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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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When I was awakened from dream sleep I was going to post in the thread, The last movie I watched. It seemed to me to be part of my dream sleep views when I awakened. I found out it was out in the stores when I was hunting for bargains.


The Haunted Mansion. I did watch it while I was awake. I think I have lost some childhood fear of ghosts thanks to it. At least it seemed to me what I was dreaming about in my sleep was a little more frightening then usual. The kind of fright that shocks us suddenly.


A person speaking to me said something and it shocked my senses. I recalled hearing the words before only not like a threat. I didn't wake up when I might have because of the shock. I think; if it had not been for what I saw in the movie before I dreamed about the dark place, the shop with a pit, a person behind a counter, and the rude attitude he had, and how he yelled at me I would have awaken.


Instead I continued to dream because I was told to pick a number and wait my turn. I had to search the room until I found the tape with the numbers on it. I got the ticket from the number delivery device. Turned around after seeing it. 26. I looked around in the dark room, and realized I was the only person there beside the person behind the counter. When I turned around with the ticket in hand even he was gone. People started appearing in the room. I put the ticket in my shirt pocket so I didn't lose it. I looked around at the people gathering in around the room.


I heard a call out from the dark. Reached for my ticket and it wasn't there. I searched all my pockets while walking toward the counter where the guy appeared before. I thought the dream was in an automobile shop, because the pit reminded me of those pits the person who is under the car drain the oil are. No Car!


I walked around the pit. I had to walked along the edge on the side next to the counter. The ground under my feet sank. I felt myself slipping down as the dirt flowed down into the pit. I reached for the counter top to grab hold. I felt my legs start to be surrounded by dirt. I was standing up on the bottom of the pit as more dirt filled in. I saw the guy at the counter and the look on his face made me think that he was going to grab my hand and pull me out. I was taller then the pit was deep so I was sure I wouldn't get buried.


I awakened just as I felt the dirt fill in up to my waist.

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I've lost my need for coffee.


I must need a second opinion for I found no difference between the two brands I bought for Halloween. I mentioned them in the post by another member who seems to think Halloween isn't any fun for that person at all.


Coffee beans roasted to raise our spirit.


The first one has a picture of a skeleton in bed with a cup in one hand holding it out called "Dead Man's Reach". It says, Served in Bed it Raises the Dead.


I keep finding all sorts of reasons to enjoy the spirit of Halloween.


I guess the real question is; What is the purpose of Halloween?


The most known about reason is, and on Halloween there may be some people who do it.

Remembering our loved ones who have passed away. A day and night we have been taught allows the door between the living and our ancestors (loved ones too) to visit at Midnight.


I've seen where some one had a room where an attic may have replaced the purpose of it. A special window at each end of the large long room with signs for protecting for the loved ones and live people attending the hallowed feast. The space had a door in the room held up by a frame, just the door. There was a long table, along with several chairs, and candleabra's.


Have a Great new year after your birthday!

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Then there is the ongoing Disney channel loaded with all sorts of Halloween fun movies and TV series.


Googebumps made another episode last Friday. I watched until I got tired of looking at lots of snow and watching as people ran around hollering to find a person and help her while a lad was chasing her trying to get his puppet back she was trying to find a place to bury it where no one would ever find it again.


Darn magic embued puppets!


I would put this in the last TV show I watched, only it might still have a few more episodes yet.


Right now I've got some spider strings to untangle. The thread a spider web left behind in the tree in my yard got caught by my cap.


Maybe the string that the pencil needed to dangle it from the paper clip is supposed to be a string of spiders thread? I can see why that might be important to the witches way because spider thread is very strong and the tiniest touch to one causes all the threads to vibrate so the spider knows exactly where the fly is that got snagged on the web. Hm?


Just was a thought!

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More days to ponder

as the nights grow longer,

awakened to the longest night to emerge,

with my memory not eased

about one night,

when urges for loves warmths surged.

Until that night

unfamiliar with love

she whose kisses I thought

were inviting me to stay

with the dove

who stopped our hug and hold

cast me out into the cold,

with no where to go,

to a keep or a hold,

to warm and defend me.

As sharp stings

from icy foibles

gave me only thoughts

of survival fraught

with many a tease,

fearful I might freeze.

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  • The year I joined originally is not seen unless you look up my ended account: Deleted54170User.
  • I deleted my old account because I wanted to experiment with the Delete Account Function to see how much was really deleted.  I see just my Avatar name Pagafyr and the profile is.  All the posts I made are still accessible by clicking on Deleted54170User.
  • I didn't feel like I was a supporter when all my posted stuff from April 2005 until 2021 had been established because I had paid a one time fee giving me a Life Time Membership without any further support in money necessary.  I feel better helping out having a yearly paid Premium Account.
  • A lot of the friends I had, had grown more mature and told me so, before they quit posting comments on their own profiles and playing made up games, like peeking, making fun of each others comments, a pie in the face splats on the comment sections, and merrily running amok like children.  I was not and am not going to give in to that formula called maturity.  It just means we have made a character mold we're expected to live the rest of our life letting it describe us.  As if it makes us an all decided kind of person focused in the ways of being a grown up.  HA!
  • We've built so many character peeps when playing a new game with better character creation tools it's impossible for me to believe anyone created a perfect character to make them into an ambitious adult.  It is our child self that makes up our make up for our mind and creating a mindset that becomes permanent is like having our mind frozen in a stone cast.  An old saying I recall says, Nothing is written in stone.  Referring to life, laws, and a variety of other momentary classic thoughts.  Heiroglyphs are written in stone, that's true. ;- p
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My awaking dream sleep views I record in my journal of dreams are the kind had before we awakened from deep sleep.   I do not post them on the Internet, I do not post them in stories here.  I get my stories I post here from reading other posts in this and other website forums.

My thoughts which occur to me here, and from other sites I have a blog or forum account are purely from stimula of this and other members stories that stimulate me along other lines I imaging and don't plagiarize their work. 

My waking from early morning dreaming are more like real life and often I find the dreams provide me with visits to scenes I am able to grasp the familiar life I have lead.

Can't say I have had a lot of boring life experiences.  It helps those who know, that I am fully trained in landscaping, architecture, and could build any building from the foundation first, like a basement or parking garage in a skyscraper.   All the things I know I learned before computer's gave us ways that to some seemed to make life being an architect easier.  That was bunch of hooey.

I had to learn how to use the computer and then a full architect's software program before it became easier and that was like having to go back to school for two years.  Building Mods was another not so easy way to do what I could have done.

Doing it without a computer might have taken me several weeks making the blueprint, building a model, and depending on the size the time to assemble a paper image.  Sadly, after all the studying I did, it was to no avail.  No one would hire me, on account there were younger people who took all the business away before I could catch on and catch up.

So I will go back to playing one of the games I do until my next required daily routine living my life, which by the way is much more fun since I figured out a way to live like a King.  I don't earn a dime, I don't have a savings account, and with my present status of age and mental disposition I am have become the Hermit King of Gamers.

Can anyone of you say the same thing?  Say you too, are, a Gamer King?  You don't have to be a hermit.

(I have to give credit to a certain whisperer that reminded me to take out the trash while it's warmer out.  It is only -1 degrees Fahrenheit at 12:27 PM MST.  Yeah!  Warmer.)

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I am out of line.   I had to go back to the last school of study and remember.  Where the line starts is always somewhere over the rainbow and down on Broadway, near Hollywood near a mall where the theater is inside somewhere where the sun don't shine.

I just got back from the last line to where everyone was going and found out they were all waiting for a training course to learn how to have a good tiime vacationing where a stranger iin a strange land was not showing on the big screen near the dock of the bay.

More to the point my pen left a dot with on a piece of legal paper which I bought thinking it would help make a Lawyer out of me.  No matter how I tried I could not find the words to write to make me a lawyer.  So I quit for lunch and found myself in a court of vending machines.  I needed coins to get what was inside little windows.  I only had paper, yellow paper and when I thought about how I hadn't been able to learn how to be a lawyer I stuffed the paper into the slot and it over loaded the machine and opened the door with a sandwich inside.  I took the sandwich because I figured out that the paper was more expensive then the sandwich.  I ate the sandwich then went to the person who was in charge and demanded change for the sandwich didn't cost as much as the legal yellow papers I stuffed into the slot.

The person told me I would need a lawyer in that case.  But they didn't move to remove my paper from the slot.  I walked back to the disspenser's slot and saw it had a new sandwich inside.  Some of my legal yellow paper was still sticking out.  I stuffed it in with a legal lawyers in pen with little letter opener on one end.

The door opened and I got the sandwich.  When I bit into it I found it was fresh and the other sandwich I got was really stale.  I decided to sue!

I ended up going to another court where I parked my bicycle.  The court entrance was also the only way out.  I found a note on my bicycle that it was illegal to park my bicycle in the private court parking area for judges.  I judged the note was in error, because my bicycle was on the sidewalk chained to a sign that said Free Parking.  I went inside the school of thought and went to the ticket window.  I paid for the ticket and went inside to watch some people instruct us on how to become a judge,  I already knew I judged the ticket on my bicycle, I judged the sandwiches differences, I just the vendor manager, and he told me there was no way to judge the differences of the two sandwiches I ate.  Since there was no evidence I could not prove that one was stale.

I walked to a door to the judges chambers since I knew I could and did act as a judge.  Found a robe, and a wig, put them on and walked through door that said, courtroom.  A man was courting the baiiif when I entered, I frowned at them.  The Bailif said, All Rise and couldn't think of anything else to say.  I saw a sign that said Judges seat at the top op of three stairs.  While the court recorder stared at me from her seat at her table with her recorder.

I saw down.  Picked up the mallet.  Order in the Court.

I looked at the bailif, then down at the court recorder.  Thinking those sandwich I ate were still on my mind I said to the court recorder.  "I'll  have a double whisky on the rocks".  

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The bailif scowled a person came up to the bench from out of the judges chambers.  Dragged me out of the chair, took off the wig, disrobed me, and said many legal words in a sentence.  I was taken to the parking court, asked if the bicycle there was mine changed the to Free Parking sign.

The officer of the law arrived in a vechicle they told me to put my bicycle in.  I unlocked the bicycle chain.  I put the bicycle in through a side door on the vehicle someone said it's name was Van.

I stepped up the the vehicle whose name is Van, lifted one foot to step in, when I heard, Watch your head! I looked around to find a mirror.  I felt a hand put on the top of my head.  It twisted my head around, pressed down, and from behind I was pushed.  I stumbled in next to my bicycle.  I turned around.  I bench seat was behind me so I sat down.

The door on Van closed. It being where the sun don't shine inside Van I decided to get out the legal pen and use it to write in the dark.  I pulled out my legal pad with yellow leafted pages.  I wrote down all the legal words the person said who disrobed me and took the wig.   I felt Van being juggled about while I was writing in total darkness.

When Van stopped I put the Legal folder with my legal note pad of yellow legal papers with all the words I had written down on the page into my coat pocket.

Van's door opened.  The light outside momentarilly blinded me.  I complained.   While I was the man who told me to get into Van told me to get out and bring my bicycle with me.  I brought out my bicycle, put it's wheels on the ground, stepped down, and stood up holding my left hand up to shade my eyes from the bright lights.  I saw a sign near where Van when the man pointed at and told me to park my bicycle at the sign.

I walked my bicycle along the side path to it and saw it required coins to unlock the bicycle rack.   I turned the bicycle to point it out, so I could lock the rear wheel and precious gear changer in so thieves couldn't steal those important parts.  I turned to face the road, pulled out my legal pad, with yellow leaf pages, and prepared to stuff it into the slot.  The man who came up to me next stopped by and stared at my yellow pads pages.

He stuttered.  Sorry your honor I didn't recognize you out of the court robes and wig.  He walked me and my bicycle over to a park car.  He pressed a button on a fob.  The cars long trunk opened.  He took my bicycle and put it in the back.  Pressed another button, the trunk closed.  He pressed another button a door on the side opened up.  He handed me the fob and said, Have nice day.   In the middle of the parking lot in the evening light he walked away leaving me standing there wondering how to get my bicycle out of the trunk.

I was getting cold so I went to the long cars side door and stepped in.  A voice coming from a speaker said, where would you like to go?

I said,  I want to go home.  The car's engine started.   I looked around for the driver outside.  No one was anywhere.  I car began backing up out of the parking space.  As the headlights came on I saw a sign.  It faded away before I got to read the entire name on the plague.

The car moved so quietly, smoothly along the road.  I was tired fell asleep.  As my eyes lids shut I saw words appear on the dash.  We will arrive in two hours an forty nine minutes.   I will wake you when we arrive.  I felt sleep take me before I thought that that Van had taken me a long way from my apartment.  The voice woke me when the car arrived.  The driveway led up to a three car garage.  As I blinked and wiped sleep from my eyes the fob in my hand slipped and I pressed a button.

The car parked inside the garage.  I thought, Oops.  I accidentally pushed a button.   The car said, previous driver erased, Your honor would you like to reset the car seats and owner operator to the house.

I rubbed my eyelids, and said something, incomprehensible.

Please open your eyes for a retinal scan.

I opened them wide shocked about what it thought I said.

Thankyou your honor.  Step out of the car. 

I looked around.  I want to get my bicycle out of the trunk.  The car's trunk opened.   The driverside door opened to let me out.  I looked at the dash board.  Your new settings are now ready.  I will guide you though the steps until you are fully awake.  Say, "Please unlock house garage door."

I did.  I walked to the back of the car.   Pulled my bicycle out of the trunk.  Walked over to the door that opened to the house.  Your honor your new settings have been implemented into the houses memory.  Welcome home.  Follow the light blue lights to your bedroom.

In the morning when I heard a noise.  I asked, What was that?

The voice responded.  Someone who was trying to impersonate you was arrested when trying to break into your safe at work last night.  They took him to the prison where he will be busting rockes for the rest of his life.  Would you like your usual Espresso' while waiting for your breakfast.


I have learned how to judge ever since just by listening to the voice guiding me.  It's name is Helena

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Back Online, in line, and looking forward to the future.

I desire getting a new video game.  ANYTHING in video games that fills my thoughts with a sense of being the extrovert at a party and it is like it's a present I always wanted for my Birthday but I never got.  Because I wasn't a good boy and had to sit in the corner where I was stuck with my nose in the corner looking at a pie.   Stuck a fork into it because my parent's prefered we didn't eat our pie using our thumbs.  LOL

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I started a new play through on a game I have.   A message appeared.  I was told someone was trying to contact me.  I fumbled around with the dash board to find the switch to open the communication device.   A stranger who started off by texting said, I am... Right then static letters appeared.   The sentence started again and the unidentified person asked me to identify myself.

I thought, "Yeah sure! Not!"  All the lessons I have learned about protecting my identity and someone who is supposed to be speaking to me on a radio device is texting me asking me who I am when the text is a bunch of garbled letters and symbols where their name would have been.

I refused to respond.   A moment later the message sender begged for a response claiming they have not had any communications in so long they were afraid.

I looked at the dash board.  Radio message text there.  I felt a twinge of sadness.

I still did not reply.  The person at the other end wrote.  Art is life..

I thought, "Who is Art and what is Life?"

Then I remembered something that made more sense than the words art is life.  The air in my vehicles cabin started getting low.  Too much CO2.  The vehicles oxygen filter was failing.   I was just a short distance from the station I had been told to go to.  I returned.  Searched around to find a vendor with filters for space ships air restoration filtration systems parts.

I found a shop with the required parts.   I didn't have enough units to pay for the one part I needed.  About to turn and leave when the shop keeper asked me if I would do some work for him.  I said my ships oxygen filtration system needed a filter. 

He smiled.  I figured you needed something.  I will give you the filter and 10,000 units if you take this part to my cousin so he fix his vehicle.


The vendor handed me the part.  He put a locator device around my wrist.  He gave me half of the units.  He brought a glass container I could see inside.  I asked.  What kind of vehicle uses one of those.

He smiled and said, A living ship.

A living ship?!  You've got to be kidding!?

No!  They are hard to find, but one of them in good condition never needs maintenance like yours does every billion light years or so.

I took the glass container.  I felt it throbbing in my hands.  Is this thing alive?!

Yes!  Its a ventricular system. 2,000,000,000 units in value.  Lose it and that nice locator on your wrist will be the last thing you remember feeling before it explodes.

This a bomb?!

No!  It's doesn't leave a mess so anyone happening to find any part of you can restore you from your DNA.

I picked up the glass container with the nervey thing controller in it.  Grabbed the new filter for my vehicle.  See you soon!

Walking back to the ship I felt the wire sensors on my ears jabra radios twitch.  I sprinted across the landing strip to the vehicle.  Put the glass container inside the vehicle's safe.  Pulled the filter out of the vehicle and installed the new one.  I tightened the hatch to the venting machine.

Looking around quickly I saw another spacer shift his head so quickly I noted tentacles on his cheeks snap like little strings whipping about.  I set my arm multi-tool to high for a sure stun.  Got into my vehicle.  Launched.  As my vehicle exited the station I entered the coordinates for the package to be delivered. 

Before I pressed the warp drive button on my hand controller I noted the ship I suspected the owner of was about to follow.  I turned the controller.   Swung the vehicle about 40 degrees to my right and picked out an asteroid belt near a planet.

The vehicle dipped out of cruise, sped to the asteroid belt, and I steered it out of sight behind a huge asteroid.  Turned on the shield generator.  Looked at the sonar.  The other ship was heading straight for mine.  I ran a scan over my ship looking for any new attachments so someone could follow my vehicle.

Of course!  The wrist band.  The locator was giving me away.  I searched for my old hand worker tool box.  I tried the latch but it was stuck from lack of use.  I pried on it, hammered on it, and looking hopelessly at it I realized the wrist gadget had an edge sticking out about an inch.  I put it into the flap.  Pop!

I opened the old tool case.  My Wraithgaurd toy glove was still there.  I slipped it on over the top of the wrist locator.  Tapped the On button.  The old toy scattered the signal so the wrist gadgets signal was scrambled.  I let out a deep sigh because it didn't detonate.

I punched the seeker button on my vehicles dash under the coordinates numbers.

I delivered the package.

While I was standing next to the vendor I asked if the wrist locator was dangerous to anyone standing nearby.  He squirmed when I lifted my arm to prepare to take off my toy glove.  Disarm it or we both go!

Everyone within ten units of him and I all ran for their vehicles on the landing pad.

Just then I realized as soon as I dropped the jar off with the ventricular system it was armed so his cousin could have collected the units and my vehicle.

He raised a thing that looked like a fork.

The vibrations told me it was safe.  I took off Wraithguard.  As soon as I did I pulled off the device and held it out.  I slipped Wraithguard back on.

He leaned out of his window to take it.  I grabbed the fork.  Pulled back the wrist locator.  I saw there were several numbered buttons on the fork device.  How many more of these explosive wrist gadgets do you have?

His alien mug looked like a humans when they suddenly go into shock.

ALL of Them!  Now!  I heard a buzz sound.  I switched the toy Wraithguard's scrambler to On.  Amazing toy!  Caused the persons weapon to malfunction.  To think when I was a boy all that the toy did was make sounds.  I learned it was a radio frequency jammer when it sounded like radio static playing on it.

I took the box full of exploding wrist locators, and pulled a switch on my wrist to make the glove light up like a lazer.  The alien standing with his weapon bleeping wildly turned it.  Then backed off as I walked back to my vehicle.

I lit out of there.  Pressed the coordinates launch button.  I parked the vehicle next to the living ship.

I took all the illegal contraband the alien had stashed.   Used a DIArchitect scrambler. Pointed it at the building that was hidden nearby for disassembling space ships and sending the parts to his cousin to sell.

As the ship reached outer space a bright light appeared in the dark starlit sky.  Another space station emptied of living beings.  Infrastructure intact after the wrist dentonater wiped out all the pirates inside.  All mine now.

I like my new living ship.  It actually is a sentient being.  We're going to get along just fine.


Someone who knows what game I am talking about might say, You can't do that in the game!

I would reply, "I know.  I can day dream though!"

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