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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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Does AI: artificial Intelligence create without any human text input to it's software?


I don't think so, but I do not really know 100% for sure. I don't think we're at that point yet where AI can truly "think" or "act" by itself without any human input what so ever.


I appreciate you spreading your thoughts. Interesting to read.


Take care friend






I hope you have a good handle on self care to.

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I'm nearly healed up and ready to get back to real life experiences. And just when I was having fun playing a new video game. Hogwart's Legacy. Sort of seems like I gave myself the game as a Christmas gift. A present to open later after the new year. Just in time to entertain me until I am fully healed enough to go back to doing real life stuff.

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I've realized some really important RL I am no longer able to do anything with. The bang the ice gave the back of my head put me in a state of review.


I was so afraid I would never get the life that I tried so hard to make and have become my reality; this life I have happened instead.


Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man is a kind of report on what was created out of the rubble from the wasteland of my life.

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I found some good fresh water and fresh food while going from one place to another.


At least, while I dig through my memories From Day Dreams I have had since I was a young man, I find good stuff that helps me. I know how to find water when there doesn't appear to be any in sight. I know what can be eaten out in the wild, where there are no convenient shops or grocery stores.


All of the important stuff I need to know. All of that wisdom is mingled in with the rest of the rubble left over From Day Dreams.


The good stuff!

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On my desk is a reminder how scientists from nearly forty nine centuries ago reasoned as to what kind of beings we are. The sign on my desk says,
"If you're a biologically mechanically engineered humanoid biped; I want to make this supposition perfectly clear,

"You're not a clone!""


Long winded hypothesis are often a scientist's energetic way of simply saying, We're not Alone!


The lonely thoughts that arise when we who are BMEHB suggest our kind love to interact; even if just to be groomed. The reason for the plague is to remind me that every day it becomes a little more difficult to be sure I am a human still. There is always bound to be someone else among the AI's that look like us, who have been modified at some point and time who were also one hundred percent BEMHBs. They have had simple implants from teeth and hair, had eye color changes too. To the more present times which they have had limbs replaced, internal organics grown in a factory so the artificial mechanical body parts were no longer necessary. Even teeth are grown in a laboratory factory. Those of us who still retain all our body parts are essentially the last of our kind. Even our minor defects, scars from injuries, and damages from wear and tear remind us we were the human race, once upon a time.


Although; in the last fifty years since AI sentient Androids won their right's to be considered equals and it was legalized to have AI installed in human brains as well, we who are still pure BMEHB human's feel at times we are no longer necessary.


I am writing this note to my friends and colleges here, to let them know I am still alive. Untouched by prosthetic devices after being born from the love of a man and woman, and remind them too, You're not alone!"



BMEHB For Ever,


You're truly,



(I was given the allowance to post this thx to Pagafyr. He considered the fact he had some of his molars capped. He wondered if by doing so he made a mistake. He thought about it and realized that if that is so; the caps can be removed.)


Permission was granted after reading what I wrote to Pagafyr. I need to remain anonymous among the community. Tension is rising about the status of us who were born from a couples love making.


Some people AI enhanced BMEHBs find it is a disgusting way of life when they are reminded how a fury animal still behaves. Mating under the moonlight. Now a days they are among the most popular artificially enhanced members of society. Long before AI was given to a pig there were no creatures higher on the Intellectual scale than BMEHBs. We were even considered to hold the top of the food chain. We now know how absurd that was and realize how difficult it was for men and women to manage the fictionalize hierarchy over other animals that were also BME creatures who fornicated just like we humans still do.


If they knew about Argonians? One I encountered asked me if I knew why cats lick their butts.

I said, no!

He said. It is so they can get the taste out of their mouths.

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I awakened this morning after having a bit of dreaming. I saw what appeared to be my self waking up next to a woman.

When I was about to exit the bed she stopped me. Asked me where I was going. I seemed to have replied to go hunt down the dragons. She grabbed me and drew me back under the covers and said, we already did it.


She said something happened and Aldiun dropped dead and all the others dropped out of the sky. Aldiuns powers that brought them back to life went with him to his grave. There are no more dragons to fight. The gray beards found their mentor appeared to have lost his soul too, he's dead.


I could hardly believe my dream sleep was so detailed, but then...


The last picture I saw just before I awakened was of a male in dark clothes. A long sleeve shirt with no pockets, a collar like on a T-Shirt, the trousers were snuggly fitted to his body, his shoes were dark, with a wand of some sort in his hand. He had dark short cut hair. White complexion.


He appeared to be flying, but suspended in the air next to an office chair I could see floating from the from the wheels up. If they had come crashing down I would have been under the chair. It reminded me of a picture from a video game. Only the area around the four wheel chair and the male was blacked out.


I have tried my best to recall where I might have seen such a picture. Nothing has occurred to me.


What a wild dream about Skyrim SE though! It kind of ruined my focus on writing anymore in Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man. Of course, I wouldn't have minded waking up in bed with the woman. Darn!


The pix? Maybe a modern magician?

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Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.


Who said Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back?

That original expression was first recorded in 1598 in Ben Jonson's play “Every Man in His Humour.” And by the latter half of the 19th Century “Curiosity killed the cat" is recorded in James Allan Mair's “A Handbook of proverbs: English, Scottish, Irish, American, Shakespearian and scriptural".May 25, 2021


I am, Curiosity keeps me coming back Hunter. See you!


Edit. I noticed that Ben's last name was spelled differently. Ionson instead of with a J. :mad: Ellis Island wasn't the only place where people writing down names didn't know how to spell them foreign names properly. :laugh:

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I'm not pretending to be a super person in any games at the moment.


I have become aware of some over the counter vitamins and minerals that supposedly help restore the parts of my physical body that got damaged while I was a simple minded grunt in the Marine Corps. I became dehydrated so close to death almost all my bodies parts were nearly dried out completely.


Brain functions important to saving our life were strained, broken, and I have been kept alive for only God knows Why!


I hope God, the one I was taught to believe in, doesn't get in a dual with Batman; since Batman using Kyrptonite killed Superman in a dual. Oh!


Excuse me if I seem to be slipping back into my childhood daze, that's DAZE, like the leaders of Warmongers have put someone in that thinks they have the only solution. China, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, who else is so over populated they need a solution to their burdening problems of baby makers?!


Warmongers can't make any money if the ones who think they are leaders smarter then five year old dummies don't buy more weapons!


So they fool the leaders into thinking their plans are their own and they are as smart as a five year old, too, to Use all the War tools the Warmongers sold them for battle!?!


Tanks A lot for selling them all the Machines, rockets, missiles, and supplying them with YOUNG people who they've given birth to so they have stockpiles of all they need to annihilate themselves and their neighbors who want a fight too.


All those atomic warhead loaded missiles that were supposed to be disassembled they built during WWII and kept making them better since 1947.


Yeah! Makes me want to escape into my mind and live creeped out; that if I could, I could believe I am safer, better off pretending I am not here while pretending I live and play in Sunny Massechusetts; Fallout 4, or Virginia Take me HOME John Denver in Fallout 76.


WAKE UP CHILDREN! YOUR LIVES are about to be ABRUTLY INTERRUPTED while my elderly state will barely feel a change in the spring weather that is about to begin warming the area up. That is, IF RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT DOESN'T heat the weather up first!


Thx to PUTIN and his MULES. The Mules are his downline, MULEs are children who are planted all around the World spreading his loving parenting words!


Thx to Xi and his panderer's. Children, you can only have two children per consenting adults CHINA.


The USA's President will likely do just like the president in the USA did during WWII and hold off getting involved in the War until it looks like the germs spread to their old home Merry Old England.



Tell them War brain dead leaders to get out of the Out house and start fertilzing the land so we get better food and gardens grow instead of GRAVE YARDS.


Oh! AMERICA the Beautiful will send all the ugly unwanted children to fight if all goes WRONG and the USA and CANADA will be able to reactivate all the factories for making weapons again!

Oh! I almost forgot!


I want to send a special thx to all the Modern Women who worked in the Weapons Factories because too many of the eligible working class men were being drafted and sent over seas to fight during WWII. Thx Mom!

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