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Provide family with food, money, etc.


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I've been seeing some mod requests to improve the player's relation with his/her family, but they all seem too overwhelming and unlikely to be made due to their complexity. I thought about a simpler way of having a more immersive relationship with your family and really feel that you actually are a spouse/parent by having to provide them with food, money and maybe some other items. The fact that your spouse not only is perfectly able to rear the kids alone but also make money to share with you is not very immersive or challenging, unlike real parenting. Having a family should cost you money, not make it.


So, here are my ideas:


1) Spouses could still have their businesses, but the amount of profit they make should be much smaller, with a chance of losses. In this case, you would have to provide your spouse with money to cover the expenses; An MCM menu with options to toggle the business' rate of success would be nice, and an always welcomed gold sink;


2) Spouses could warn you that the family needs money for reasons other than business, or that they need food. The amount of these items should vary according to if/how many children you have (multiple adoption support would be nice, as well as an MCM menu option to select how 'expensive' your family is);


3) Spouses could request other items from you, like cothes for the children, domestic items (finally some use for brooms, bowls, pots and clothes irons!) or potions of cure disease to heal sick children;


4) All of the above requests could be made by your spouse when you enter home or when you talk to them. Ignoring your family's needs could trigger a courier sending you a letter from your spouse warning you that they desperately need the items; if it's food or money they need, the amount needed could increase over time;


5) This one should be a little harder to make, but if you ignored your family's needs for too long, they could leave you and go somewhere else (an inn, maybe), or maybe even die. Perhaps there could be a way to convince them to go back to you.


I think that most of these features wouldn't be so difficult to make, since they are basically new quests. The MCM menus would probably require more expertise, but there seem to be plenty of modders with MCM experience out there. I don't see any need for voice actors, as everything could be done as text only.

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it whould be nice if you could be aproached by a courier in the road with a letter from your wife requesting this things, like "honey could you bring me 5 carots and 7 potatoes when you come home." hehehehehe, i liked the idea.

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Oh, I get it. As nagging as it may sound, it would definitely add more immersion to the family thing.


To be honest, the main feature of this mod, to me, would be to give some purpose to the otherwise useless domestic clutter you find on your travels, as well as to act as a gold and food sink. I just hate food! I want it all to be gone from the game so I can starve to death with RND and You Hunger.

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