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Request: Back to Legacy Fileserver


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A time before the CDN switchover, I have enjoyed some of the pause-resume feature that actually intended for premium users. Since Nexus now switched to CDN, downloading files become tedious and painful, as the buck of megabytes file can't be downloaded in a single day, even in one computer session.


Now, let's think about users that have the low-bandwith internet connection and internet connectivity failure, like me. They will cry out of pain to a corrupted file that has been 75% downloaded partly and can't request a download resume. This is silly - they must start it again from the beginning, waste of time and quota. I'm often experienced this.


Pause and resume isn't a premium feature. Normal websites that offer to download their file don't require its users to pay monthly, and can be downloaded anonymously.


So, I need your help. We need your help to switchback to legacy fileserver that was once used for downloading.


After all, thank you for your attention. I hope you can understand.



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@dwemerbot - you have been a member here since last month and you 'remember' the time before CDN? Back in the spring and early summer when most of the downloads were failing for everyone due to the massive overload on our old servers? When the sites were so slow loading that people couldn't even complain? :pinch:


Actually the CDN is working much better for most people. And it is being looked into to see why it isn't working well for some. In real life, some things actually take a bit longer than you hoped. Meanwhile, unlike the big corporate sites we don't have a huge staff to work 24/7 on problems, and our people do need some time to sleep and spend time with their families. :cool:


Our problem is that The Nexus became too popular too fast and the old servers ( 20 of them at the time) were not able to handle the load any more. We went from just over a million members before Skyrim was released to nearly 8 million today that is an 800% increase in the number of people trying to download mods. If we were to stick with our old system, just to stay even we would have had to buy another 160 servers and pay to have them set them up in a dozen centers around the world (Setting up and provisioning servers actually takes time - it doesn't happen instantly) That is exactly what CDN does. Instead of buying nearly 200 servers, we lease server space from a company that already has the network of servers scattered across the globe. Here is a simple explanation of CDN (more orientated to smaller setups such as a blog and small web commerce than what we do) http://www.feedthebot.com/pagespeed/content-delivery-networks.html

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Oh, apologize me for that missed event, probably I didn't download on that time. But, the main focus of this post is arguing about the pause-resume feature, since I don't like re-download from zero. Thanks.

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