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Add a warning when downloading


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Hi, I have an idea for the site:

Every day I see many users complain on the mod pages about their mods not working, and most of the time the cause is the same: they don't read the readme, so the installation procedure is ignored.


When an author create a mod, sometimes that mod can't be installed by simply drop all files in the game folders. It could need some further steps, like choose between 2 files, changing some values in a file ini, use a precise load order, go to a secure place before the installation...

All these steps are ignored if the users simply unzip all content in the data folder and run the game.



So what about adding a warning for the readme?

A new option in the mod page called "Complex installation" toggle the warning:

  • If checked, when you download the mod, a warning will pop-up saying you must carefully read the readme, because the installation is complex, else the mod will likely not work.
  • If unchecked, no warning will pop-up, since the mod is a simple "unzip in the game folder and activate".

Users who always read the readme can disable these warnings in the user preferences page.

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Well, in that case you can force them to read the readme in the warning pop-up, and the "continue to download" button won't be available for an estimated time (based on the length of the readme). Also, the timer won't run if the page lose focus. So you're forced to leave the page focused for all those seconds, and, in the meantime, since you can't do anything else, you'll be encouraged to read the readme...


After... 30 readme pop-ups you can disable them in the preferences (and anyway the "continue to download" button will be available immediately)


Maybe this will teach the new users that read the readme is important

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Have you actually read the TOS? If so, that puts you in a minority as most people haven't

Have you actually read the pinned topics? Most haven't and often ask the same questions that are answered there.

Many of the people here are younger - and they grew up in a world that shoves so much information (most useless) in your face that they tend to unconsciously ignore it. We have tried putting important info in bright red and a large bold font - and they still don't read it.


As for a pop up - they will just wait impatiently, dismiss it and then complain about it without ever having actually read it - yup they just refuse to read even if you slap them upside the head. Check my sig.

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