ship docked on the dried up banks of some ocean floor. The doc made good and got a water plant working refining water.

If you found this note book. You found the last place we stayed. There is nothing left on the lower floors. There are books I set up for anyone that can read in the room here. Read them. Then if you like, pack up, and come and stay with us.

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Rivet City is a safe place to stay. The journey to our new homeland is farther on. Make sure you're rested up before you take on the challenge to travel across the land that used to be covered by water. The Atlantic Ocean. We call the place, Atlantis!

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Hypothetically... I am thinking, wondering.


Does AI: artificial Intelligence seem to you to appear to be able to grasp what we see in our imagination as we think thoughts capturing an image of our thoughts, and does so, so swiftly it creates what we might have pictured before we lose our focus about what we are thinking?

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Does AI: artificial Intelligence create without any human text input to it's software?


I don't think so, but I do not really know 100% for sure. I don't think we're at that point yet where AI can truly "think" or "act" by itself without any human input what so ever.


I appreciate you spreading your thoughts. Interesting to read.


Take care friend

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