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My Crash to Desktop happens when I load a game too fast


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I have a small issue maybe there is a mod which can fix that! or a known fix.


I have a highly modded game but doubt that is the issue, maybe it is! who knows..

I am fairly good at load orders so the game runs for hours on end it's just my issue relates to a CTD when first starting up a game from the MAIN MENU



So When I run Skyrim with Wyre Smash, I wait until I am in the main Menu.

If I am too quickly to load a saved game EG:

no waiting soon as the screen shows go to load games, click a saved game then open it

after a while it CTD!!! 60-80% of time




If I get to main menu, wait 5-10 seconds

go to load saved games

wait few seconds

go to my saved game

wait for saved game image to appear (Waiting few seconds)

when Click open


game will open EVERY TIME without issues... never CTD


Seems my game hate it when I'm in a hurry hahahaha


any ideas what's going on?


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