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Server Crashes


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From my contacts:


From what it looks like it is clients who have some sort of bad patch installed(I hear it orignated from the EA downloader and that during install you get a corruption error but it continues the install fine) that will not only crash their game but also the server when they first try to pick a spawn point. [OBC]Deathtrain said his clan was testing it out and was able to duplicate it. There is a discussion about it in the trinitygames.com Battlefield 2 forums. TrinityGames pushed it up to EA/DICE and for the most part it seems this was dead on for what has been happening but there hasn't been anymore talk about it today.


Apparently it seems like it only affects 64 player maps....the 32 player maps don't seem to be affected as much. Not sure if that's rumour or not but we could try putting the server down to 32 player tonight and giving it a go?

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Yes give them a try 32sice and when its possible put that on 40 players that were be awsome

(or keep running on 64players) .

I have playin on kind of this server^^ and the action is be great shorter way and many enemys.

More fun then for us xD

And i have heard a fixe is comming in 2 weeks.


So lets check it iam ready tonight :excl:


Patches from C@n@d@ makes me >:(

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I'm going to try raising the player maximum to 42 tomorrow morning when noone is playing to see if we can get more people in without crashing. We havent had a crash in over 24 hours now since making that change! yay!
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What map were you on when it happened?


uhm...what was is, we played so many maps/servers yesterday, and had serveral crashes true the day. So i'm not exact, but it cost me a gold, so i think oman (a little birdie tells me it's the second round after you left)

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