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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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What a surprise! Today I played Star Wars: The Old Republic.


It was as much fun as it was the first time I played it.


It was full of excitement, I got to sounding like a little putting motor boat, the excitement was so real. Several times I was filled with frantic worry that one of the bosses may cause the end of my game play.


Instead I had to take several short breaks or I might have had to change my adult diaper again and again from the joyous tingling of my nervous system. I had moments when the tingling was so great I got goose bumps all over my body!


I made it all the way through to the Ruins of the Jedi Temple. I was on my way back with good News that I had cancelled the danger that the Sith had up their sleeve. It was a grand moment And my adult diaper is still dry.



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Another day, another page of words I wrote but didn't post. Although it seems when I open the forums pages I get words on my thoughts that I desire to ponder.

I wonder after I stop, typing, if anyone would care to read them. If no such idea delights me anymore, that they might... If I sense the words could delight the minds of the traveling minds I think I should post it somewhere where the views might be seen and read by many more of those spirits surfing along the electronic lines of the Internet in Cyberspace. So vast, it is!

Cyberspace is kind of like a spirit world, only that kind that if any careless surfer were to call out and say something so offensive to all those whose spirits linger in it we might shut them out. Someone might Ban them from this website forum!?!

Speaking of Spirits. October 31st is getting nearer. September 6th 2023 is too. A warning; do not say that persons name 3 times in a row.

I would hold my breath if I could and wait. You may not know it but ghosts don't use air for anything but to startle innocent bystanders near the haunted graveyards, or where they died, or near the old haunted houses.

My fav ghostly shout is the one where someone's grandfather, whose long since passed away, that grumpy old man's words fill the night air with a bit of a fright when it resounds.


No one likely says the name, any of the 364 days in a year, of the one whose gained fame. All the while trying to get to be friends with others by acting like them? Or getting them to act for him? For reasons he would like.

Don't say it! No, NO! Not yet. Wait until September 6th, 2023 when you're in the theater; granny witch or zombie grandfather watching the movie with your living relatives.

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I've been betwitched!


Just because I saw that post about Beetlejuice on Twitter, I thought it was going to be out This YEAR!

Because of the little dots "..." the year didn't appear and I didn't think it important to pry those little dots to find out MORE.

I quit TWITTER. I refuse to see dumb posts all making it clear we are all starving for something we favor and would like others to follow and to follow us to no ends of the Earth to find our next MEAL.


Beetlejuice is going to be in theaters on September 6th. Alright you pumpkin eaters listen up! But NOT THIS YEAR!? Not until 2024???


There goes my plans for a nap! I was hoping to see Beetlejuice and get a nap soon after before Halloween.


(note: I spelled the name wrong last time so you wouldn't be unnerved by his visit. Not this time! Do you know how to send him back so he won't be invading your dreams while you wait? Until 2024!)


Why announce it if it's isn't coming out in the same year as the advertisement is announced. I wondered about it. It must mean that the advertisers have gotten another knack for how to twist us around so we will keep coming back for more.


The company advertising it is getting to be a lot like Bethesda. Promises, Promises, Always Promises.


Internet posts say it's going to be another year and twenty six days.


Oh! My! How rude of my mind!? Not to pay close attention to the details. Makes me want to cry!


Why post about it until the year it's going to appear?


Be different, instead of like Bethesda. Starfield took them several years to get ready And STILL Bethesda has not provided The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim VI? Unless you want to play The Elder Scrolls Online, that is???


Be seeing you! Starfield will have to do; until I get a seven year itch to go on a road trip that will last for a year.


Oh!? I read that, that beautiful women in the 1st movie, Wynona Rider is going to be in number 2. I hope that doesn't change before the movie is ready for us to see?

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One less trip to do on my Bucket List. :- )


I went on a road trip to find out what attracted people to Glacier National Park. Was it the horse back trail adventure's, was it the Red Bus Tours, was it the Swiss Chalets built long ago, was it the food, or the glaciers awesome size still full of mysteries that each year a little more of the past is exposed because of the glaciers melting. Students' working there applied for studies at the park and got the jobs working there while at Universities they attend from all over the planet Earth.


After seeing all of the most amazing views I visited West Glacier's shops. I talked with the cashiers. (young women from universities planning careers in forestry and archaeology etc., etc. working there. They were from universities all around the world.


Forestry was one of the main reasons they signed up to work at the park. That kind of work would wear me out quickly in a day at my age? Well, being on my own raised suspicions about my being at the park. I bought food, drinks, stickers to put on the car to show I had been there. My bucket list with one less place to go. They asked me about myself and I them, as I stood there to pay them for my purchases. If I were in my twenties I would have likely found myself inspired to learn more about them, their homelands, and learn their languages.


I was careful even though I knew my old bones and sockets for arms and legs were well worn.


Instead of the other ideas of youthful passions I wanted to make sure the conversation didn't strain our comprehension of English UK they spoke so well. Enough so, so we didn't have to speak Italian, Spanish, Ukraine, or any other of their languages.


Now that I have been there again... When I was twelve I had been there hiking. By selling bags of fresh oranges door to door I earned a week long backpacking hiking trip.


The group I was with hiked to camp ground just north of West Glacier Village. We hiked to several interesting sites and camped each night out in the wild. We didn't have a tent among us. Even the adults leading the way and keeping us safe didn't have a tent between them. We stopped several times along the trails until we got far north to the Ptarmigan Tunnel. No one I talked to knew when or why Ptarmigan Tunnel was made. I fancied it was a drainage system for when it rained and snow melted in Spring. It was so mysterious I thought they must have had planned a huge Swiss Castle or a Chalet up on top that was scrapped because other chalets built there were damaged, even totally destroyed by mountain collapses and slides.


I saw it and walked through it when I was twelve with other lads only in their teens with two guides and a cook. The guides were more of a security team, as I have little memory of them telling us much about the histories of the park.


No wonder I have such grand (and some times wild) imagination when I write. ;- D


After seeing the tunnel our journey turned south east to visit two of the gigantic Swiss lodges still standing only reachable on horse back or hiking trails. (I see they have advanced trails made for wheel chair hikers now too)


Then continuing south to another lodge before ending the trip. We never really saw East Glaciers Hotel area that time. The bus picked us up at a parking lot northeast near Babb, Montana northeast of the exit from Many Glaciers Hotel.


Now that I have had my eyes opened again, learned history lessons that cleared up clouds with my imagined Castles in the Sky, so my aged mind has sound wisdom, I never would have gotten if I didn't experience it again and then write this post.


I won't be needing to go on any of the Glacier National Park exciting tours again.


Bucket list... Next! I wonder if I would survive a trip to Australia.

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The weather here changed the last day from the 100 degree Fahrenheit temperatures to a low last night of 52 degrees F.. Autumn must have had something startle Autumns tending parties' thoughts on other matters making it so Autumn had to do a rush job last night. Friday afternoon got windy; whipping up dust and dirt all about. Then as darkness came the winds slowed and the temperature dropped off steadily into the night.


I dreamed a female visited me, Left me standing face to face and hugged me just before I awakened. Must have been a representation of Autumn. Leaving me with a reminder of how warm everything was just before the dream ended. It was a nice hug I got!

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I'm feeling so much better today! I was drained so I needed a nap this afternoon.


My left shoulder is settled in correctly now, so it doesn't slip back out when I am asleep and might lay on my left side.


I refreshed my memories about searching for friends Online. I downloaded so many mods from so many different websites while I searched t felt bad about downloading all those great mods. I felt the mods were good and their creators should be getting some money for their great work. So, I hung around. I eventually started posting in the forum.


No more reason to lay about. So I may do like the guy said in the Crocodile Dundee movie. I may go for a walk about. Now that I don't feel crippled by my physical pain anymore I feel like moving along.


I know I was confused now! Now I know why I was and how you folks (children) must have been thinking about me and my posting habits. If you had your circulation cut off partially and didn't get enough fresh blood to your brain you would be confused and confusing too.


Bye, bye!

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Wow! Another circulatory function was restored. Lucky me I decided to go for walk that was longer than I did usually. The moment I reached the mile marker I felt pain in my feet. It was the kind we get when we've been pinching off our circulation so a body part partly goes numb and then returns to normal a moment. Just a good steady walk restored the flow to my feet. My toes were so sensitive for a moment it was like they were fresh new toes. I could tickle them and it felt good.

I am sure glad I went in to see a Chiropractor. It's amazing how important it is to have all the joints in their place. My shoulder was literally turning me into an old man faster, because it cut of my circulation from the heart toward the head enough. It's a good thing I kept up going to the gym for those years I felt weak. I used to do push ups when ever I felt tired instead of going to bed. I don't have to do push ups that were wearing out the socket because of bad alignment.

Now I don't have to keep that routine up anymore because my left shoulder is back in the socket the way it is supposed to be and I don't get tired out as quickly.

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Dream sleep views have been like full days or longer.


No pain must mean better sleep and not a bunch of chopped up segments of dream sleep. Instead of photographs it's more like dreaming is a bunch of full moving picture moments.


There were even moments when I could feel physical stress from walking.


Interesting! Ooo! ???

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I play No Man's Sky.


I am practicing for the day when NASA and other Civilian businesses start using mining drones to mine minerals from asteroids, ice from comets, and such; in outer space. If they really did that, that is. And I am still alive when/if they did/do.
I have read that there are rich people who would pay dearly for some ice cubes from a comet for those drinks with little umbrellas.
I'd really like to be able to put a tugboat attachment on one comet to slow it down so I could park it in orbit around the planet and mine it for Ice; for years.
Halley's Comet; watch out! I've got my eye on you!

The current number of known comets is: 3,885. They could provide water for hundreds of thousands of years if we carefully harvested the ice off of them as they passed by. Carefully harvest ice!


We wouldn't want to accidentally set one of them off it's routine course so it crashed into some planet. Now would we?!

I could become Famous!


I could get Rich selling Halley's Comet Ice Cubes.



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I have nothing to add that predicts any hope for my future, to discover a point from my past that might repeat if I forgot it, and made plans to find ways to adjust my body so the parts that were crippled got less attention and parts that worked got more.


To live the impossible dream.

Barbie and Ken are. I never will be like them; that's for sure.


Best regards to all. Best wishes too.


I best be off.

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