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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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Talent is what I sought I thought.  I thought I sought what I had.  I found none was my own to be, a talented man for people to see what I got when I thought that I sought to make so people see I was talented.  Instead I yearned to find someone learned who could make it clear why I was, and was not being seen for that.  I thoughtfully retraced the work that I placed where I thought people who could see that made me appear talented.

So, far off did I wonder, and wander, I nearly lost myself in the blunder, of trying to be like someone with talent I had seen they had.  Now my ending is good, because I was glad, that I wasn't like the crowd expected of someone like me when I was so much younger.  I wasn't bad, after all.

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It definitely an Epic movie night.  Based on: The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs; by William Joyce.

I mean it.  Spring is upon the land stirring up all sorts of sleepy kinds of life forms.  I miss the good ole days when I could go out and collect strange bugs, I mean Insects... I actually know the name now that people in college call them,  Fauna.  Strange Fauna!  I just picked them up when one of them died before any other gatherers or bugs that would eat them got to them before I did.

Epic is the name of a movie I like because, it blends fantasy with my memories from youth having fun doing real entomolgy.  I got my first Entomology experience with a speical kit to learn how to collect insects; for 10 year olds and older.

Stella!  I could have been a contender in Zoology

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I went in search of a place to focus my Google local Guide activities.  To bring me out of the Winter daze.

While on the road trip I chanced to see a sign that said, Warm Springs.  I remembered that the place was a Hot Springs kind of place.  I drove to the location to find it wasn't the place I was told about.  This Warm Springs was the Montana State hospital.  Although it almost fit my mindset earlier, something about the place didn't seem as inviting as a hot spring to soak in.

I was told a tale about how the springs of hot sulfer heated springs could make our bodies release stress, and even sweat out unhealthy stuff while soaking in the waters for a few minutes.  The building I saw reminded me of an ancient home of some wealthy people.

It turned out it used to be where rich people could go for baths, cure alls, and treatment.  Not anymore!  I turned the wheel on the steering column and drove away.

Next stop, some place where I can sit and soak getting the benefit of some hot spring waters.

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