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All NPC must eat, drink, sleep & No Item or NPC respawns


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I'm seeking a mod, or a modder, or if need be, information on how to do this myself. I'm wondering if a mod like this already exists for Skyrim & if not if a modder would like to take this project on or explain how it could be done. There's two parts to this, firstly, there were some mods for Oblivion, which I forget the names of that prevented NPCs & items from respawning meaning once you or an npc killed another npc, it would never respawn, if you killed all the npcs in an area of the world there would never be new ones that spawn there,(Say for example you killed all the wolves on a mountain, then wolves would never spawn there ever again, one could wander there perhaps from another area that you have not yet been to though) if you or an npc looted a container or plant or body, the items in it would never respawn. The next part of this is that there were mods that changed the AI (artificial intelligence) of all living humanoid NPCs making every single living humanoid NPC have to eat, sleep, drink, and even allowing NPCs to steal from containers or other npcs and even the players ragdoll when knocked out or killed. One more thing that NPCs did was to fully loot every NPC that they killed. All of these features mentioned above, together, created an extremely immersive & fun world where you could effect change in your gameworld on a grand scale. I must mention that all quest related NPCs & items shouldn't be able to be killed & quest items should not be able to be looted, but quest npcs should be able to be knocked out & looted or pickpocketed of course.


You could simply loot an NPCs entire home & or pickpocket them which would make them seek out food and water elsewhere, thus you may find them sneaking around town pickpocketing food off another NPC or they are sneaking around another NPCs home looting their things, or perhaps they will make their way into a dungeon before you do, seeking a place to eat, sleep or drink and looting any monsters theyve had to initiate battle with. And when you enter you may witness them in battle & see them looting their enemies or witness them having been slain. You will witness NPCs of all sorts traversing the world rather than standing still or staying in town. We could even take this a step further and implement an AI package which requires most humanoid NPCs to make money and do a transaction with a merchant. Such a requirement would make them loot, steal, sneak, travel and battle possibly even more so than before and really make your game world have unique effects on a large scale.


Thanks for reading!

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