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The Omega Character Spell


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So i was testing some things out with the omega charcter spell (fortify attribute 100-100 1 sec, soul trap 1 sec on target) and i discovered that it also works with spell absorbtation (sp) dispell, jump,slowfall, fire ice shock shield, bound items, night eye, and well bascially everything else. Well then i got to thinking why not permanent flame altronach or golden saint? well i tried it with a skeleital minion and it worked at first and then again and again, before i was done i had made 12 permanent minions. But then my game froze, and i had to reboot my X Box. I tried the spell again but to no avail the spells effects were not the same, the minion lasted only one second and wasnt permanent. Anyone know why this might be?
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What exactly is the "omega character spell" ?

And what is the purpose of combining a fortify attribute effect and the soul trap effect into one spell?


I'm not quite sure what your question is, but normally there aren't any permanent spells in Morrowind, afaik.

You may have constant effect enchantments. You may exploit the fortify attribute potion bug but technically those spell effects will still be temporarily...

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I never heard it called the Omega Spell, but it does work if you look straight down while casting.

Make a permanent Golden Saint that you can kill for the soul, and the body persists so you can loot it... usually glass or ebony weapons.

Dremora loot gives ebony or daedric weapons, sometimes daedric armor. Skeletons only give cheap iron stuff.


Go to any spellmaker, have a spell made with Summon Golden Saint, Self... add to it Soultrap, Target. The spell will cost around 13 to 17 gold, and for a low-level character it might give an 18 percent chance of success, but it only eats up 5 to 8 Magicka points to cast it. It only works if you look straight down at the floor while casting it. Just keep trying until it works.You can boost your success rate by boosting Luck to around 400 first.


You can also use the same strategy for other stats and spells, but be careful... if you do a constant water-walk you won't be able to swim down to the grottos for pearls or do the Puzzle Canal quest. Permanent water breathing also nulls the Puzzle Canal quest, which is why Argonians can't complete it, because you need to drown to open the barrier. If you do a permanent levitation then you won't be able to rest/sleep to level up, because you can only rest on solid ground. If you make too high of permanent strength, you can make one-hit kills on anything in the game, but you might break your weapon in one hit too.


I have heard that the European version of GoTY will lock up trying this, but I have the North American version and have had no problems making permanent Bound armor, weapons, boosted stats, and summoned creatures.

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